The Vampire King

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Of all his lovers, she was the sluttiest. He spoiled her dearly for it.

Not to say she was loose. Karlheinz preferred his women to be clean. And this one was a bit of a nun, doing nothing but work and then coming straight home.

But once she was beneath him…

Smart, for a human. But the ones good in bed always were. They knew what they wanted. Wanted to be played with.

“Do you have your own language?” She’d said one morning, pouring herself coffee.

He sat down across from her, feigning ignorance.

“Vampires,” she elaborated, sipping from the white mug she held in one hand, “You must have your own language.”

He hummed at that, leaning across the table. “It’s ancient.”

She raised her brow at him. “You don’t know it?”

He smiled pleasantly, speaking it fluidly for her. She continued to sip her coffee.

“Does it have an alphabet?”

He cocked his head. “Something like that.”

She looked at him, as though she were trying to figure him out. “Well, whatever.”

He smirked, “Are you not going to offer me breakfast?”

She pointed at him with the mug still in her hand. “You’ve had your fill.”

“My dear,” he leaned back casually, “I could never have enough.”

She didn’t sound convinced, but she put her cup down regardless, standing up as if she were tired.

Even still, she was alluring. Her lack of clothing made it more so, nothing but his robes to cover her sleek frame.

“My, my,” he mused as she settled herself in his lap, “I hope you don’t teach children in this fashion.”

She sighed, half rolling her eyes. “Yes, Karlheinz. I got to work every day, wearing nothing but your…what is this, a dress?”

He chuckled deeply, pulling her closer, catching her lips between his own. “I don’t generally condone such back talk…”

She smiled into their kiss. “Don’t talk to me like I’m an exception of some sort.”

“Oh but my dear,” his fingers brushed over her skin, squeezing the soft flesh of her legs, “How could someone like you be anything but an exception?”

She scoffed at that, tugging at his bottom lip. “You clearly haven’t been with enough women.”

He cupped her chin, fangs aching to bite. “Oh? Then enlighten me, Sensei…”

Cries resounded through the tiny apartment, just as Karlheinz’s fangs were about to pierce skin. He brushed his annoyance away with a smile. “Energetic little one, isn’t he?”

She got up, not even giving him a second glance. “He’s probably hungry.”

Karlheinz pulled her back down, pressing himself to her. “Surely, he can wait?”

She shot him a look he wasn’t exactly familiar with, and though he couldn’t exactly describe it, it was enough for him to let go. Even still, he followed after her, wondering just how a baby could take more precedence than himself.

It looked rather…ridiculous. Seeing her half naked and disheveled, looking so bizarrely innocent, tenderly cooing to the baby in motherly tones.

It didn’t fit the image of the woman he’d fucked last night.

And then she lifted the child to her breast, so that it could feed. He’d never really…seen something like that before. It was so intimate that it bordered along the lines of disgusting.

“Surely now, that will silence him?” He was nothing but politeness and cool smiles, even playing along, asking if he could be of any assistance.

“No,” she murmured softly, having the gall to not even look at him, “He’ll be asleep soon.” After this, she did look at him, “You can go, if you want.”

As if he would comply to the suggestions of a woman. “I don’t mind.” He hummed, going so far as to wrap his arm around her waist, reaching over to brush a bit of hair from the child’s face.

“He looks very much like you.”

She sighed, rocking her son gently in her arms. “That’s what frightens me.”

Karlheinz smirked. “How so? He’ll without a doubt capture the sights of men and women alike.”

She scoffed bitterly at that, leaving Karlheinz at a bit of a loss.

“If he looks like me…” she went on, in a bit of a daze, “Doesn’t that mean he’ll have that bastard’s character?”

“Was he so horrible?”

She smirked with empty eyes. “He’s not here, is he?”

He kissed her. Because he did not care for her tragic backstory. But she pushed him away.

“I don’t need to be comforted. I left that good-for-nothing long before I found out I was pregnant.”

Karlheinz looked at her curiously. “Then why keep his spawn?”

Her entire body seemed to jolt when he said so, and she met him with a look that matched his own confusion.

“Don’t you have children?”

He smiled, though he didn’t see how that might make her point. “A few.”

She scoffed at that, laughing, almost, pulling the child from her breast and setting him carefully into the crib. “How many is a few?”

“Seven.” He replied calmly.

