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i've got this headcanon that every time cecil and carlos try to have a slow, romantic dance together it always ends up with cecil getting really, really intense and angry until it turns into a full-blown dance-off with footloose and elvis until one of them knocks over a candle and almost sets the place on fire

This is so beautiful. It probably eventually gets to that point in the night where they both get really intense and it turns into a double

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Headcanon that Eri and Nozomi have already gotten together officially by graduation. Niko knows about it.

Ok but Nico only knows cause she walks in on them either making out or preparing to bang like every other day. Eli made Nico swear she wouldn’t say anything until they decided to tell everyone, so Nico was forced to keep her trauma a secret. Nico tried to be all like “well I’ll only do it on one condition” but Eli glared at her like once, and Nico hushed up. All Nico wanted was to be able to walk into the student council room without having her eyes violated by w/e NozoEli were doing that day. The life of a Nico is a hard life.

Cute Laurent things:

  •  Learns a magic trick and teaches it to a frightened little girl as a way to comfort her. DAMEN NEVER STOOD A CHANCE
  • Anytime Laurent laughs: “Giant animal” “You wrestled with him naked!” 
  • Makes himself and Damen a little blanket nest in front of the fire
  • The part in Princes’ Gambit where Damen notices Laurent is in a good mood at the tavern—all because Laurent was warm and for once had won a tiny victory against his Uncle
  • “How do you like my fort?”
  • Gets Damen an ice pack for his bruise
  • “I’m not here to–I’m just here”
  •  When Laurent purposefully sleeps next to his his Bae under the stars and he and Damen plan a summer vacation together in Ios
  • Understanding Jokaste and letting her go 
  •  “I just thought I had a very fast pony”

I would make a “cute Damen things” post but tbh Damen is kind of cute all the time

Please Help Me...

I honestly just fucked up. Asking for money is really not my forte, but I’m in desperate need of help with getting by for my rent. Yes, it sounds incredibly irresponsible for me to be asking to get by for rent when I should be responsible for my own self. Even with working two jobs, I can’t even cover my rent when I receive so little hours- and a majority of my payment just goes towards groceries and bills. I’ve literally hit a wall and I’m lost and all I’m asking for are small donations, even if it’s just a dollar.

I’m in desperate need of help with rent and I’ve swallowed my pride to ask for simple donations to help me with my rent. I’m not an artist or some creative writer that I can give back for donating to me, but you don’t know how grateful I would be to receive anything. If you can’t donate, please just reblog this and spread the word. 



i’m a real good person, i swear. i was just trying to make some extra cash, and mrs. huntington has always been pretty nice to me, and i’d never actually met her kid before, so some part of me thought it’d be okay to say yes when she asked if i could babysit. of course, her son turned out to be demon spawn, and now here i am sitting curbside, nursing a major headache. there may have been some shouting, there may be a chance i won’t be invited back. long story short, i could really use a ride home, care to help me out ?”


cheating yoongi. angst texts aren’t really my forte so anon, pls tell me if i gave you what you wanted!

he’s going to keep trying. Yoongi doesn’t like to give up on things. especially not you. he’s going to keep trying to talk to you, trying to explain, trying to get you to forgive him. he won’t stop until he wakes up next to you again.

:( makes me sad. but at the same time, persistence is cute!

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