but does everyone remember when we watched brooklyn nine nine bc it was a feel-good comedy with lighthearted humour? bc i sure do and i’m wondering what the hell happened to the writers during season three that made them want to hurt jake peralta, my sunshine boy, the light of my life, so much

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pARTNERS IN CRIME AU PLS THE IRONY IM (peraltiago obviously)

This is for you and also @sergeant-santiago!! Feel free to send more of these!

11. partners-in-crime AU

“Faster, Peralta,” Amy hisses through clenched teeth. She can see the dark head bobbing through the crowd across the street, growing closer every second that her idiotic partner spends wedging the slim jim back and forth in the door. (“Like dancing,” he once told her, that idiotic grin plastered across his face as he wiggles his ass for her benefit. She had to clench every muscle in her body to keep from laughing out loud and blowing their cover.)

“I’m going as fast as I can, Santiago! You can’t rush art!”

“Why did I let you plan this again? We always get caught when you plan!”

“I have no idea why you let me plan anything!” Jake retorts happily at her over the top of the car. “We both know you’re the mastermind – you’re just using me for my beautiful body!”

“Jake.” Amy gives him her best high-school-English-teacher look, and for a second, he almost looks cowed. It doesn’t last, though. It never does.

“Okay, fine, you’re just using me for my beautiful hands. Better?”

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Marry Me? (Laurens x Reader)

Words: 1310

Prompt: Actually, this was inspired by a poem I read.

Poem–>  I am somebody else’s story. The girl who served their drink, the person they pushed past on a crowded street, the one who broke their heart. I have happened in so many places, to so many people—the essence of me lives on in these nuances, these moments. 

Yet never have I been bolder or brighter than I am with you. Not once have I ever felt so alive. Whatever vessel we pour ourselves into, mine is now overflowing, brimming with life. It is transcending into something new. 

Hands are no longer hands. They are caresses. Mouths are no longer mouths. They are kisses. My name is no longer a name, it is a call. And love is no longer love—love is you.

~Lang Leav, Lullabies

A/N: Hope you enjoy! I plan on posting an imagine every other day (and series every other day as well).

Warnings: Drinking

You worked in the local pub, serving any soldier that appeared in the bar, either the loyalist or the rebels. It was exhausting work, but you had to earn something for your family. Your father abandoned your mother and your siblings, because he didn’t want to be with someone that wanted to separate from the empire. So, your mother kicked him out of the house, although they were legally still married. You wondered why they never divorced, but didn’t question your mother about it. The topic of your father was a sensitive subject to talk about.

As you were serving up a drink for a regular, a group of four rowdy men entered the bar. You rolled your eyes, instantly knowing that they will be a hassle. Your boss told you to walk over and ask what they will like, but you refused. He glared at you, and you sighed. He always wanted you to walk over to the young men, to persuade them into buying more drinks. Apparently, your beauty enticed them to buy more. Still, you hated to use your body as a tool. You walked over to the men, and they seemed already drink, even though you didn’t offer any to them yet.

They were all rebels, wearing the navy blue instead of the annoying, bright red the loyalist wore. You cleared your throat.

“Excuse me, sirs. What would you like to drink?” The tallest one, with brown, curly hair pulled back into a bun looked at you, smiling.

“My amis, this beautiful, young lady is trying to ask what you would like to drink.” The shortest, his brown straight hair pulled back, grinned. He touched the one with a gray hat on his head, to get his attention.

“Oh, yes. Lafayette, why didn’t you tell us before? I would like…” They all told you their drink preferences, and you nodded. The last, though, seemed distracted. He was focused on a letter in his hands, and the one named Hamilton (you knew it from their small batter), pushed the man, and he looked up, shocked.

“Huh?” He mumbled, glancing back at paper. His hair was brown as well, but his tight curls were pulled back into a ponytail.

“Laurens, she’s asking you what you would like.” He looked up, his eyes finally meeting yours. You stared, your heart thumping. His face was full of freckles, and his smiled was mesmerizing. You had the urge to count every spot on his face.

What are you thinking, Y/N? Quit staring at him! You looked away.

“I can give you more time, if you would like sir.” You said, playing with your fingers. The corners of his mouth rose, and you wondered if his lips felt as soft as they looked.

“No need, miss…?” He waited for your name.

“Y/N.” You said. He held out his hand, and you placed yours on his. He kissed your fingers softly, and you blushed at the contact. You heard someone call your name, and you quickly pulled away. “I will be right up with your drinks, sirs.”

You turned and walked away quickly, to help another customer. As the red coat flirted with you, your mind kept on thinking about Laurens. You never felt this way about any of your patrons, so it was a foreign feeling. You grabbed him and his friends’ drinks, and walked over. Hamilton and Lafayette seemed to be poking fun with each other. You placed the alcohol on the table, bowing quickly before walking away.

“Excuse me, Miss Y/N.” You turned towards Laurens, and he motioned you over. You hesitated, thinking about your boss. He will be angry that you were staying at this table for so long.

Well, he did make you come over here in the first place. Technically, this would be his fault.

You walked towards Laurens. He pulled out a chair for you, and you sat down slowly. Although he was alluring, it would be unwise to let your guard down. You never knew what these men would do, since they haven’t seen a woman in such a long time. But when his kind, brown eyes met yours, there seemed to be no ill intent.

“Miss Y/N, I was wondering why a lady like you worked in a place like this?” He said, downing some of the alcohol. You debated on telling him the truth or not. His friends behind him glanced at both of you, smirks on their face.

