Hi guys! New admin here! :D

Hello everyone! I am Admin J, a 20-year-old, full-time university student, part-time social/government worker (lol), part-time tumblr lurker, and full-time EXO fangirl/fan fiction enthusiast. I’m sad to say that I cannot write fan fiction, so I’m here to appreciate instead the good works of the lovely writers of the EXO fandom. I also spend a lot of time making heart eyes at Kim Minseok and drowning myself in Lumin/Xiuhan feels uwu

I am very grateful to be part of the luminfics family and I look forward to sharing my Lumin/Xiuhan feels with you all!

anonymous asked:

you tagged that edit of Minseok as Luhan. idk if you did it on purpose or not, but just in case~!

omg I’m so dumb ahahah I’m sorry ^^“ sometimes it happens to me and I don’t even know why lol I knew that he was xiumin but i typed luhan….. ((my xiuhan feels are still strong))

xiuminniverse asked:

All my sad xiuhan feels are back and it's all your fault ;; ㅅ ;;

AWWWW MAN I’M SORRY HUHU I JUST literally saw this xiuhan edit on my dashboard and i decided to visit the tag and it was all depressing and i had to express my feels through the tags :((((( sorry huhu