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Will High Rise ever become a big pone? I mean, it's practically in her name!

no.  High Rise’s parents always told her to eat her veggies and drink her milk if she wanted to grow up big and strong, but she was such a picky eater as a kid.  Now she’s stuck being short forever, no matter how much milk and veggies she gets to try and catch up to Bear Trap.


Ryleigh Surana was a naive circle mage who was allowed freedom finally as a warden, but went through gruesome trials and hardships, and ultimately broke, sacrificing herself just to end it all without telling anyone there was a way to live because she was so, so tired

Elavi Lavellan was a naive dalish mage who was tied down to the Inquisition, forced to be their Inquisitor, but made the best out of it and succeeded, and even without an arm, she is happy and proud

thank you @earthprincewu for such wonderful art of my babies!!! i love it so so much and its beautiful, bless, thank you lovey!!!

I had a dream about RWBY last night and in it my brain developed two new OCs that don’t just hunt Grimm - they Hunt other Huntsmen. Wrote a few notes during work tonight, I’ll get them more fleshed out later.


so I saw an old thing I did on my deviantart from like, 2003.  I think it’s the first time I ever drew Kari?  One of the first, at least.  So I decided to try and redraw the pose.  The character has changed a lot, and my art has changed a lot, so it’s not terribly recognizable, but it was fun!

Also I decided to try drawing Kari more like she looked in that first image.  Definitely not even the same character anymore, haha