I was holding someone else but I longed for you to be the one in my arms.
—  E.G. Why am I like this? Why do I still miss you..?
I have a lot of feelings! Good ones!

I just wanted to thank y’all for all the kind asks and comments on my Jasper and Stevonnie comic (and my Malachite vs Alexandrite piece as well)! I’ve been kind of in a weird space with my art/career path the past few months and largely trying to pick a direction in which to go, but I always enjoy being able to create and share with others and ultimately just want to continue doing that.

It really means a lot to me when folks tell me that my work brightens their day or brings them joy, and I hope that’s something I’ll always able to do for folks. Art is something that has always helped me get through whatever I was going through, and there is no greater joy to me than to hear that something of mine has done the same for somebody else.

Anyway, all that being said, all your good vibes helped me to finally gain the confidence to submit samples to Boom! Studios (the publishers of the SU comics). Maybe nothing will come of it, but who knows? Maybe one day I can give y’all that good Jasper officially! 

In any case, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for giving me that boost. I hope to keep making art that you’ll enjoy! 

I can’t quite understand how people say Aaron isn’t heart broken about their break up I mean he’s been holding onto his husband, trying to make it work, he even hurt himself coz he couldn’t let Robert go (and no it’s not Roberts fault he’s self harming!!!) it must have been the hardest decision ever to take off that ring and leave Robert. He will always love Robert and his heart is broken, all he ever wanted was Robert since he met him almost three years ago and then he had him and they both realized how much they love each other but then have to see that it wasn’t enough, their love wasn’t enough this time, they couldn’t make things right. So Aaron left Robert, but he’s not ok and it’s not like he’s off partying somewhere he’s broken to his roots and he needs to fix himself or it’ll end badly. You know Aaron lost his husband too. I’m begging Emmerdale to put this right this time let Aaron heal (ON SCREEN PLEASE) let Robert find his way back to himself and let the boys find out their love for each other again I do believe all of the things that happened can make them stronger in the end but it needs to happen slowly and soft, those boys hearts are fragile things.