After defeating Ferid Bathory, what will happen to Mika and Yuu?

We are so near the end! Only two or three videos left and the game is over, this has been quite a ride! 

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End Screen Decoding, Poe Party Chapter 1, “The Bells”

Took some careful lip-reading, but I’m pretty sure I’ve got it.

Gif 1: Louisa May has just announced, “I mean to fetch an inspector.” (See trailer around 0:35.) She stares at Poe, expectantly.

Gif 2: Poe: “If you think I can feed more guests at this point you must be crazy.”

Gif 3: Poe: “Even a drunk orangutan can’t expect us to make more soup now!”

Gif 4: Lousa May: “All right.”

Gif 5: Annabel, holding Eddie’s head, still very much in the denial phase: “He’s getting worse!”

Gif 6: Charlotte: “I’m fetching an Uber.”

There’s a pause, then Oscar giggles:

i made a sketchbook tag and i’m trying to be a good little artist and actually use it. so here’s another bucky sketch rendered with salmon pink and red-violet crayon. R.I.P salmon pink crayon. we had good times. you shall be missed. ;A;