I want to thank every ARMY that voted because we did it you guys 😄

I’m so proud of Bangtan. So proud. They really did deserve that award.

I’m overwhelmed and I can’t stop crying.

They made history and we helped make it happen. I know I chose the right group to stan hardcore.

No matter what happens we’ll be there for them and they’ll be there for us.

They made KPOP history. They are without a doubt, one of the biggest acts in kpop and no one can argue with that now.

You guys, they saved me. I don’t know how else to put it without going into a sad sob story but they saved me.

And I’m so happy I can share that. This really is their moment. I’m so proud.


My Babies won the award and I can’t even possibly express the happiness in my heart, BTS is not just my bias group their my happiness(that might sound pathetic), they help me with my depression and they will always mean the absolute world to me i love them more then I love myself and I am so proud to be an A.R.M.Y I know alot of fandoms tend to put our fandom down

But A.R.M.Y has become my family and I will always be thankful for you guys I love you guys so much, thank you for helping BTS achieve this i am very happy and proud


Let’s fly with our wings this year and the years to come 💋👑😭😭

BTS reaction when your idol group wins ‘Best Female Group’

Scenario: You are part of a girl group under BigHit Entertainment, and you have been nominated for several different awards at the MAMA awards 2016. The host announces your group as the winner of ‘Best Female Group’. (No disrespect to Twice or anything, well done to them!)

Rap Monster (Namjoon): 

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He’d be so proud of you. Holding back his tears, he’d applaud, a smile forming on his face, dimples and all. He’d know how hard you worked, how many hours you put into tirelessly practising over and over, until you came home an exhausted mess, retreating to bed almost immediately. He’d attempt to hold back his emotions, but a tear or two would roll down his face as he felt such immense pride for you and your group.

Jin (Seokjin):

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Jin would immediately stand up, his mouth stretching into a huge smile as he continued to applaud for you and your group. He’d want to climb up onto that stage there and then and pull you into a huge bear hug, but he’d restrain himself and instead stare up at you on the stage, his heart swelling with pride.

Suga (Yoongi):

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Suga wouldn’t show as much emotion on the outside, instead simply clapping and smiling his gummy smile, but don’t be fooled, on the inside, he’d feel so damn ecstatic and proud for you and your group. “That’s my jagiya,” he’d think to himself, his heart swelling with happiness and pride for you. Although Suga wouldn’t usually be one for public shows of affection, as soon as you walked down those steps and walked past, he’d pull you into a hug, not caring who saw. “I’m so proud of you, baby,” he’d whisper into your ear.

J-Hope (Hoseok):

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This cutie would jump up straight away in disbelief (see GIF cx). He would cheer so loudly for you as you walked up onto the stage, waving his arms around, attempting to get your attention. He’d nudge the other members, saying, “That’s my baby! They won!”. He’d continue to stand throughout your whole speech, clapping and applauding throughout the whole thing.


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This adorable ball of fluff would look up in disbelief when your group was announced as the winners. “Did they just say (Y/G/N)?” 

When he realises that you have in fact won, his face would light up, and he’d smile his adorable eye smile as he cheered on for your group.

“Ah… my jagiya is so talented.” He’d murmur under his breath as he watched you with pride and happiness.

V (Taehyung):

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Ah, this cutie would be so hyper when he heard you won. His mouth forming into that box smile of his, clapping rapidly, and cheering you on as you climbed up the steps onto the stage. He’d press his hands to his cheeks in sheer disbelief and pride throughout your whole speech, simply staring up at you, his heart fluttering.


