Characters:  Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary:  Reader and Dean are…you guessed it…hexed.  Is it a sexual curse or something more?

Word Count:  2111

Warnings:  Lots of language, lots of smut (rough-ish smut)

As always, feedback is appreciated.  Tags are at the bottom.

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There is a time and place for everything, this is neither the time nor the place. Not for Dean to be looking at me like that, no sir. Had I always hoped he’d fix those ethereal green eyes on me that way? My mama didn’t raise a liar, so I’m not going to lie to you. Yeah, I want that man to fix those eyes on me just like that. Wanted him to for a long time now. There’s a lot of things I want from Dean Winchester.  That man is a walking wet dream, sex on bow-legs.

Things is, he’s not supposed to be looking at me like that. Sure as hell not right this very minute.  It’s not part of the plan. We’re working a fucking case for god’s sake. I’m not talking about research or footwork, interviewing and investigating. We are legitimately standing in this room right the fuck now and a motherfucking witch was just here with us. There is a blade in my hand and a gun in his. We had a job to do, one goddamn job.

Now that bitch of a witch is gone. Poof, vanished, adios amigos, just fucking gone. She mumbled some shifty spell work and now Dean fucking Winchester is looking like he wants to screw my brains out.

I’m looking right back at him and I got the same look in my eye.  

I don’t know what that piece of shit did to us, but my breasts are heavy, achy. My nipples are straining against the fabric of my bra and if somebody doesn’t touch them right this very instant and relieve that pressure, I’m going to scream. Or come. I don’t know which.  

There’s a burning in between my thighs, I’m squeezing them together hoping to ease some of the pressure but it’s only making it worse. Times infinity. My skin is all heat and fire, I’m consumed by need and lust.

Dean is a mirror, his eyes reflect back at me the same fever I’m feeling. I can see his cock - Jesus fucking Christ - swelling and straining against those blue denim jeans. In three short steps his crossed the room, a strangled sound leaving his lips before his lips press to mine. Our weapons clatter to the ground making one hell of a racket, but I give no fucks.

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BTS Reaction

Showering with GF and getting caught by another member

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You and Namjoon had been in the middle of an intense make out session when you hear a cough from outside the shower. Namjoon jumps back yelling out about how nothing was happening and asked you how you got into the shower with him. Seokjin chuckles at Namjoon’s antics as he leaves, closing the door behind him.

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Seokjin had been trailing light kisses down your neck, hand brushing up and you side, when you heard the door open. “Ah! Hyung, shit sorry I’m not here!” Yoongi says scrambling to get out of the bathroom and trying to unsee his Hyung caressing his lover in the shower. “Don’t worry about him Beautiful, he’s gone” Seokjin says resuming his kisses.

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Hearing the bathroom door open Yoongi would throw the intruder a questioning glance, moving to cover your body. “Taehyung what are you doing?!” “Uh shit, um I just wanted my toner..” Taehyung stumbles out, shock from what he had witnessed when he entered still in his veins. “Out.” Yoongi says. “Where were we again baby?” He murmurs turning his attention back to you when Taehyung leaves.

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Showering with Hoseok was nothing new and ‘exploring’ as he liked to call it in the shower was nothing new either, but today there was nothing of the kind. The other members knew that you and Hoseok had been dating for the last few months, but none of them had seen the two of you together, so it was no surprise when Jungkook fled the bathroom completely flustered, knocking over some bottles sitting on the vanity as he tried to find the exit. “I can’t believe he just saw me in my birthday suit! He knows thats reserved for you” You laugh hitting Hoseok’s chest after his exclamation.

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Getting caught on your knees in the shower with Jimin thrusting into your mouth wasn’t exactly on the top of your to-do list, but when did things ever truly go your way? Jimin’s hand doesn’t leave your locks as he glares at Hoseok “Out of here Hyung, I’m a little preoccupied at the moment”. You look up at Jimin when the door closes “We’re not done here yet Sugar” he says guiding your head back towards him.

