new background for my tumblr, actual background practice and also a thing for a secret summer project I’m working on!!! \o/ had this in my wips for a really long time but finally used some free time to finish this off!!! I love these kids so much ;____; forever my babies


This isn’t payback, is it?

Only now I noticed that Bucky SMILES in the last gif

It’s officially 11am on Friday 1st September 2017 in the United Kingdom.  The Hogwarts Express is leaving Platform Nine and Three-Quarters right this second.

So this is happening right about now…

Albus: Hi.  Is this compartment…

Scorpius: It’s free.  It’s just me.

Albus: Great.  So we might just - come in - for a bit - if that’s okay?

Scorpius: That’s okay.  Hi.

Albus: Albus.  Al.  I’m - my name is Albus…

Scorpius: Hi Scorpius.  I mean, I’m Scorpius.  You’re Albus.  I’m Scorpius.

My babies are meeting.  My smol beans are meeting.  RIGHT THIS SECOND.