Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

Good evening, I hope you’ve all had an amazing day! I’ve been procrastinating on working on my extended essay for school, thus causing me to have exactly 30 more days to finish it since my library card expires on August 31st. As you can see, I choose to do my essay in History on a passive-resistance group called the White Rose.

If you have any questions on how to write a history extended essay or want to know my research question, or how I plan out my essay, feel free to inbox me :). Who knows, maybe I’ll even make my own guide!

Much love,


8.14.17 || 1/100 days of productivity

started the 100 days of productivity challenge! i ate breakfast in my new dorm’s dining hall for the first time and discovered they have raspberry tea (!) so i got to begin my day with a lovely large steaming mug of it. 

listened to ch. 1-9 of for whom the bell tolls while coloring in this “relaxing coloring book” i got last christmas. not super impressed with the story or hemingway’s writing so far, but i’m determined to get a head start on the reading list for my lit class. in the afternoon i attended a policy meeting for students in my dorm, wrote two articles for her campus, and ran some errands. (turns out my library card expired over the summer, so i’m glad i got that cleared up!)

i had a planning meeting/dinner with the other leaders in my writing group and it was so good to see all my friends after a summer away, as well as meet some new ppl! probs gonna spend the rest of the evening reading since i’m pretty worn out from all that happened today.

looking forward to another day!

🎶 never give up - sia

Thursday 4th January, 2018 - Day 25

• 2.5 litres of water

• Bacon and eggs on lebanese bread, apple, spagetti bolognese and a tropical smoothie.

• 7km walk around the river done this morning. It was overcast and I made the poor decision to not wear sunscreen and I am a little sunburnt. Oops.

• Today and tomorrow are my days off so I went to the library to borrow a book. I scanned it and it said my library card had expired. Library cards expire? So I spoke to the guy behind the counter and he said they are moving to a new platform and I needed a new card and sorted it out for me. Upon scanning my old one he was like ‘oh, you havent been to the library in two years’. Thanks for the judgement. Im here now arent I haha! 😂

I borrowed '99 Red Balloons by Elisabeth Carpenter’ I will give it a review when im finished it to let yous know what its about.

• I then went to city chic and tried on some jeans and the ladies were more than helpful with figuring out my figure and what felt comfortable. They didnt have the size I need in the ones I like so I will order online. I might make up a weight loss rewards thing for reaching certain weight loss amounts in my 2018 goals :)

• I feel so happy and positive today. Im eating better and im feeling the great changes in my body and I feeo so confident 😊