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“Ah! Hi Jimin!” Taehyung says unable to stop the laugh from escaping as he cuddles into you. It’s not that you guys had been doing anything before Jimin walked in, but being seen by his band mate had you both slightly flustered and embarrassed. “You two look cozy, so I’m just gonna, y’know.. leave.. bye” Jimin finishes leaving the bathroom. Taehyung can’t control the giggles he lets out after his departure “Well, that was… unexpected”.

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“Look baby, we have a guest” Glancing over Jungkook’s shoulder you realise he was right as you meet Namjoon’s gaze. Blushing having been caught you turn your body into him. He bends to whisper in your ear with a smirk “How about we give him a show?”.

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My Masterlist

@leonygunawan said: HEY HEY ITS ME AGAIN SURPRISE SURPRISE!! ive come back with a genius idea of jeff x reader where jeff inflamed his rotating cuff (i googled this btw) and y/n is so excited to treat him bc y/n have always been the one that got sick or injured and jeff always treats her like y/n is a fucking queen. She would bring his books, drive him to school, feed him(?), dress him or shower him if you feel comfortable writing that part but if you don’t just leave that one thank you so much… again for writing!

Author’s Note: I incorporated only a few things because with an inflamed rotator cuff he’s not totally useless ;) And the gif really has nothing to do with the story. It’s just cute.

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Jeff X Reader

“So it’s just an inflamed rotator cuff? Nothing too serious.”

“Yep.” Jeff grimaces as he unbuttons an old button down shirt, trying very cautiously to shrug out of it. “I got some anti-inflammatory meds and I’m on six weeks of rest starting today.”

He easily shakes out of one sleeve, but barely doing so must cause him a wave of pain. His sudden sharp intake of breath startles you into motion and you hold your hands out to stop him. “Wait, wait, wait. Let me.”

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Too Hot.

You perched on the railing at the stern of the Black Pearl, your hands lay flat on either side of your hips and your billowing white sleeves flapped in the wind, your hair occasionally flicking against your cheeks. You watched your bare feet as they dangled above the gentle ripples in the water created by the ship as it floated silently on the sea.

“Want to go for a dip, love?” tanned, ringed fingers snaked around your waist and pulled you back into a firm chest. Turning your head to the side and opening one eye, you saw Jack standing behind you sporting that smug, gold-toothed charm only he seemed to possess.

“Push me in and I will take you with me, Captain.” you promised halfheartedly and leaned your head back on his shoulder.

He brushed your hair to the side and pressed the back of his fingers to your neck, just above the wide collar that you had pulled away from your skin to air out. “You’re feeling far too hot for my liking, deary. Perhaps it might do you better to be a little lighter with your layers..” he popped a button of your shirt off with his finger and your eyes shot open.

“Jack..” your voice laced with a threat. You spun around to trap him with your knees on either side of his hips, his hands automatically went to your own hips. “Are you suggesting I strip down to my birthday suit in front of your entirely male crew for them all to stare and ogle?” you stroked down his cheek with the tips of your fingers and then gently tugged a braid in his beard. Jack opened his mouth to retort with a confident and all knowing look in his eyes, then suddenly snapped it shut with a frown and furrowed brows.

“Well, no, love. Of course not.” he leaned in with a smile and breathed into your hair “I could send them belowdeck. Or you could always use my quaters and then we can both be in our birthday suits, savvy?” he twiddled a lock of your hair between his fingers as he spoke. Ever the charmer.

You snorted incredulously. You were about to chastise him and then suddenly… an idea. Luckily the crew were resting mostly at the bow of the Pearl, no one to interrupt.

Your entire demeanor changed, becoming that of an enticed woman. You bit your lip and slowly leaned forward till you were close enough to feel the brush of his moustache against your lips, you gave him a smile that you knew struck his pirate heart and made it stop. His eyes were hooded, a lazy grin stretched across his face, his hands moved to your thighs and his thumbs brushed across the bunched up fabric of the brown trousers you wore. Obviously he thought he had won.

Little did he know…

You pressed a sweet kiss to his mouth, his eyes closed and his hands gripped tighter as he returned it. Sliding your own wandering hands up his firm chest so you could feel his palpitating heart, you peppered hot kisses across his cheek and down his neck, his head tilted back to give you more access. He smelled of rum and sweat and the sea.

