Dark Hearts II.

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Title: Dark Hearts: Part Two

Pairing: Once Upon A Time Peter Pan x Reader

Warnings: swearing

Prompt: What will happen when two demons meet? What use to be a shy, innocent girl turns into an infamous killer and finds herself stuck on an island with a band of annoying, murderous teen boys. Two dark hearts, who will prevail?

Accidentally when walking, you bump into a Lost Boy whom is sharpening a knife. He turns to you with a sickening glare and growls.

    “Watch where ya’ going, imbecile.” He makes the mistake of hissing at you, obviously unaware of who you are and what you’re capable of.

   "Who the hell do you think you’re talking to, boy?“ You snap back, vaguely scanning the dirty boy, clad in a hood and dark patched clothing with tears and rips putting several holes and revealing his pale skin.

   "Ya’ prissy brats think ya’ can talk to a Lost Boy like that? Just because ya’ sleep with Pan one night doesn’t give ya’ a right to claim authority.” The boy reveals his county accent, him giving you the stink eye. Poor, stupid boy, you thought with a frown.

   The boy smirks at you as you mockingly gasp, not comprehending your sarcasm. He tilts his head and gives a sarcastic pout. In a brusque manner, the innocent and terrified facade wipes off your face. Roughly grabbing the boy’s shirt, you pull him close so that only he may hear your threat.

   "That’s the last action you do before you die, love. Hope you made it count.“ You smirk before mercilessly shoving your hand into the boy’s chest and ripping out his heart, blindly searching for the object that secures his vessel.

   ”[Your name]! You can’t just waltz around my camp, ripping out my Lost Boys’ hearts!“ Peter chuckle, his voice sounding from a distance. You turn darkly and swiftly back to the terrified, shaking boy.

   "It takes Peter about seven seconds to poof over here. It takes two seconds for me to crush a heart.” You threaten, causing the once rude, tough bully of a Lost Boy to cry, a tear slipping his eye. His lips part open slightly, but the boy’s speech is cut off as his throat becomes dry.

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“There ain´t no me if there ain´t no you.”


Dean x Reader, Sam, Castiel - Reader is mad at them


You woke up to the heavy sound of slippers lugging over the ground. You opened your eyes just a bit to see Dean walking into the kitchen in his robe with messy hair. His eyes were swollen from the lack of sleep.
You selpt on the couch this night because you were mad at all of them and you clearly heared him have his nightmares again. When you first moved in you heard him always scream and fight his demons. It stopped when you two accepted your feelings for each other and you slept in one bed. You had this calming effect on him.

But yesterday you were so mad and angry with them that you just grabbed your stuff and slept on the couch ignoring Deans protests. It really broke your heart to hear him suffer like that but you didn’t go to him. You always give in and thats why Dean doesn’t take you seriously when you’re mad.

You closed your eyes again and listen to Dean making coffee. You thought about the argument you had with the three of them yesterday and tried to solve the problem. But it made you evan more angry remembering their attitude towards you.

You came back from a hunt and it went ridiculously bad because they didn’t want you to get hurt. They didn’t let you help and because of that Dean got shot, Sam got knocked out and they deep fried Cas. They were lucky you were the master of getting out of handcuffs. You stormed in with a blaster and shot everything what appeared infront of you.

As it wasn’t bad enough that they handcuffed you to the steering wheel they had the courage to yell at you why the hell you went in there when you were told not to. You were unprofessional and that they couldn’t let you alone for a minute for your own safety and that your behavior was irresponsible. Cas would’ve handled it and you could’ve gotten killed.
You saved their damn asses and they got pissed. After that you exploded in the car and said everything what came to your mind. Pretty heavy stuff and silence followed you the whole ride back home.

After everyone got up you had to stand up too eventually. You folded your blanket and  went to the bathroom to get ready. After that you went to the kitchen and they hushed as you came in.

“Morning.”, Sam greeted you but you didn’t bother to answer.
“Y/N we know you are pissed. We get why. Let’s hug it out.”, Cas tried and you rolled your eyes. You grabbed your cup of coffee and went to the living room without saying a word. Dean sat down before you and you could see how every movement was hurting him. So you went to the bathroom to grab some bandages and medicine.

You went back to the couch and sat down next to him and pulled his Shirt up after opening the first-aid-kit. When he realized what you were doing he took of his shirt and leaned back in the couch. The wound was barely vetted. They just pushed some bandages on it and wrapped another one around it. They didn’t even clean the wound and you shook your head.

