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100 Ways to Say I Love You / 41 - Yoo Kihyun

Yoo Kihyun x OC

41 - “Go back to sleep”

word count: 1,129

As someone who hated having visitors all the time in the house, you didn’t have any other choice but to suck it up since your older brother loved having his friends over. In fact, you did reprimand him a few times about him and his friends being too loud whenever you were working on homework or were asleep. But all he does is give reasons and blame the thin walls you had in your room, and you just thought this was absurd.

Then again, there was someone you always liked within your brother’s group of friends since he was very nice to you and often asked how your day was, even a few times apologizing over how noisy they were whenever they slept over too. You were in awe of his sincerity and good nature, always eager to see him when your brother tells you and your parents he were to have friends over at a time.

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Queen- Part 5 (End)

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 3193

Genre: mafia au! smut, angst, fluff (Of course)

Pairing: Hyungwon x Reader

A/N: So, I forgot to say this in the first part, I drew inspiration for this fic from Monsta X’s song Queen. A key part don’t you think? Well I really hope you guys enjoyed this fic, it’s one of my favorites that I’ve written. Let me know what you want to see next. Love you all - Kay

Part 4

You sat upon the cushioned chair, Hoseok right by your side. You glared down at the man before you, who was tied by his wrists. “So they call you the Queen of the Monsta Famiglia? How did a lowly woman like you come across the title of that? How did you possibly get the role of a mafia boss?” He spat, eyeing you like you were a deadly animal.

You grinned and stood up from your place at the front of the room. Hoseok grabbed your arm, assisting you off the chair. You looked to him and nodded a thanks in his direction. You ran a hand over your faintly extended stomach. You walked over to the man on the floor and towered over him.

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monsta x in 2017: thank you for this wonderful year monsta x. ♡

monbebe are so proud of you, you always give everything on stage, even if you are tired. you’ve worked really hard for us and we are so thankful. please take care of ourselves for the next year, we will always love you.