“Sir, I don’t know you that well to tell you such information.” You said, and winced at your response. It seemed a bit harsh, and you immediately regretted it. He seemed unfazed by it, smiling at you.

“That’s true. Maybe after coming here a few times, you’ll tell me?” He was flirting, already setting up dates for you two. You smiled, staring at your hands. “Please do not look down, Miss Y/N. The world becomes brighter when I see that smile.” You looked at him, pink spreading on your cheeks. You couldn’t deny it, he was smooth. Sitting there with him, you felt more alive than you ever did before, and wished that you could spend more time with him.

But your boss was giving you an angry look, and you knew you had to leave the table. You stood up, rubbing your hands on your dress.

“Maybe if you bought a few more drinks, I’ll see you again.” This time he beamed, nodding.

“As many as it takes to see you smile again.” You giggled, walking away.

His promise was true. At least twice a week he would come to the bar, always asking for you. You two learned of each other’s past, relating to the problems that you both had with your family. He didn’t ask for you to court him, but it seemed like it already began. When you ended your shift, he would walk you home, your hands brushing against each other. Once night, though, he seemed distant, and his laughs and smiles were forced. You knew him well enough to tell something was wrong with him.

“John, what’s wrong? You’ve been distant all night.” He looked over at you, a sad smile forming on his face.

“The Battle of Yorktown. I’m leaving in two days.” You froze, and stopped walking. Although you two weren’t officially together, it seemed like he was breaking up with you. He saw your face drop, and he looked down. “I don’t want to leave you, Y/N. You’re the best thing that has happened to me.”

You smiled, touching his hand. His fingers entwined with yours, and he looked down at you.

“John Laurens, you better write letters to me. I’ll be waiting every day.” He laughed, and it made your heart flutter. You knew you loved him, but a small part of you thought he didn’t feel the same as you. He kissed your forehead, and you closed your eyes at the tender touch.

“Promise me you won’t die. Promise me you’ll come back.” You whispered. He placed his hand under your chin, and you looked up at him. He looked nervously, his eyes flicking back and forth between yours.

“I will promise the world to you Y/N. I’m not ready to leave you yet.” You smiled. He pulled you into a hug, and you hugged him back. He was shaking, and you whispered comforting words to calm him down. After a few minutes, he let go, staring at you. You never saw his eyes look so determined, so fixed on you.

“Marry me.” He whispered. The happiness on your face was indescribable, and you grinned widely. You couldn’t think of the right word, your mind filled with so many thoughts. Finally, you came up with a response.

“Okay.” He chuckled, and placed both hands on your head, crashing his lips onto yours.

Just wanted to point out that (like @hufflepuffpanda said in her post,  his heart eyes are on) BUT ALSO LOOK AT HIM, HE NODDED!!!!!!! If Adam wasn’t there, he would have totally said something like ‘‘yeah, she really is’‘ and Kristen would have figured it all out (you know that he is incredibly in love with Amy)

Pretty Flowers

Amy x Reader

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Request: No one has requested anything For my beautiful queen Amy yet? Let’s change that. Can you do headcanons (or scenario, really whichever is easier for you) for Amy with a someone who is trying to teach her how to make flower crowns and flower bracelets? Lots of laughs and kisses and just overall fluffy goodness.

You smiled at Amy’s face of concentration as she fumbled in her hands the flowers and weave. Her tongue stuck between her lips and eyebrow furrowed, it was adorable. She had her hair tied back and was not talking, just trying to make the flower crown.

“Babe, don’t stress yourself out,” you chuckled “flower crown making is supposed to be stress relieving not stress inducing,” you said as her expression grew more impatient. She sighed “it’s too hard I keep messing up!” She exclaimed. You laughed “here let me help,” you said in an even tone and grabbed her hands holding the crown. “It’s simple first you’re just going to intertwine the wire to make a nice even crown. Then just tie it off once it fits your head,” you said and then checked to make sure it fit her well. She smiled as she watched your fingers delicately work to Crete a beautiful braid with the wire. You started it for her and then handed it to her. “Here you try, babe,” you said in a happy tone and kissed her cheek that she smiled brighter at. She fumbled carefully with it and the look of concentration dawned on her face once again, after repeating the steps a few times her eyes met yours asking for approval. You nodded “You’re doing good Am.” You said and she kissed your cheek. After you both had finished your crowns it was time to put the flowers on them. You smiled as she picked some really pretty flowers, you had made sure to buy some of her favorite colors and you might have even bought a couple fake birdies to put on some of your crowns. “This was really fun, thank you for doing this with me.” You said as you began putting the last flower on your crown. She smiled at you as you put the flower crown on your head. “You look really cute!” She exclaimed and you blushed slightly at her eyes on you. You didn’t say anything and grabbed her flower crown from her hands, with a fond smile you fixed the flowers and the set in on top her hand fixing her hair. “Mmm, I think you look better,” you said. She laughed “this was fun, we gotta do it again,” she spoke and then laid against you. You both took a lot of photos, and when she posted them on her Instagram everyone went wild. It was a nice pass time that you both enjoyed.

Programmers Mal Ahern and Moira Weigel present their new series Labor of Love: 100 Years of Movie Dates—featuring a wide range of films, from Stephen Frears’s My Beautiful Laundrette to Amy Heckerling’s Clueless—now playing at BAM. “The first nickelodeons opened across America at a time when hordes of young people were moving to the cities from the countryside and overseas,” they write. “Young women in particular were leaving home to work. In the past their parents had controlled how they courted. In booming cities, they met and flirted freely. Movie theaters quickly became a prime place to do this, and movies themselves showed how.”

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