You were mad at him but that didn’t mean you didn’t care about him anymore. So you took of his bandages slowly and started to clean the wound carefully. He took a sharp breath when he felt the fabric on his wound but he didn’t complain. You went on with some alcohol and gave him a beer when you realized that the wound nedded some stitches. When you you made the first stitch he grabbed your hand and you stopped immidiatly until he took his hand off. It didn’t take you long to finish and you wrapped him up with some bandages so it would suck in the blood. You stopped most of the bleeding but you had to make sure.
As you finished you packed everything and wanted to stand up when he grabbed your hand.

“Y/N. Please.” You freed yourself from his grip and went to the bathroom without another word.
It was around nine o'clock in the evening and you still didn’t say a word to the boys. When you left your room to get some snacks you saw all three of them sitting on the couch and looking at you with puppy eyes. You just rolled your eyes and went passed them. You found your self a movie and some snacks and when you turned around you froze. Each of them were making funny faces and you couldn’t believe it.

“Unbelievable.”, you murmured to yourself and went to your room so you wouldn’t laugh. Similtaniously you heard them high five and Sam yell: “Yes! She talked!”
It didn’t take long ‘til someone knocked on your door and came in.
Dean slid his head through the gap and looked at you.
“Can I…O-Okay.”, he stumbled and came in closing the door behind him.

“Did you get any sleep last night?”, you asked icy before he could say anything.
“Uh…Uh…yeah sure.”
“Liar. I know you. I heard you at least five times turn on the light in your room and you do that when you had a nightmare.”, you said putting the DVD into the player.

“Touché. I can’t sleep when your not around.”, he admitted and sat down on your bed.

“You deserved it.”, you said staring at the TV.

“I know. And I’m a dickhead for doing what I did yesterday and I know that now. I’m sorry.”

“You can take your apology and shove it up your ass Dean.”, you answered and lied down, ready to start the movie.

“I didn’t mean what I said back there. I should’ve known…”

“Shut it Dean. I don’t wanna hear apologies
from you. Now lie down and get some sleep before you die on me. We can discuss this later.”
He didn’t say a word. He stared at you a while but eventually turned the lights of and lied next to you, without touching you because he knew better.

One time you were mad at him and he tried to pull you into a hug but you just kicked him in the nuts. Since then he didn’t touch you when you were mad.

“It feels like I’m lying next to a married woman. Not the most comfortable place to fall asleep. Like impossible or..”, he started to ramble but you cut him of by grabing his hand and wrapping his arm around you. He snuggled his nose into your neck after a few minutes as he always does and you could feel him sigh in relief.

“I want you to know that I realized that I love you more than anything. I can’t live without you Y/N. Don’t you dare leave me.” He sent shivers down your back but you didn’t let him know.

“Just get some sleep.”

He didn’t wake up once. He slept like a baby and you always loved to watch him while he was asleep.He looked so young, so innocent, so careless. Kind of free.
As you watched him you had an idea how you to get your revenge. How to explain them what your point was.

You stood up very slowley and went to the living room after locking each door from the boys. You stood in the middle of the room and let out a high pitched scream like your life was in danger.

You heard all of them get up, bang at the doors and scream. You could swesr that Dean shot the door open but eventually Dean, Sam and Cas were standing in the room pointing guns at you.

“Y/N! Are you alright?!”

They had horrofied looks on their faces and it changed to confusion and while you talked to anger.

“How does it feel to hear someone you love be in danger and not being able to help?”, you asked and they knew exactly what you meant. When you were sitting in the car you heared every scream, every punch, every crash. But you had to sit in that stupid car and listen.

“You can stab me, rip body parts of, slice my skin but the worst torture of all was having to listen how you guys got yourself almost killed.”
Sam let himself fall on a chair and closed his eyes.

“I thought my heart would stop.”

“Yeah that’s what I felt. You guys have to understand that I have to hunt too. I am able to hunt. Hell I saved your dumb asses back there when you couldn’t. You talk about my safety but did anyone ask me how I am feeling? You did the worst thing what you ever could have done to me. I thought you were dead Dean! I heared him shoot you. How you crashed. How do you think that felt? I heard Sams body smash against the wall. His bones…I heared Cas scream his lungs out when they fried him away.”

They were looking at you with so much emotion in their eyes. But you could just see the one’s from Dean.

“Do you know which thought I had while rushing in? Kill'em all and then kill yourself because there is nothing left worth living for. I almost killed myself. Lucky me that Cas appeared next to me in the right moment.”

“You didn’t…”, Dean gasped and looked at you in shock.

“Ask Cas.”, you said and pointed at Cas who was nodding slightly under the questioning sight of Dean.
After that Dean walked over to you and pulled you in a tight hug.

