“Oh man, I can’t believe this photo I took of my new baby won a contest! But the prize is a whole truck of baby shoes! My healthy and happy baby will never wear them all before outgrowing their size! I might as well sell most of these baby shoes that have never been worn.”


Dr. Grey has experienced more loss in her life than I think most of us would deem fair. She lost her little sister, Dr. Lexie Grey, who I know would’ve loved to be here tonight with us. She lost her husband, Dr. Derek Shepherd, who knew with total certainty that this night would happen. And she also lost her mother, Dr. Ellis Grey, who won this award twice, once as a resident, and probably would have won a few more if she hadn’t been taken from all of us so young. 

The most amazing thing about Meredith, though, is that she takes all that pain, all that loss, and she turns it into drive - drive to save lives, to make things better. And despite all that she’s lost, she continues to find joy in her work, as a surgeon, as a teacher, as a mother.


I want to thank every ARMY that voted because we did it you guys 😄

I’m so proud of Bangtan. So proud. They really did deserve that award.

I’m overwhelmed and I can’t stop crying.

They made history and we helped make it happen. I know I chose the right group to stan hardcore.

No matter what happens we’ll be there for them and they’ll be there for us.

They made KPOP history. They are without a doubt, one of the biggest acts in kpop and no one can argue with that now.

You guys, they saved me. I don’t know how else to put it without going into a sad sob story but they saved me.

And I’m so happy I can share that. This really is their moment. I’m so proud.

Save this poor child :’) He just wants to be near his jagi :’) Let him be!!!

They didn’t see each other long enough that Jongin can’t take his eyes off of Kyungsoo <3

But I know Jongin is just being Jongin tho. Cuz he literally stares at Kyungsoo all the time 💙

Ohhhh my heart :’) Pls let them have alone time so my poor baby won’t be sulky.


My Babies won the award and I can’t even possibly express the happiness in my heart, BTS is not just my bias group their my happiness(that might sound pathetic), they help me with my depression and they will always mean the absolute world to me i love them more then I love myself and I am so proud to be an A.R.M.Y I know alot of fandoms tend to put our fandom down

But A.R.M.Y has become my family and I will always be thankful for you guys I love you guys so much, thank you for helping BTS achieve this i am very happy and proud


Let’s fly with our wings this year and the years to come 💋👑😭😭