Untitled #4 - Kidlock Sherlolly

It was a warm sunny day and while her father was briefly busy with a work-related phone call, Molly Hooper was happily playing in the sandpit on the playground close to her home in London. Her hair was in pigtails and she was wearing a light blue dress with sunflowers, too busy with making a sand castle to pay attention to the other children around her.

That was until a shadow fell upon her and her sand castle, and she looked up surprised.

Three older boys, probably around eight years old and therefore twice her age, looked down at her.

“Get out, this our place!”

She just stared scared at them with her huge brown eyes and then looked for her dad but he had walked a few steps away and didn’t hear her when she called for him.

“Hah, she’s calling for her dad! What a baby!”
Another of the boys snickered.

“I’m not a baby!” Molly squeaked, getting up from her sitting position.

“Yes you are! And babies and girls aren’t allowed in our sandpit! Especially if they look weird, and your nose is super ugly!”

Molly felt a sting in her heart and a lump forming in her throat.

“I can play in this sandpit, it’s also mine!”

She stammered, her voice shaking and tears forming in her eyes.

“No, get the hell out now!”


“Fine then!”

The third boy started to stomp on her sandcastle that she’d worked on for a good half an hour now and Molly cried out in protest, shoving at him to try and stop him. But not a chance.

The little girl shrieked when one of the boys pushed her over and she tumbled and fell back onto the sand, hitting her head on the ground.

Mostly because of the shock not the pain, she started to cry.


The boys looked up confused at the sudden voice and then snorted with laughter at the sight of a young thin and pale boy with curly dark hair who glared at them angrily.

“Oh it’s the freak again!”

“I’m no freak, I’m a sociopath! And now LEAVE HER ALONE!”

Sherlock called angrily.

“And what if not, hm? Will you try to fight us, freak?”

“Yes I will!!”

The boys just laughed more.

“You and what army? We’re three and you’re alone!”

Sherlock whistled loudly and suddenly there was barking to be heard and a giant Irish Red Setter jumped across a small hedge next to Sherlock.

“Go get them, Redbeard!!”

The dog barked and then started speeding into the direction of the three boys who cried out in fear and turned on their heels, running as fast as they could, Redbeard right behind them, chasing them to the edge of the playground where he stopped and kept barking loudly until they’d disappeared around a corner, before he returned to his young owner who petted his head proudly and scratched behind his ears.

“Good boy! Well done, Redbeard!!”

Sherlock smiled brightly and proudly before turning to help Molly up from the floor.

“Are you okay…?”

He asked, suddenly looking almost shy.

Molly wiped her cheeks and sniffled, her crying having ceased at the first sight of Redbeard. She brushed the sand off her dress and nodded hesitantly.

“Who-… who are you…?”

“I’m Sherlock. Sherlock Holmes. I’m a pirate! And this is my pirate dog! Redbeard!”

Sherlock proudly announced, pointing at Redbeard who was curiously waving his tail and getting closer to sniff Molly’s hand.

“Does he bite…?”

She asked scared but her new friend shook his head.

“Just bullies. And my brother’s shoes.”

“Can-… can I stroke him…?”

Molly asked hesitantly.

“Yes sure!”

She reached her hand out to shyly stroke over Redbeard’s head, smiling brightly when the Irish Red Setter started happily licking her hand and rubbing his head against it, his tail wagging like crazy.

“What’s your name?”

Sherlock asked, joining Molly in stroking his dog, looking quite pleased that she liked him too apparently.

“Molly… Molly Hooper…”

“Nice to meet you, Molly.”


Both children looked up when a skinny ginger teenager, clad in a white shirt and jeans, jogged onto the playground, wearing an unnerved expression.

“I told you not to run away, for gods sake! Mummy would be very mad!”

“Who’s that?” Molly whispered, staring up with widened eyes at the stranger and trying to somewhat hide behind Redbeard.

“Just my brother, Myc.”

The older Holmes brother corrected, furrowing his brows at the sight of the little girl.

“Sherlock, who’s your friend…?”

“That’s Molly.” Sherlock announced. “Redbeard and I saved her!”

“Did you now…? Molly, is that true…?”

She nodded quickly.

“Yes from three mean boys. They ruined my sandcastle…”

Her little face turned very sad and it seemed like she wanted to start crying again but then Redbeard licked her cheek and nuzzled it, making her giggle involuntarily.

“This is a fantastic dog! He’s so cute!”

“He’s a pirate dog, he’s not cute!” Sherlock protested.

“Sherlock… don’t be rude…”
Mycroft scolded him gently and his little brother chewed his lip briefly and then looked at Molly again.

“But you’re right, he’s a fantastic dog. He’s the best!”


She looked up at the sight of her father who hurried to her side, looking a bit mistrustful at seeing her with strangers, especially as one was a teenager.

“Molly, how often have mummy and I told you not to talk to strangers?”

“He’s right, you shouldn’t do that.” Mycroft nodded.

Mr Hooper looked up at the teenager at that. “Sorry, who are you…?”

“Mycroft Holmes is my name. And this is my brother Sherlock and our dog-”

“/My/ dog!!!”

Mycroft rolled his eyes discreetly
“/His/ dog Redbeard.”