“Damn it Y/N. Don’t you dare do something like that. Ever.”, he mumbled in your hair and you put your hands on his back.
“There ain’t no me if there ain’t no you, remember?”, you said smiling against his chest and he huffed.

“Don’t quote myself to me.”, he said and kissed your head.
“I quote whoever the hell I want to whoever the hell I want Winchester.”
“I know.”, he said and you could hear him smile.

True Colors (AU Soulmates)

Characters: Dean W., Sam W., Castiel, Reader
Pairings: Dean x reader
Words: 1789
Warnings: Swearing

Request: @iamabeautifulperson18 asked:
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Every single human has a soul mate, they are destined to be with each other and live their life as a whole, as it was before.
There was a time where souls were just traveling through the universe or heaven, every single one of them was different, once were bright red, others bright yellow or bright blue. Always flowing through the air like leaves that never touch the ground.

When God decided to create humanity, he would call one of his souls, not mattering the color, and split it in two.

“As for you my dear blue, I shall split you in two. You’ll be separated, two individual souls that will be running free with a set of legs, that will hold on tight with a pair of arms, that will hear the beauty of nature with a set of ears, smell the gift of your aliments, speak only the truth with your mouth, think only the good with your brain, feel life flowing through you with a perfect organism. As for your other half, they’ll get exactly the same, but let me tell you the greatest gift I have to give you.

The eyes, your eyes will be the window to your soul, they will see the beauty of every single gift I have given you, but most importantly, it will be with your eyes and only your eyes the only way to find each other. One look into each other eyes it will be all that it takes to be reunited again. They will shine as bright and as blue as your souls, leaving you no doubt that you’ll find each other” God said before leading each soul into their future vessels. “Now go, my children, and enjoy this beautiful journey I have set for you”.

Dean’s P.O.V

“Oh please, that’s total bullshit, Sammy” Dean laughed as he took another big sip of his beer.

“Dean you can’t ask me to read you the information and then call it bullshit, that’s what the book says anyways. If you ask me it sounds absurd and kind of bittersweet” Sam said, closing the book, his voice sounded hurt.

“Why’s that? You always believe anything that involves God and his little helpers” Dean said, pointing at Cas with the neck of his beer bottle.

“Because that never happened with me and Jess” Sam said, the whole room went into a bitter silence.

Dean swallowed thickly, then cleared his throat “that’s why I’m calling it bullshit, Sammy. That’s not the first time the men of letters were wrong” It would actually be one of the almost nonexistent times they were wrong.

“They actually aren’t wrong, and the Angels aren’t Gods little helpers, we’re his soldiers” An annoyed Cas said, destroying the attempt that Dean made to comfort his brother.

“Thanks, Cas. That helps a lot” Dean said and Sam just sighed.

“What I’m trying to say is that Sam and Jessica weren’t soul mates, a human can mistake their true partner with anyone, until you find the right one.
Sam hasn’t found his, but Dean already has. That’s what I’ve been trying to say, but you wouldn’t listen” Cas rolled his eyes, taking a sit between the two brothers chairs, which both of them were perplexed.

“What you just said?” Dean asked, shaking his head, trying to get it together.

“I’m saying, that her eyes and yours shinned bright blue at the same time and with the same intensity because you’re Soulmates” Cas said, already over the topic.

“I have a soul mate?!” Sam shouted, finally breaking out of his trance. Dean only groaned and he cleared his throat “Huh, I’m sorry. But Cas, the book says that every human once they find their soulmate, they can’t be away from each other, and if they are kept apart, either voluntary or by force, that they will feel like dying, like their soul was being ripped apart” Sam said and Cas only nodded to every statement.

“Yes, Sam you’re right, typically a human feels a tremendous pain and if they don’t reunite, well your souls get out of your body and get together” Cas explained, like if it was the simplest thing.

“Basically you’re saying that you die?” Sam said and Cas nodded.

“That’s right”

“So why I don’t feel anything?” Dean said, he felt exactly like the day before and the day before that, nothing felt different. Well, except like he felt an emptiness inside his chest, and like he was about to have a panic attack.

“It’ll happen gradually, and just can be stopped by being near her” Cas said, and Dean hummed as an answer.
Reader P.O.V

“What the fuck was that?” You murmur, the eyes of the legendary and most dangerous hunter of this generation just shined bright blue and so did your eyes, the fuck does that means?

And not being weird enough, the Winchesters and their Angel freaked out and left without helping you, honestly, it wasn’t that big of a deal, you have been left alone so many times before but for some reason, this was different.

