new background for my tumblr, actual background practice and also a thing for a secret summer project I’m working on!!! \o/ had this in my wips for a really long time but finally used some free time to finish this off!!! I love these kids so much ;____; forever my babies


happy pride! ..and i’m back

hello again! 

you have no idea how badly i’ve been wanting to post again- and the time has arrived phew! i mean technically i haven't finished school completely {i have one exam left in like 2 days} but i just couldn’t wait any longer okay.

so message me! for cc ideas, or friendship, or just a chat :) 

and oh happy pride month again! just as a quick obvious note- you are so loved and bloody accepted by me and you should only surround yourself with people who love and accept you too; no matter who it is you love. this month makes me feel so colourful-i love it <3


I’ve been really busy recently with trying to avoid the future.  And I forgot that there’s always another way.

What is that?

Making the future. Our future.  My great-grandfather gave this to my great-grandmother after World War II.  He wanted to propose before he was shipped out, but he didn’t have the money and he bought it three years later when he was stationed in London.  Fought his way across France, all the way to Berlin, and with this ring around his neck with his dog tags.  And when he got back she was waiting for him on the dock of the Brooklyn Navy Yards.  He proposed on the spot.  After my mom passed away, Joe held on to this for me, until tonight. 


Iris West, will you marry me?