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Please de #16 with my baby Peter


#16 “We’ve been at it like rabbits, how are you still so horny?!”

ok this one’s kinda mushy and smutty I hope u like it 💘 I love Peter sm ugh

Starved | One shot

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The midday sun hung in the sky over Queens, its rays of light creeping through the small spaces between Peter’s curtains. To any other person, the sunlight would’ve beckoned them from their bed and they would have begun their daily routine hours ago. The clock blinked 12:11 p.m., the alarm shut off long ago by Peter’s girl, before rolling over and planting kisses on his face and neck until he was wide awake.

Her legs were wrapped around his hips, fingers tangled in his messy curls as he thrusted into her, the bed gently knocking against his wall. He felt her walls tightening around him and he knew she was getting close. Pressing kisses along her collarbone he picked up the pace, thrusting into her harder as she clung to him and moaned his name more beautifully than a thousand angels singing. Nuzzling into her neck, he rode out his own orgasm, while she traced her fingers up and down his back.

Rolling off her, he discarded the used condom and flopped back down on the bed next to her, still catching his breath. Throwing one leg over his hips, she latched herself to his neck, kissing and sucking every inch of skin she could reach. Peter groaned and tilted his head back as she continued marking his skin, pulling her on top of him and grabbing handfuls of her ass.

Gently rolling over on top of her again, he propped himself up on his forearms, gazing down at her. The rays of sun that snuck through the window illuminated her hair spread out over his pillows, her skin shining with sweat from their early morning activities. She was so fucking angelic, he could hardly believe how lucky he was to have her.

“Whatcha lookin’ at, Parker?” she smirked, trailing her fingers up his arms.

“My beautiful girlfriend, who I’m pretty sure is secretly an angel that fell from heaven,” he said, reaching up to play with her hair. She felt the blush creeping across her skin and couldn’t fight the smile that made her cheeks ache.

He loved moments like this. He lived for moments like this. Where it was just the two of them together, no distractions, just raw emotion and passion. They usually came on days like today, after he’d been away on an assignment with Tony longer than he anticipated, and by the time he returned to her they were both starving for each other’s touch. They’d crash through his bedroom door, so frantic to get their clothes off they would almost get stuck trying to get them off, and the entire night was spent exploring the familiar curves of each other’s bodies, whispering a thousand ‘I love yous’ and ‘I missed this I missed you’.

Leaning down, he pulled her into a kiss and she wrapped herself around his body once more, moaning and welcoming him into her mouth. His hand moved up and down her side and she pushed it down further, between her legs.

“Who apparently also has a never-ending sex drive,” he added, breaking away from the kiss momentarily. She bit her lip before attacking his neck again and he moaned loudly, knowing he’d be covered in her love marks until he had to leave her again.

“I didn’t hear you complaining a minute ago,” she smiled against his skin.

“No- I’m not!” he stammered. “But it’s been like four hours. We’ve been at it like rabbits, how are you still this horny?!”

She laid back to look him in the eyes, remaining silent and raising a brow at him.

“I mean, not that that’s a bad thing!” he began rambling. “It’s great, you’re great, and today’s been amazing-” She pulled him in for another kiss and cut him off midsentence.

“Maybe if Stark didn’t steal you away for weeks at a time I wouldn’t be this needy when you came back,” she smirked, running her hand through his hair, her nose brushing against his.

“I know, m’sorry,” he mumbled. As much as he loved being Spiderman and working with Tony and the other Avengers, he hated how much time he spent away from her because of it. He spent those nights away from her homesick for her arms around him, and he began stealing her shirts as much as she stole his, for the familiar scent of her perfume when he was missing her.

She knew it wasn’t his fault. He was a superhero now, his power came with responsibility, and she would always support him and everything he did. Even if it meant going without him for a couple weeks. But when he was finally home in her arms, she couldn’t help herself. Everything he did, the way he looked at her, the way he touched her, it was like every fiber of her being was sent into overdrive, overflowing with love for him.

She felt the familiar warmth spreading through her body, her chest tightening, and looked up to see him leaning in for another kiss. He slipped into her mouth, moving his hand back down between her legs and felt her whimper when his fingers brushed over her clit. He began rubbing her sensitive bud of nerves and she moaned into his mouth, as they continued furiously making out.

Untangling her legs from around him, he gently pushed her thighs apart as he began moving down her body. Wrapping one arm around her waist, he drug his tongue up and down her clit, feeling her body shudder under his touch. Closing his lips around her, he began sucking and licking her sex, his free hand gently running up and down her thigh. Her eyelids fluttered shut and she rolled her hips in his hand while he lapped at her clit.