His hands traveled up to the hem of your shirt and started to creep underneath it, tracing his fingers along the waistband of your trousers. You let him tug your shirt off in lustful frenzy, your chest was wrapped to keep it from becoming cumbersome during the daily labours of living on a ship. His lips returned to yours with a fierce passion and you met that passion with your own, all the while waiting for the opportune moment. Not that you minded the moments leading up to it.

Walking your fingers around his waist, you gripped onto his shirt tight. His hips were still held captive between your knees so you tugged him closer to have him pressed flush against you and locked your ankles behind him. His arms encircled you, running up and down your back, sliding into your hair, playing with the bindings as if he couldn’t touch you enough. With one last mind boggling kiss, you ripped your face away from him, his lips followed yours and his questioning eyes opened to see the mischievous light in your own.

His face dropped, eyes wide. “Not good.”

You fell backwards.

And you took Jack with you.

Jack bellowed out a shout as you both fell into the water with a loud splash.


Gibbs leant against the helm, mopping the sweat off of his brow with a dirty rag. He felt haggard and dehydrated. Jack had asked him to take over whilst he went to find you. You hadn’t been sailing for very long, and with the weather the way it was, he knew Jack was worried he’d find you passed out from heat stroke somewhere. 

The sails were half down so they only cantered along the waves at a slow pace, trouble with that is there’s no breeze to be seen. He needed a drink. Something to stop the murderous intent for his captain from swelling with the number of sweat beads he had to wipe from his eyes. “Mr. Cotton!” he called out. 

Cotton was on the floor leaning up against a barrel of rum they had purchased earlier in the day. His parrot squaked something or other about nothing when Cotton stood up to relieve him.
Even the bird was uncomfortable too.   

Had Jack listened to him when he said it’d be a better idea to set sail in the evening, they would all be taking pleasure in a tavern somewhere, full of rum and beer and wenches. Jack had wanted to make haste to Tortuga, said something about a map, and against his better judgment, Gibbs agreed. He knew the sun would be torture. Not often does he end up disagreeing with the captain though, Jack had lead them up shitcreek manyatime but they always came out alive. And sometimes richer. 

The crew were mostly sitting in the shady parts of the ship, trying to avoid being burnt alive. Gibbs slumped down in Cottons place and pulled out his flask of water. Warm where it had been resting against his overheated skin, it was still a relief to wet his mouth. 

Looking over the ship as he faced the stern, he guessed that Jack must have gone into his quarters. Gibbs chucked the rag over his eyes, mumbling insults about a ‘lazy captain’ and ‘trying to kill us all in this heat’ when he heard a loud splash. Gibbs and Mr. Cotton locked eyes, “Captain!” they both raced to the stern, the rest of the crew following suit after the commotion awoke them.


You breached the surface at the same time, Jack sputtering and wiping the salty sea from his eyes. “Are you bloody mad, woman?!”

“Maybe.” you smiled in relief as you slicked back the wet locks out of your face.

“But I am nice and cool now. I thought you wanted me to go for a dip? You were the one to come up with that suggestion, were you not?” you sent a tiny wave with your hands to splash over him. You laughed when he glared childishly and sent one back. “Next time, give a man a little warning would you? As lovely as you are, an unexpected dive into cold water doesn’t do wonders for a gentleman’s, uh,” he curled his lip and raised his hands out the water to wiggle his fingers, trying to find the appropriate word, “appetite.” he nodded and pointed a finger at you, as if he was teaching you a lesson.


You both turned towards the voice and saw Master Gibbs and the crew leaning over the side, a rope being thrown out towards you. You pouted. “Well, looks like our fun in the sea is over, Captain.” before you swam away to grab the rope, you flung your arms around his neck and gave him a hard kiss. His arms flew up and waved around, but before he could contemplate his actions you were already pulling away.

You tapped him on the tip of his nose as you started to float backwards.

“Regarding your earlier statement; it’s a good thing you’re not a gentleman then, isn’t it?” grinning devilishly, you made sure to splash him with your feet as you swam towards the ship.

Jack watched you wrap the rope around your hand and yank to let the crew know you were ready to be pulled up.

