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….lmao. let’s split up OP’s argument into a few parts

““I must use my own hard work to prove, that Chinese people can be trusted.”

as if it’s the fault of the chinese members that they were abused to the point that they had to leave.they weren’t untrustworthy, the company was.”

i agree, it’s not the chinese members that are untrustworthy. but does everyone in the exo fandom think so? quite obviously not. i don’t think OP knows that in the aftermath of the ex-members leaving, korean and international exo-ls/netizens began furiously criticising and verbally abusing chinese members for being untrustworthy traitors, attacks that never died (not even until now) but only worsened with every member who left. i think we can all agree that there is still a lot of anti-chinese sentiment among the korean fans, stemming from the mistrust they have towards an entire race they consider as traitors who should never step foot in SM again. need some proof?

and etc. hateful comments like these and worse were left under yixing’s instagram as well, and there are many fanaccounts and fancams of korean fans being disrespectful to yixing during events. with this kind of blanket attack on all chinese artists regardless of whether they have left or not or whether they’ve personally done anything to upset the fans or not, can anyone blame yixing for wanting to prove, in his own personal capacity, that chinese people are not as bad as these fans/netizens are making them out to be? furthermore please note that yixing did NOT say the ex-members who left are untrustworthy. it’s korean/international fans who said so, and yixing is trying to show that they are wrong. 

it seems like when unfair and malicious comments were made against yixing/other chinese members who had not left purely because of those who have, none of the ex-member(s)’ fans stood up for him, none of them took responsibility for the stain left on the entire chinese race because of their bias’s actions, none of them spared a thought for how their biases might have hurt the other members. but when yixing tries to defend himself from comments that he does not deserve, suddenly his words are a perceived threat to their biases and their biases are the ones who must be protected at all costs. because somehow yixing owes a duty to make sure he doesn’t hurt their biases while protecting himself, but their biases have no similar duty not to hurt him while protecting themselves. (ofc i know not all fans of ex-members are like that, i’m talking about the ones who have been unfairly hating on yixing)

““If I go home I won’t know how to dance, and this will hold back our members. I don’t want to be the one holding back others.

disgusting. saying that going home is a burden. after luhan had to go home for his health. while tao was at home in qingdao for his health.”

did OP even read the interview? let me quote the preceding paragraph in its full context: “This year, as he was in charge of hosting a New Year show, Zhang Yixing fell behind on some dance moves. So during Chinese New Year, while everyone went home to celebrate, he was alone in the dance studio practising his dancing, “If I go home I won’t know how to dance, and this will hold back our members. I don’t want to be the one holding back others.””

quite clearly, yixing is saying that if he had gone home to celebrate the lunar new year like the rest of the members, he would not have time to catch up on exo’s new choreography and would be dragging the rest of the group down by making mistakes during their concert or comeback. other members having to stay at home and recuperate from existing, legitimate health issues has nothing to do with what yixing meant. quite frankly, i’m just laughing at OP’s weakass attempt to twist yixing’s words.

““Afterwards, two Chinese EXO members left one after another, because of this, Zhang Yixing who values emotions cried many times. This moment was an unusually difficult period for the whole group.”

playing the media with this kind of guilt-tripping. as hard as it may be to see your long-time coworkers leave, this kind of statement paints kris and luhan as villians who abandoned people they actually have no obligation to and garners sympathy towards SM.”

first of all, you’re talking about a statement written in the third person about yixing and the rest of exo, not a statement made by yixing himself. secondly, i don’t see where the lie is in these sentences alone. i very clearly recall several members of the group expressing their shock, disappointment, and sadness the first time a member left the group, as well as all the tears shed on happy camp when they talked about it openly. to say that it wasn’t a difficult period for the whole group would be a lie.