You felt like you were falling apart, an unbearable emptiness and sadness over you, your lungs were begging you for more air, but you couldn’t breath, your heart almost beating out of your chest, and the only thing that you can think of was that damn Dean Winchester.

Your body, heart, brain, everything, even soul was calling for him, it was an urgent need, but why? You have never felt this before, not even with any of ex boyfriends, just him. A man who you just met seconds before.

Of course, the only reasonable thing you did was follow them.
Alright, it wasn’t reasonable or intelligent to follow the most dangerous hunters and their angel, but it was beyond you, you felt like if you waited any longer you could die.

At first you didn’t know where to drive, but you followed your instincts and less than an hour you were behind their black chevy impala, at that moment you felt like it was now an addiction, dangerous yet exciting.

Now you were outside a bunker, standing in front of a door. The freaking door of two men who can kill you with their bare hands, but for some reason Dean hands were what you wanted, holding you close, his hands and fingers interlaced with yours, his eyes staring at yours…
Wait, what?

“No no no no, what the fuck have I done? Fuck, fuck, fuck” you panicked, all of the sudden you came to your senses.

“Alright, (Y/n). C'mon, let’s go before they even know you followed them home” you said running to your car when all of the sudden the bunker door flew open.

“(Y/n)?” His voice made you shiver and stopped your feet, you turned around and almost ran towards him and he also ran to you.

“No! Stop” you said to yourself and him, he gave you a weird look but immediately stepped back.

“Why are your eyes shining blue? And why do I feel like I need you? I don’t need you, I have been alone all my life, what’s so special about you?”

“You won’t believe a thing I say” Dean spoke with a smirk on his face.

“Try me” you dared him, raising one brow, imitating his smirk.

“We’re Soulmates” he said, getting nearer to you.

“You’re so full of shit” you said, turning around, “you could have said anything, ANYTHING, but that. Soulmates, really?!” You rolled your eyes still walking to your car, but feeling like with every step a part of you dies.

“Trust me, I don’t like this any more than you do, but if this my, our only shot to find happiness, well I say, let’s give it a try” Dean voice was following you but you couldn’t face him.

“Yesterday I was a regular girl, my life was okay, nothing fancy, it wasn’t safe either but I was alright! And now I have a soul mate?! Hah! Really funny, you should really give stand up comedy a try” you said, it was like someone was stabbing you. In this life a real relationship was impossible, a luxury no one could afford.

“A regular girl? Really? You’re a hunter, the most beautiful and talented one I have ever heard of, nothing about you is regular. Trust me, I have no idea where this words are coming from because I’m terrified, love was never an option for me, but all of a sudden it’s here, standing right in front of me. So forgive me if I want to believe that for once, something new and strange can give you and me, happiness” he said, he placed his hand on your shoulder and suddenly, nothing was the same.

You saw his life, every tear, every fight, every abandonment, every death, every laugh, every hug, every kiss, everything. You knew his most loved memory and the worst, his fears and his pride, the love for his brother and his best friend. How much he missed his parents, Bobby, Charlie, Kevin, everyone. It was like you have been with him all of his life.
Instinctively, you placed your hand on top of his and he saw your life, your victories, your heartbreaks, your fears and your faith. Everything.

“Wow” Dean said simply, his eyes still shinned a light shade of blue.

“Lets give it a shot” you said without hesitation, seeing all that was your answer. You were meant to be, and you couldn’t nor wanted to be without him.

“Really? Don’t do it if you don’t want to”

“I want to, it’s like a shot in the dark, but I’m taking it. I have lost so many friends all through this life, that maybe you’re right, this our only way to find our piece of happiness” you answered and finally stepped closer to him.
“Can I hug you?” You asked.

“Only if I can kiss you” he replied and you blushed.

“I have never said no to a kiss” you replied and he wrapped his arms around you and all of your muscles relaxed, like a weight was lifted off your shoulders.
He then cupped your face with both of his hands and pressed his lips against you.
In a matter of seconds the kiss went from being innocent, to passionate and needy.
Suddenly you hated the fact that you needed to breath, you had to break the kiss leaving you breathless.

“So we’re taking the risk?” He asked and you gasped forward air smiling widely.

“Every single day” you smiled and he wrapped his arms around you once again, happiness, love and safety surrounding both of you.

Dream For Reality (Part four)

Part one Part two Part three

Jensen x Reader

Word count: 2,279


A/N: Soo this takes place when Jensen and Danneel are dating, not married. So before they had JJ. Hope that clears up any confusion. For the sake of fiction, I have no hate against Danneel. 

Italics = a memory

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