“Was it the wisest decision to pursue a woman as particularly dangerous as she is?” he asked himself. Dragging his hands down his face, he looked to the sky for answers. When it gave him nothing, he decided the best course of action was to simply follow you, wherever you go.

“There’ll be no living with her after this.”


A/N: I love POTC so much! I don’t know how many times I’ve watched the films, obviously the first three being the best. I have another Sherlock fic in the works, this time involving a serious threat to his life! 

I won’t give away anything else. 

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The Maid | Part 3.

Summary: You just got a job as a maid for seven boys. You were confused as to why seven boys couldn’t clean up after themselves but you disregarded it and took the job anyway. 

chapter details: smut, exhibitionism and voyeurism, really smutty that i don’t even know why i’m even writing this t-t

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The Naked Truth

Summary: Reader drops her towel for Bucky when he steals her clothes after a shower. ;)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of nudity, language.

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It’s early on a Sunday morning, around 7AM, and I’m already up and in the living room having breakfast. Which is highly unusual for me, I’m usually never awake before 9AM unless we have a mission. Which today, I do not. No one is down here, which is strange. Steve is the earliest bird we have here, followed closely by Bucky and no one is here.Shrugging, I sit down at the kitchenette, eating my favorite brand of cereal. I’m about halfway through with it when the elevator dings, turning to see who will be joining me, I’m welcomed with a very pleasing sight of Bucky, covered in sweat, in running shorts and a tank top, with his hair in a bun.

‘Oh, fuck me running Mr. Barnes.’ When he sees me, he gives me half a grin.

“Good morning, (Y/N).” He come in the kitchen, across from me and going to the fridge, before fishing out the milk.

“Good morning, Buck.” He turns around, setting his own bowl, milk and cereal down.

“You’re not with the others today?” I raise my eyebrow.

“I didn’t even know they went anywhere.” Slightly confused, and a little offended they didn’t tell me anything.

“Yeah, they went on a mission. Shouldn’t be too long they said, they should be back by this afternoon.” Hmm. I’m still not happy with them, but what can you do?Bucky hasn’t been allowed to go on missions yet, seeing as he could lose control and turn into the Winter Soldier again, and we want to avoid as many casualties as we possibly can, so until he finishes the proper training he’s stuck on the compound. He of course doesn’t like it, he feels useless. I don’t know how many times we’ve all had to tell him he’s not. He usually goes on long runs when we leave, as to release some pent up frustrations. I don’t blame him. He just wants to be out there with everyone else, risking his life also.

“No, they didn’t tell me. I don’t know why, maybe they wanted me to spend some time with you.” He shrugs.

“Possibly.” He agrees, and continues to eat his cereal.

“I’m gonna go shower, wanna conserve water?” I wink in his direction when he looks up at me. This type of flirting is normal for us, although it’s never really gone anywhere, unfortunately. He chokes on his cereal and I break out into a fit of laughter.

“I’m just kidding, Barnes. Calm down.” I pat him on the back, and head to my room to shower.


Showering is probably my favorite activity of my everyday life, it’s an escape from reality, relaxing, and an excuse to just let go every worry you have. I tend to let my mind wonder so much, that someone could sneak up on me in the restroom and I’d never even know it. Which, as a matter of fact, is my predicament now. Stepping out of the shower, I realize my clothes are gone.

“FUCK.” Going out into my room, looking, maybe I left them on my bed. No go, of course not. Bucky. Fucking Bucky, of course he did.

“JAMES BUCHANAN BARNES!” I hear nothing, of course. It’s not like I was expecting a response. I’m just letting him know I know he took them, and I’m coming for him.Why don’t I just put new clothes on you ask? The bastard put steel locks on my wardrobe, so I can’t change. I’m clad in nothing but a towel, and I’m going to find him. Fuck it, I got no shame.

“James, you better give me my clothes back or I swear to God you’ll be needing a new arm!” Going to the last place I saw him, the kitchen. I don’t get there, however. I see he’s in the living room, watching TV. With my clothes next to him. He knows I see him. He’s freshly showered in jeans and an old U.S. Army T-shirt. He looks good.He turns to me, grinning. He stands up, my clothes under his metal arm.

“New arm, huh? Come on princess, you’re not gonna fight me like that.” Cocky bastard, he thinks he knows me.