“Daddy, they saved me! There were three mean boys and they pushed me over and stomped on my sandcastle but Redbeard and Sherlock chased them away!”

“Really…? Hm…”

Mr Hooper smiled a bit and squatted down in front of Sherlock.

“Well then. Thank you very much, Sherlock, for helping my daughter.”

He offered him his hand and Sherlock took it after a moment, shaking it.

“It was my duty! I’m a pirate, you know?”

“Are you now?”

“Yes and good pirates and pirate dogs protect girls!”

“That’s true indeed.” Mr Hooper nodded, smiling warmly and amused.

“Well-… Sorry to interrupt but Sherlock and I were actually on the way home… Our mother is waiting with lunch…” Mycroft said after clearing his throat.

Molly looked very sad at the thought of having to leave Redbeard and her new friend.

“Daddy, can’t we go with them…?”

“Erm… no honey, I’m sorry. But maybe Sherlock and Redbeard will come here again…?”

Sherlock looked up at his brother questioningly.

“Well-… I guess we could come here tomorrow afternoon…?” Mycroft offered.

“Great. Well then we’ll see you tomorrow.
Thank you again, Sherlock. And you too, Redbeard.”

Mr Holmes gently stroked the excited dogs head and then took his daughter’s hand.

“Come on, honey, we should go home for lunch too.”

Molly nodded slowly and reached to pick up her bucket and shovel from the ground, looking back at Sherlock then.

“See you tomorrow, Sherlock…?”

He nodded eagerly.

“See you tomorrow, Molly!”

Mycroft took out a leash from his back pocket and attached it to Redbeard’s collar, nodding towards one exit of the playground then.

“Come on then, Sherlock.”

Sherlock looked at Molly a last time, flashed her a smile, waved at her, and then grabbed Mycroft’s hand, the three of them heading off in one direction while the Hoopers headed in the other.


“Yes honey…?”

“What’s a sociopath…?”

two months

Today marks my second month here in Tumblr as this blog :)

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I still can’t believe. I wasn’t there, it was a friend, Amy, who did this for me. She said he loved my drawing and he gave me a personalized autograph. “To Andreia, all the best!”

Thank you so much Amy!!!!!

Guys, everything is possible, this is something that I never believed it could be possible to happen. Matt is the sweetest person ever, I’m so happy.

btuanhood  asked:

Hiii!! I really love the current Mark scenario goin on btw 😉😂 Since he is my bias, could you link me all you Mark scenarios? And also reccomend some good writers? I've seen some, but I'd like to discover more 😊😊

Okay so, honestly I have only just started my tumblr so that was my first mark scenario. Considering I have only written it and a 5 part Suga scenario I haven’t bothered to make a masterlist, yet. 

But writers, oml where do I start. All of these people are goals. Every single one of them.

@onlylovekpop (on hiatus) personally I just started reading her work and she is goals. just all over that, she knows what shes doing. Would recommend Underworld. It’s brilliant. She has inspired me to write a GOT7/ BTS gang AU! but it will be very different.

@bangtan-writing I like it, you know? It’s really good. Good Job. She writes mostly fluff, some smut. Really good. Really good. 

This girl, Ngl, is the person I read off wattpad and joined tumblr because I was interested in seeing more of her work. @smuttilyeverafter as you can guess by the name. Smut writer. But, a very good smut writer and I can vouch for this because I am very bad at both reading and writing smut. 

@taechubs very good at helping you visualise, very good at pinning the boys smiles down. She’s also super nice. 

@chokemejimin Another inspiration, honestly all these people are inspirations. god anyway. They post a LOT of stuff, but their stories are.👌.

@dirtybtsgot7 Kitty, is such a good writer, she writes smut so well, one of the first people I followed, one of the first people I talked to. Just excellent, *applause*

Literally anyone who is a writer that I am following. Basically is what I am trying to say. and if you have looked at the people I follow before, yes, I am aware I follow a lot of food blogs. I like food, a lot.

Thankyou for liking my story and reading this spam. And for anyone wondering, Finale of See you later should be out tonight. 

Also for all the writers who were tagged in this. I am applauding you at your work, each of you is a brilliant writer and I look foward to seeing more of your work. 

And thus we mark one year of my presence in The Kingdom of Tumblr!

Let us dance and make merry!  I have found exquisite hospitality, riotous joy, and fine company here in my time thus far!  And there shall be many more delights to come, no doubt!  We have two days devoted to our revelries and you can expect all manner of pleasures!  

I shall compose one of these memes that you are so fond of, so that it might be shared amongst you.  I shall host a little tournament, beginning in the late afternoon after my hunt tomorrow.  And I shall be summoning many a memorable moment from this past year!  

Wield the tag #Long May He Reign! as you will!  If you would like to take part in these festivities yourselves - aside from showering me with praise, trying your hand at the meme I shall put forth, or taking part in our sport - do put forward portraits of yours truly, portraits of my favourites, depictions of my house, gifs, and anything of that nature - it shall cheer me!  

yassassykitty  asked:


green:four life goals

  1. Meet Mark and Jack
  2. Meet all my Tumblr friends
  3. Get my book(s) published
  4. Be happy

blue:three things you like

  1. Crystals
  2. Trench coats
  3. Stuffed animals