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Jungkook probably wouldn’t be surprised, knowing how talented and hard working you and your group are. He’d simply applaud with that cocky smile on his face, nudging the other members saying, “I knew they’d win. I knew it.” On the inside though, he’d probably be freaking out, feeling so amazed, feeling inspired by you to work even harder on his own performances.


top 15 girl meets world ships: (as voted by my followers)

FIRST PLACE - rucas: I promised you, that my moment would be my moment. This is it. I got you this [ring box]. MAYA! It’s a jellybean. STAY WHERE YOU ARE! What does this mean? We put these jellybeans on a scale when I was trying to think about all of the things that I like about you. When I was trying to decide what I needed to do. That means you, Riley. I choose you. And I really want you to choose me. [takes the box] I do. I always did. I have something for you too. You do? [shows him the leaf] We have this one little life, and for a lot of it, we just blow around in the wind. But if we’re lucky, and we believe that life knows what’s best for us, sometimes we land on the right someone to talk to. [gives him the leaf] I’m glad I fell into your lap. So am I. 


[Official Video] Daft Punk - Pentatonix


ah okay so 3 am last night i did this super quick for art homework with the prompt “looking through the _______” (i put dimension) and we had a little contest and this won!! people were asking about it and saying it was rlly cute and it made me so happy to see my babies at first and i just wanted to share it on here for today :) more actual art to come later, just a fun little painting 💖

Got7 MTL to be protective of his daughter




Oh boy. Whoever dates JB’s daughter is in for one hell of a time. When his daughter casually mentions that she has a boyfriend at dinner he would almost flip the freaking table. There would be so many questions that are pretty ridicules. And him meeting the guy? It would be so awkward because Jaebum would just glare at him and refuse to speak to him at first.

I can see Jinyoung being so sarcastic with his daughter’s boyfriend at first. Like he’d say something like, “If you hurt my baby girl, I totally won’t find out where you live and kill you in your sleep.” Then laugh as if he had just said the funniest joke ever. Is low key so angry that he’s going insane.

Jackson would pretty much try to scare the guy away by playing the scary dad role and would probably have to catch himself before smiling at his daughter’s lover’s discomfort. If he sees her boyfriend do something as simple as resting his hand on her thigh, he will shut that shit down! After awhile though, her be happy for his daughter and try to become closer with him for her sake.

Yugyeom and Mark would try their hardest to be polite and accept that their little girl is growing up despite the fact that they want to cry. They would pull her boyfriend into someplace private and might try to have a serious conversation about making sure he keeps her safe and doesn’t try to pull anything.

I think that Youngjae would try to make his daughter’s boyfriend as comfortable as possible and try to befriend him. Would probably say something like, “It’s fine! I understand how nerve wracking it is to meet your girlfriend’s parents.”

Bambam would be that dad that’s always way to comfortable and likes to embarrass his kids. He would literally shout from the porch “Hey man! Do you need some condoms?” as they where getting in the car. Like just close your eyes and imagine that scene with him wearing that shit eating grin of his. I don’t think it’s that hard.

SHINee: their gf beating them at a game

Onew:  will act like he’s outraged and butthurt by the whole thing, but tbh he wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to kick his butt than you. He’d demand a rematch, but the twinkle in his eyes gives him away and he starts giggling with you.

Jonghyun:  "wahhhhh you’re a cheat!!! No way, I won fair and square-“ won’t stop blabbing about the whole logic of the game and how you completely misread the rules, so that ‘automatically makes you a cheater’. He’ll bargain with you and stop his pouts if you give him some love, tho.

Key:  literally does not even care, but he’ll try to play it as if he made you win. Kibum will still continue to play with you until it got repetitive, and he’d suggest doing something else bc he won’t be able to take losing game after game.

Minho:  you better bring a fire extinguisher…bc the flame will consume you. He’s not titled the flaming Minho and known as the most competitive idol for no reason, this boy will take losing to a whole new level. He’ll forget that you’re even his girlfriend for a second once he goes too far, bc he’s so dead set on beating you.

Taemin:  "ah look, my baby won again!!” What do you expect from this angel lmao he’ll put up a front and tries to act competitive for like 3 minutes, then melts at the sight of you doing a little celebration dance.

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