“You know what? You’re right. I can’t fight you in a towel.” In a sudden burst of confidence, I drop the towel. Now in my birthday suit. His eyes widen, he gulps and I watch his adam’s apple bulge, before his mouth goes slack. Walking up to him, I grab my clothes from under his arm. He obviously was expecting me to beg, he didn’t think I’d do this. He doesn’t know what to do now. Leaving the room, I sway my hips, making sure my ass gets a good shake on it. For good measure, you know. 

“Thanks Barnes.” With a cheeky grin, I leave. I can hear him grunt in frustration. I barely make it to my room, before he meets me at my door. He comes up to me, trapping my between the door and his body, his hands come up to rest on either side of my face.

“You’re trying to kill me, doll. I’m just a man, (Y/N). You don’t know what you do to me.” He brings his mouth to mine, pressing his surprisingly soft lips against my own.Reaching behind me, I open the door pulling him in with me, his lips never leaving my own.

This was the start of something beautiful.

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steven universe ask meme.

“Go for it, bro!”

 "Wow! Everything’s changing!“ 

"Who’s terrible idea was this?" 

"No… how long was I out?!”

 "You know I can’t handle it when you cry like that.“

 "Do you remember this place?" 

"I get mad at myself! It’s what I do!”

 "I’ll fight you, and show you how bad I am!“

 "You want to pretend that none of this ever happened. You think that I’m just a big mistake!”

“What’s a chicken?" 

"Oh! I get the joke now!" 

"You are an experience!" 

"You were the one good thing that came out of this mess. I always thought you were proud of that." 

“It’s too late! I don’t believe you anymore!”

“Isn’t it remarkable? This world is full of so many possibilities.”

“How are y’all doin’ tonight?”

“Yeah, I could rave to this.”

“Why do you look like that? Why are you so weak?”

“I don’t get what you’re planning, but look! Your base is taken! Your armies are ruined! You have failed!”


“Looks like another waste of my time.”

“They kept you prisoner. They used you. This is your chance to take revenge! Come on… Just say yes.”

“You’re pointing that shield the wrong way. She’s the one you should be afraid of.”

“You can’t lie to me. I’ve seen what you’re capable of. I thought I was a brute, but you… you’re a monster.”

“It’ll be better this time. I’ve changed. You’ve changed me. I’m the only one who can handle your kind of power.”

“Please understand, if we lose, we’ll be killed. And if we win, we can never go home…”

“I thought… haven’t we… is this not how it works?”

“Who cares about how I feel? How you feel is bound to be much more interesting.”

“But you are supposed to change! You’re never the same, even moment to moment you’re allowed and expected to invent who you are.”

“Arrggh! Why do you keep destroying my things?!”

“Go ahead, wreck this place! See if I care, I already got what I needed!”

“You really think this is the end? HAHAHA! This… This is only the beginning! …Of my escape!”

“Oh my stars, you’re gonna harvest me?!”

“I’m gonna die here.”

“Yes! Feel my unbridled rage!”

“I can tell you with certainty that there are things on this planet worth protecting!”

“I’ve grown accustomed to this place, and I could probably fix the hole that I made with my giant robot.”

“What’s the problem? You’re the one getting all the good stuff! You’ve got the propeller and paint cans on your side!”

“H-2-Oh my GOSH!”

“I carried you while you took a nap.”

“I… I thought violence would be the answer.”

“You have a lobster on your butt.”

“Yes, the children are playing swords. Sorry, playing with swords.  They are bleeding.  Oh no, they are dead. Don’t call again.  …Sorry, I panicked.”

“That’s a lie. Your middle name is cutie pie.”

“It was a maelstrom of destruction and death.”

“But I think you’re just mad ‘cause you’re single.”

“Love at first sight doesn’t exist. Love takes time, and love takes work. At the very least you have to know the other person… And you literally have no idea who or what I am.”

“Get open, get honest, invent yourselves together. That’s fusion.”

“I’m not as strong as you think. I-I fell apart over this…”

“You’ll know when I’m joking.”

“I blame the cows.”

“You don’t understand! Just leave me alone.”

“I just want to go home.”