She glanced at him with a doubtful expression.

“That I know of.” He added with a humble smile.

She looked at him, her eyes brightening again, laughing and shaking her head, before leading them out of the room.

“He’ll be almost a year soon.”

He nodded, pulling her to him, wanting to kiss her and forget about the child.

“Karlheinz, wait—”

He ignored her, suddenly craving the heat of a human more than he ever had before.

“Karlheinz,” she struggled, managing to turn her head away. “After this, I don’t think you should come anymore.”

He smirked at that, thinking it a bluff. “You expect to deny me this supple flesh? Such a cruel woman…” he murmured, dragging his tongue up her chest.

“I mean it.” Her voice was stern, one he wasn’t familiar with, and Karlheinz realized he’d been met with quite a few unfamiliar things this morning. “If nothing else I want to give him stability. What will he think, growing up and seeing a man coming in and out of our lives?”

A sly smile dawned his face, as he tugged at his robes that covered her body. “When he’s older, he’ll understand.”

“I don’t want that for him.”

His eyes sharpened. Now, he was beginning to get irritated. He chuckled to maintain his composure, “My dear, I’m a King. You’ll choose that brat over myself?”

She looked at him with slight curiosity, eyes wide and blinking. “What mother would chose a man over her own child?”

And for a moment, he said nothing. Because mostly, he didn’t understand. Because he could name at least three. Because how could this weak, incessant, ungrateful human…

She laughed again. It was insufferable. “This way you’ll have more time for the other women you keep wrapped around your finger.” She stroked his cheek, as though they were lovers.

But that wasn’t the problem, Karlheinz thought. Women were never in short supply. Losing one wouldn’t have any effect in the general sense.

He didn’t have a name for it. But the source of irritation, he knew, had come from the way she held her child. From the way she had looked at it, as though it were some sort of gift from the gods. Because that should have been the way she looked at him.

Had she ever looked at him like that, he wondered.

He threw his thoughts away with a smile. “If that is your wish, my dear, then I won’t rob you of it.”

She smiled in return. “You’re too charming for your own good, Karlheinz.”

“How cruel,” he teased, “To compliment me as you’re throwing me away.”

She kissed him with soft lips, and Karlheinz had half a mind to tell her he didn’t need to be comforted. But for some reason he indulged in the kiss regardless. “I don’t think you’re capable of being thrown away, Karlheinz.”

He chuckled, pressing their bodies together to kiss her for the last time. “My most valued exception…” He mused thoughtlessly, brushing her hair back and looking into plain eyes.

There was absolutely nothing that was particularly exceptional about her, though. She was simply a woman, and a mother.

But perhaps that, in itself, was exception enough.

“Beweary” of the Bewears!

Bewear may appear cute and cuddly, but it harbours immense strength that allows it to crush its opponents with a deadly hug. Even a Bewear’s very own trainer must be careful not to wind up hurt… or worse! Creepy. Stufful is Bewear’s previous evolution. It’s not quite as powerful, but it still boasts overwhelming strength despite its size.

Art © LazyNinjartist
Bewear and Stufful © Pokemon
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Bash v anon here: I'm currently on Jaehee's route, but I've played all the others and secret endings. And yes, you do occasionally get the "hey V, Yoosung has a point" but I felt like I never really got to outright say, "Hey V, i don't even know you all and can still see that you're being way too secretive around your friends... " most of the options seem to be along the lines of "well, V must have his own reasons..." But maybe I'm just an overly aggressive and confrontational person.

tbh in zen’s route there are quite a few “what the fuck, v” options + in yoosung’s route there are a lot of “v is keeping secrets to harm us” options so idk

like idk i think V was doing what he could i mean obviously he wasn’t doing the Best but he was doing His best and like he’d literally  just come out of an abusive relationship and felt he had to lie about how it ended to keep everyone’s image of rika clear he had to lie about how she literally assaulted him & blinded him to keep their image of her clear and like. he could have gone about it better but i literally wouldn’t have expected him to


Your words have never left me
They’re the prayer that I say every day

can we add this to the list of weird legolas faces

i mean come on


there they goooo

  • Will: You can't keep shadow travelling. You'll hurt yourself or worse...Nico, are you listening?
  • Nico: ...yesss?
  • Will: What did I say then?
  • Nico: You asked if I was listening.