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Hi, I was wonderig if there was any way you could help me find out the ages of all the dragon age characters? Or if not ALL of them, at least Hawke and his companions in Dragon age 2? I can't seem to find info on it anywhere!

Ah, this is a bit of a tough one because a fair few characters don’t have solid, canon dates of birth. I’ll share the ones I have definite sources on though. Links to sources are are on the ages or dates of birth, I’ll be providing the ages the characters are at the beginning of the events in the game or media they’re listed under. Some ages are approximate or lower estimates based off in-game dialogue and/or dev comments. I won’t be using the DA:O toolset ages as they were written before the characters were further developed and Alistair certainly isn’t 32 in that game.

If exact ages are unknown, and appropriate information is available, I’ll add things that might help you at least guess the ages (not everyone has information that lends itself to this, however). I’d like to give a big thanks to Valerie1972 for her WoT2 liveblog posts, they helped out a lot!

DRAGON AGE: ORIGINS [Dragon 9:30]:

  • Alistair - 20 [Born 9:10 Dragon]
  • Cailan -  25 [Born 9:5 Dragon]
  • Leliana - Unknown
  • Loghain - Unknown [Likely born sometime in the mid-to-late Blessed Age given that he started travelling to Denerim with Anora in 9:10 Dragon and that Maeve died in 9:28]
  • Morrigan - at least 25 [Born between 9:02 - 9:05 Dragon]
  • Oghren - Unknown, I’d guess around early 40s [Branka became a Paragon in 9:10 Dragon, roughly a year after they married]
  • Shale - Unknown [Volunteered to become a Golem in -255 Ancient]
  • Sten - Unknown, I’d guess around early 40s [Assigned to guard the port of Seheron for three years in 9:03 Dragon, a job usually given when a child is around 12 years of age] 
  • Wynne - 48 [Born in 8:82 Blessed]
  • Zevran - 25 [Born 9:04/early 9:05 Dragon, purchased by the Crows in 9:12 Dragon at 7 years of age]


  • Nathaniel - 30 [Born 9:0 Dragon]
  • Sigrun - Unknown 
  • Velanna - Unknown [Was 9 years old when she discovered her magic]
  • Anders - [See Dragon Age II] 
  • Oghren - [See Dragon Age: Origins] 

DRAGON AGE II [All ages apply to Act 1 | Dragon 9:31]: 


  • Blackwall - Unknown, I’d guess around early-to-mid 40′s [Weekes mentions him having kids these days talks with Solas whilst confirming he [Solas] falls into that age bracket]
  • Cassandra - at least 37 [Parents killed in Nevarran purge in 9:10 Dragon, Took her Vigil at 15, Anthony killed in 9:16]
  • Cole - Physical appearance of around 20 [DA:I Codex entry]
  • Cullen - 29/30 [Born 9:10/9:11 Dragon]
  • Dorian - 30 [Born 9:11 Dragon]
  • Iron Bull - mid-to-late 30s [source]
  • Josephine - Around  27 - 29 [source]
  • Leliana - Unknown, I’d guess around early-to-mid 40′s
  • Sera - Unknown, I’d guess around early 20′s [Given her mentions of Denerim during the events of DA:O]
  • Solas - Early-to-mid 40s [source]
  • Varric - [See Dragon Age II]

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