“Let’s stay on this miserable planet, together!”

“I’m done being everyone’s prisoner! Now you’re MY prisoner! And I’m never letting you go!”

“Can’t you see? I can’t stop, not for a second.”

“For a moment, I really felt like things were different, but they’re not. No matter where I go, I’m trapped.”

“I really thought I would be living alone here.”

“Don’t put me in charge! Oh, sorry. I mean, y-you shouldn’t trust me with the boat.”

“Thanks, but I’m not putting that on my body.”

“What we had wasn’t healthy. I never want to feel like I felt with you. Never again! So just go!”

“I was terrible to you. I liked taking everything out on you. I needed to. I-I hated you. It was bad!”

“You can’t outrun me, we both have short legs!”

“Yeah, yeah, don’t forget: reckless, vulgar, loud-mouthed. That’s just what makes me so awesome!”

“In the ring, nobody can tell me what to do! And if they try, I HIT 'EM IN THE FACE WITH A CHAIR!”

“You can’t let anyone make you feel like garbage.”

“I swallowed a rock.”

“I’mma win a airplane!”

“Are you trying to kill him faster?”

“I can fit! Which way to the baby war?”

“Now we’re gonna bury you 'til you’ve learned your lesson!”

“I’m not gonna let you stand there and remind me about everything I hate about myself!”

“I never asked to be made!”

“I’m just an embarrassment to you!”

“Oh man! I think my favorite round thing was in there!”

“I need everyone’s constant approval! I need to loquaciously converse so I can show off how smart I am.”

“Humans should just stop wearing clothes… be a lot funnier.”

“If you’re trying to flush yourself down the toilet, it won’t work. Trust me, I’ve tried.”

“Homegirl knows we’re gonna beat her into a pancake.”

“You didn’t need me at all…”

“Care to explain what one of my swords was doing in your room?”

“We want to stop all wrestling everywhere! Are you going to let us destroy all wrestling? Eheheh.”

“Humans find such fascinating ways to waste their time.”

“Is water just hydrogen and oxygen “mashed together”?”

“Well, that’s perfect, because I don’t want to go with grammatically incorrect people anyway.”

“You have to feel like yourself! Sweet and considerate, and only occasionally obnoxious!”

“Just today you were crying about snakes.”

“There are… different ways of being strong.”

“I’m so sorry… I almost got us killed..!”

“Humans just lead short, boring, insignificant lives, so they make up stories to feel like they’re a part of something bigger. They want to blame all the world’s problems on some single enemy they can fight, instead of a complex network of interrelated forces beyond anyone’s control.”

“I like to watch you sleep sometimes. And by sometimes, I mean often.”

“Everything I ever did, I did for her. And now she’s gone. But I’m still here.”

“That could have gone… a lot worse.”

“You always say you’ll be the crocodile, but you never commit!”

“Have the shirts come to life and possessed the bodies of their wearers?!”

“Do you understand that cartoon show?”

“I don’t get tired; I get results.”

“I just wanted to share a few more victories with you!”

“Look! I was right! My plan worked perfectly.”

“Oh, what’s 200 years between friends?”

“Please! Tell me! How can I make you forgive me!?”

“Confident and secure and complete… You’re perfect… You’re the perfect relationship… You’re always together… I just—I wanted to be a part of that…”

“We leave for one second and everything goes off the rails!”

“It’s fine, it’s fine, we’ll build it bigger, stronger, we’ll add SEATBELT!”

“Ah, sunset. My favorite time of the day… The sun goes down and the second sun gets bigger and bigger in the sky…”

“I can’t just start listening now, I’d be lost! Just like my pants…”


“Will you help me into my Birthday Suit?!”

“Try to act like a rich duck.”

“Fire Salt! Burn! Burn people!”

“None of you are the handsome one! I’M the handsome one!”

“I’m gonna bring the ocean back… or get really thirsty trying.”

“I have to protect you, what if somehow you get hurt? What do I do? I don’t want that for you.”

“Pizza rain! …But no pizza clouds…”

“You gotta take this online quiz: “Which Crying Breakfast Friend Are You?”!”

“Are you insecure about your relationships and how you’re perceived by other people?”

