i must admit, i can’t explain
any of these thoughts running through my brain 

“Black, just listen- wait!” Her voice echoed through his ears, the words swimming around his brain and joining the beat of his jealous little heart. He shouldn’t be jealous, wasn’t this always going to be the result? What else was he possibly expecting? That he and her would have some sort of deranged happy ending? He didn’t turn, he didn’t stop, his heavy, sorrowed filled feet carrying himself up the stairs, her smaller, lighter ones following. She just had to go and snog..what was his name again? It wasn’t the name that mattered, it was the fact that it wasn’t him. It should have been him. “Wait!” She yelled again, her voice now angry and impatient, much like her normal tone but he’d never heard it directed solely at him and now that it was, it sounded so much worse.

He turned to say “what” or “fuck off” or “leave me alone, fucking bloodtraitor” but it was silenced by her lips smothering his.