The State of the MWC in 2017

The Mountain West will most likely fit into its comfortable spot as the #2 conference in the G5. An undefeated MWC team will get a hard look by the selection committee over a 12-1 AAC squad. Now let’s see if anybody can go 13-0.

Can Go 13-0: Boise State

In all likelihood only one Mountain West team is capable of pulling off an undefeated run, and they haven’t been close in a while. Boise will be likely be favored in every game they play, but can they avoid the slip-ups that have plagued them for the last couple of years?

Other Big Contenders: San Diego State, Colorado State

The two-time Mountain West champs return strong and should win the West with ease. Colorado State played brilliantly at the end of last year and could certainly make a deep run if they play at the same level.

The Upper-Middle Class: Wyoming, Air Force

Wyoming was a great story last year but they lose a lot of the guys that helped them win the division. Air Force remains a potent threat to take down any team in the conference.

The Middle Class: New Mexico, Utah State, Hawaii

New Mexico has been playing well for the past few seasons. Utah State has been slowly regressing but I don’t think it’ll continue. Hawaii is improving and in a bad West division just a little improvement will make them an easy #2 pick.

The Basement: Nevada, Fresno State, UNLV, San Jose State

Since these teams are all in the West one of them might put things together and go bowling. Though they all might just stink.