“If you’re the one protecting me… Then who’s the one protecting you!?”

“Some day soon we may be fighting some really bad guys, and when that day comes, I wanna fight with you! Together! So please… Won’t you share this jam with me?”

“Wow! You’re so articulated!”

“Home’s been awful! Here’s been awful! I thought you wanted to have a fun time but– Everyone’s been acting awful too! It - It just came with us. I don’t understand! Is it… is it me..?”

“We found a seeeecret way to track you, and we’ll never tell you how even if you ask nicely. MYAH.”

“Awwww! You’re like… an angry little slice of pie!”

“Wait! I have a better idea that doesn’t involve destroying the house!”

“That isn’t a very sound business practice.”

“Sweet, two doughnuts! One for me and one… for… uh, me.”

“I thought this was a dance party. Why isn’t anyone else dancing.”

“I don’t wanna hear anything you say, unless it’s “sorry”.”

“You’re choosing to take it personally.”

“Can’t you see I’m completely engulfed with rage.”

“But we made him feel like it was his fault. I keep looking into the future, where all of this has been solved, as if it doesn’t matter how you feel in the present. No wonder… why you think I don’t care!”

“You honestly think I’m not upset about what happened? I just wanted to do the right thing…”

“This is… not what I saw! I don’t know what happened, I-”

“All I wanna look at is you.”

CEO: chapter eight [A]

A/N; Don’t worry 8B should be with you soon, for now though, please enjoy and come scream at me! xoxo Lau

Pairing: StilesxReader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: NSFW.

Word count: 7,088

Part One  Part Two  Part Three Part Four.  Part Five. Part Six. Part Seven.

Red eyes plagued you in your sleep, the hissing and snapping of jaws on your ankles as you ran through woods like the ones you were in now. You dared to look back at what was on your trail as you ran, your head whipping around only to be faced with something bigger than a truck, a snarling mouth and a deadly roar. Claws reached for you, the sharp talon tearing into your skin as the monster picked you up, pulling you closer to its rank mouth. “Millie….” It rippled, the noise deafening as it growled at you. “Millie…” It roared again, a howl ripping through its chest as it raised its head to the sky. “Come to me.”  

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agenderraskel  asked:

I am 95% sure that if Tony had promised Loki to only wear the things Loki okayed that Tony would only be allowed to wear A) forest-themed lingerie Loki conjures specially and B) his birthday suit. And I have to say I would not blame Loki one bit.

This is the entire reason Tony never promises Loki anything.

Loki words his promises so craftily, as fairy folk often do, that Tony always makes sure he has some water or food nearby to use as an excuse to not answer right away.

Like the time Loki asked Tony to promise to always buy this jam. It sounded innocent enough, but Loki had said “Promise me you will always buy exactly this jam for me.” Which to a regular human sounds fine but to a fairy means that eighteen years and four days later they can track you down and ransack your house and screech at you that you “PROMISED TO ALWAYS BUY EXACTLY THIS JAM FOR ME AND HERE I AM WHERE IS MY JAM”. So tony had taken a long drink of water and carefully answered, “while I am here at the cabin I will make an effort to have this jam around since you and I both enjoy it.”

Loki is equal parts frustrated and impressed by this human who does not fall for his fairy tricks.

But he keeps trying.

“What is a birthday suit?” He asks one day, having heard the phrase when Tony had been asking Thor about laundry services available in the neighboring town. “And why don’t you like wearing it?”

“I don’t mind wearing my birthday suit.” Tony chuckles. “It means being naked. What you are wearing when you are born, you know.”

“I see.” Loki steeples his fingers and sends Tony a LOOK. “If you are ever without clothing and do not wish to be in your birthday suit, I will provide something to wear. Fairy garments are very comfortable as well as beautiful, but If I were to go through the effort of making you some you must promise to wear them as a Thank you.”

Tony opens his mouth to agree and then takes a long look at what Loki is wearing, because on top of just a shocking lack of personal boundaries, the fairy tends to dress in barely there strappy items that cover the barest bit of his lower half and that’s about it.

“I will promise to be flattered by whatever you make, even if it’s not something I would wear.” He says finally and Loki’s eyes spark dangerously at having lost another promise.