Day 3: Lost and Found.  

“So what’s your name?”
“Merida.  What’s yers?”
“Jackson… why do you talk weird?”
“I don’ talk weird!”
“Yeah you do!  Do you have an accent or something?”
“No, yer the one with the accent!”
“We’re in america though, I talk like a normal american.  You don’t talk like one though.  Where are you from?”
“Ahm from Scotland.”
“Really?  Does your dad wear a kilt?”
“Sometimes on special days he does, like celebrations.”
“Do you wear a kilt?”
“Haha, no i don’t!  Kilts are for
boys, silly!”
“Oh… but wait, if you’re scottish, how come you’re not wearing that stripy stuff?”
stripy stuff?”
“You know… uh… plad!”
“… Um, jus’ because Ahm Scottish dosnae mean I wear plad all the time, ye idiot.”
“I’m not an idiot!”
“Yeah ye are.”
“No Im not, I’m really smart!”
“Wha’s three-times-three?”

Drawing little Jack was surprisingly fun! :D (look, he’s got a missing tooth!!)  I suddenly want to draw more of him :3

Also, if there’s one thing I’ve noticed about myself, it’s that my comic strips are extremely lazy.  I do bigger, single pictures better.  :/  Oh well, hope you guys liked this lil strip anyways :)  

Me: *sees a group photo*

Me: *aggressively looks for my favorite character*

Me: *locates them*

Me: Okay…okay we’re good…


Jus some super quick an cute doodles for being a butt and mot being here near as often… TTwTT

I am friggin in love with this cute animation short!!! I love Lewis sooooo much!!
I kinda drew these two together just to see, more like a one shot thing.. (Which we all know totally isnt true b/c im a loser and gets stuck with pairing gay boys) XD