Using his free hand, he slid his fingers through her soaking wet sex, slicking them up before slipping one inside of her. He eyed her reaction as he curled his finger inside her, before pumping in and out. Her hips jerked and he tightened his grip on her as he added a second finger, pumping faster as he continued sucking on her clit. She squirmed in his grip as he swirled his tongue over the sensitive bud, whispering his name over and over.

“Feel good?” he asked, sitting up on his forearm as he began fucking her harder with his fingers.

“Y-Yes…” she moaned, her eyes traveling down to meet his. “Oh my god, please don’t stop…”

Spreading her open with his thumb and forefinger, he attacked her clit again with his mouth. Grabbing a handful of his hair she rolled her hips up, gently grinding against his mouth. He flicked his tongue over her repeatedly and her toes curled as she felt her muscles beginning to clench. He curled his fingers inside her again and her head shot up off the pillow, mouth agape. He held her gaze as he continued swirling his tongue over her clit, pulling her over the edge. She felt the warmth in her core erupt and her entire hips bucked in the air as she cried out his name over and over.

He continued his pace, feeling her warm honey on his fingers, coating his lips and chin as he let her to finish her orgasm before pulling his fingers out of her and sucking on them. Her breasts rose and fell sharply, still glowing from her orgasm, and he climbed over her, trailing soft kisses up her body. He lied down on top of her, resting his head on her chest and listening to her heart still pounding underneath him.

“Are you satisfied yet?” he murmured against her skin, reaching up to intertwine his fingers with hers.

“Mm, for now,” she answered, peeking down at him, bursting with laughter when he groaned.

Finally coaxing her out of bed, they hopped in the shower, where she sunk to her knees under the hot stream of water and sucked him off. They spent the rest of the day lying around his apartment, cooking breakfast for lunch and binge watching their favorite movies, until his Aunt May came home and greeted her with a humorous “He still hasn’t let you leave?” before cooking dinner for the three of them. She spent the night again, crawling in bed behind him once the sun had set, wrapping her arm around his waist and sliding her hand down the front of his boxers.



My baby at 16
- M xx

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So we all know you've adopted Bakugou as your son but like do you think his real mom ever looks at him and goes " that's my explosive baby " "Mom Im 16" " my adorable baby faced explosive son"

i think she’d be more like

“Look at that little shit. that’s my little shit. that’s my adorable little explosive son. what a fucking smartass. he got that from me, you know. i love him.”

“When she shall die,
Take her and cut her out in little stars,
And she will make the face of heaven so fine
That all the world will be in love with night
And pay no worship to the garish sun.” 

I wonder what kind of person Ganodi would have turned out to be if she hadn’t been killed along with the other baby Jedi. Maybe she would have run away and made a better life for herself somewhere no one knew the word “Jedi” and she could design her own future. I like to daydream.

Substituting a fictional character for real world emotions again. My baby girl would have turned 16 today. Sorry I haven’t been posting much, January is hard. I will hopefully be drawing more once it gets over with, but life is very busy and the world stops for no one. Sorry to everyone still waiting on responses to messages, I’ll get there eventually.


1.- Adore You

2.- We Can’t Stop

3.- SMS (Bangerz) [Feat. Britney Spears]

4.- 4X4 (Feat. Nelly)

5.- My Darlin’ (Feat. Future)

6.- Wrecking Ball

7.- Love Money Party (Feat. Big Sean)


9.- Drive

10.- FU (Feat. French Montana)

11.- Do Ma thang

12.- Maybe You’re Right

13.- Someone Else

14.- Rooting for my Baby

15.- On My Own

16.- Hands in the Air

And that ladies and getleman, was Miley Cyrus’ “Bangerz” in GIFS.

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if you could have any view from your bedroom window what would you choose?

the sea

what’s your favorite thing to do on a sunny day?

going walking with my mum

what do you consider lucky?

im not the kind of person who considers many things as ‘luck’ i like to think i do things myself so im not sure

what made you smile today?

my cousins baby boy (hes 16 months), he is my rock and the most amazing little boy i know

what makes you happy?

animals, me and my mum went to a pet store today to get some things for our new puppy and i nearly came out with a hamster, a rabbit and a guinea pig and the only reason i didnt is because i have no room for a hutch in my bedroom 

send me more colors


Pretty face, fatness and muscles 🏋🏽🖖🏾💪🏾✊🏾. As I mentioned before I’m a carefree fat Afro Latina with no fucks to give! Today I started my fitness transformation tho. I want to tone up a lil. By August I want to be toned and slimmer because I’m going to see my baby daddy Drake (Summer 16 tour) and I want to finally give him my eggs and look good while at it 💃🏽💂🏾😌. Anyways if you don’t like my fat sexy black-Latina ass keep scrolling and or unfollow me (I’ll still be blowing the fuck outta my wife’s back😏💁🏽🙋🏽)🤗. I love myself way too much to pay attention to negative comments. Follow my wife’s snap to keep up with our shenanigans 😅.