new background for my tumblr, actual background practice and also a thing for a secret summer project I’m working on!!! \o/ had this in my wips for a really long time but finally used some free time to finish this off!!! I love these kids so much ;____; forever my babies

 “I’ve never really met acts like [her], ” he adds. “You meet people like Elton [John] who have been in the game for 30-40 years who are wise and old and been it for a long time — and Taylor’s been in it for six years and she’s 22. And you hear horror stories about younger musicians who kind of go a bit off the rails, but she’s so together and so kind of professional and knows what she wants, but at the same isn’t too harsh — she’s just a really sweet gentle person — so yeah, that’s what surprised me, is that she was sound.”