Not something said, but something I plan to say in the future.

at some point, I want to make a cleric of Pelor (or some other light based, good aligned deity, Pelor just works best for the initial description) and talk my DM into allowing my holy symbol to be a signet ring. The moment I get the spell “Holy Word” I plan to rp casting it in the following way.

In brightest day
In blackest night
No evil will escape my sight
Let those who worship evil’s might
Beware my power

anonymous asked:

What are your favorite jealous kaisoo moments? :<

I did a jelly kaisoo spam not long ago here (x) but i’ll do a part 2 for you anon with some other moments~ (and I don’t think I included jelly soo before so this will be interesting ;)) 

(as always credit to gif/pic owners)

Let’s just say none of them handle jealousy very well.. 

iconic jelly nini moment. he does not appreciate bae being hugged by some dude.. 

poor soo.. look at the way his face fell T___T

also iconic.. nini’s not feeling the love that soo has for insung-hyung

I mean.. xD

nini likes cuddling too soo..

that’s the night of “legendary kaisoo moments”. Let’s just say nini was not in to sharing his hyung that night (or other nights for that matter)

this obviously shows that nini is allowed to touch soo’s thigh, but not jong-dae. and nini is like “that’s right” 

this is most recently ;; poor ninibear. 

more under the cut :)) 

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