I just don’t understand why gay couples being real in idol groups is SO ‘impossible’ '0 chance’ ’ 'no way’ 'idts’ 'nah you should live in reality’ 'you are delusional’ 'you are in too deep’ 'shippers are the worse’ 'im laughing they aint real’

Lets not talk about how it is a 'taboo’ because society likes it or not, LGBT exist and some stats even say 10% people are LGBTs thats 1 in 10.

My questions for you is : Why not? why cant 'oppaaaa’ be gay? Is it truly - wow the world will end - surprising? Why are ships being real 'a very slim chance’? And why do most sensible shippers get insulted for doing something they enjoy? Does it matter if we are 'delusional’? Do you live under oppa’s underwears? baby, oppa can be straight or gay.

Last note: being a non 'delusional’ quoted, non shipper, doesnt make you a BETTER person. Hardcore shipping couples doesnt make you a WORSE person either ffs. Whether or not ships are real, who cares? its rather a fact that we will probably never know for sure anyways.0

anonymous asked:

hunhan or xiuhan? the ultimate question.

/heavy breathing/ *hands start shaking* oh god……

As much as i love hunhan……

i’ll go with xiuhan because

I never thought

i’ll ship two people as much as i ship them

oh but you have no idea how much i do

he was going for the butt just sayin’

i breathe 

and live for them 

i’m thirsty for xiuhan

and so is lulu

its hard not to ship them

I could seriously go on and on about xiuhan but i’ll stop here ♥

the ultimate question has been answered