“all these statements brush kris, luhan’s, and tao’s difficulties under the rug. they are abuse-enabling statements. they allow abuse to continue because basically yixing is saying “it’s hard but it’s worth it! look at me! i am the manager’s favorite, have been given advantages that even my company said were only given to me because kris and luhan’s departures forced them to try to fix their public image, and there isn’t anything wrong with the company anymore because i’m just fine! other than being busy! but it’s bearable! absolutely nothing wrong!”

it’s so easy to accuse yixing of being an “abuse-enabler”, or even “a traitor to his countrymen”, because the alternative is to accept that yixing simply does not want to make the same decisions that the ex-members have made, and this does not fit in with the narrative that fans of ex-members are pushing: that sm’s oppressive and discriminatory ways are so inhumane that the only possibly acceptable solution all chinese members have is to file a lawsuit, pack up and go home. because yixing isn’t doing that at all. he’s not sitting meekly in the company letting them step all over his rights, but neither is he choosing an adversarial approach. he’s negotiating for a compromise instead, a position that both he and sm can live with. maybe he was aided by luck and being at the right place at the right time, but at least he’s been trying since early 2014. 

and what is wrong with that? what is wrong with trying to remain in exo and secure some personal rights at the same time? nothing. you think yixing has some kind of obligation to back you up on your oppressed and mistreated narrative for the sake of letting your biases look good? think again. THE AMOUNT OF SELF-ENTITLEMENT THESE FANS HAVE ISTG. everything they’ve basically just said and everything yixing must do is for the sole benefit of their biases. the fact that OP (and others who share her opinion) can think so narrow-mindedly shows that they don’t care about yixing at all, only their biases and how everything might affect them. news flash: you don’t get to dictate what yixing does or doesn’t do. your biases chose to protect themselves at the expense of others, so you don’t get to stop yixing from doing what’s necessary to protect himself (and i don’t think he’s gone too far at all). and lastly, yixing owes you nothing.


Okay, i really like this cuz in the first gif evil-julian gave randy an impossible choice and despite the nomicon and first ninja warning him that protecting the balls come first, Randy choose other wise and Evil-Julian even mocked him for his choice “You made your choice, ninja”, now what he meant by that is “You choose the life of one over the life of many” cuz he didn’t know randy was the ninja and didn’t know about Randy and Howard’s relationship, but Randy sort of internalized it and gave it his own meaning(as he usually does with the nomicon)”You choose Howard over the world” is the meaning Randy gave it, more of a criticism coming from himself rather than evil-Julian. Then the second gif I love cuz this is both his rebuttal and compromise towards that, Howard sort of misunderstood this wasn’t Randy saying being he was forced to go back(as he learned his choices must be of his own choosing), this is him saying that to him there is no other choice, that he could never ever consider abandoning norrisville for his own wants, look at how sad his face is but he is doing what has to be done, this is him saying “If I had to choose between Howard living and saving the world, I’d probably choose Howard, BUT that is the only exception, if i had to choose between staying with howard or saving the world and never seeing him again..I’d do what has to be done” This is him telling that little voice in his head that he would choose the world over what he wants, over him wanting to not be separated from howard, choosing the world over howard even if it pains him.

“I’m not a genie who grants wishes ;; I’m just trying to help others write better Stories for themselves with happier endings. Even if that means I must sacrifice my own happiness and no one remembers me or thanks me…that’s okay. Their smiles are the best rewards I could ever ask for. ”

(( HEADCANON: The Origin’s ultimate purpose is to grant worthy Blawns whatever their heart desires at the cost of Her own happy memories. Why She keeps on doing so is still left to be determined. But it is said that when you see yellow dandelion puffs, She is either nearby or has already been there before.

A BIIIG thank you to those who watched me draw this during the last art stream!! It seemed everyone had a pretty good time so I’m grateful for that~ >w< ))

so does anyone in Perth want to be my roommate lol

I really want to move out but probably can’t afford the rent on my own, u must be ok with me eating 10 bananas a day and having 4 fruit bowls going on at once 😂 and I can do the cleaning + dishes because I love cleaning



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