This moment makes me love the C-ute members for being so real and easy to relate to, but it also makes me feel bad. The way Mai explains that her and Nakky get less lines than the rest due to their vocal quality is sad. Nakky gives a grimace when Mai mentions that reasoning and when Chisa exclaims that it’s not true, Mai playfully (and truthfully) denies it.

I just find it interesting how many fans do feel Nakky and Maimai get too few lines and the feelings are shared by the actual members. Although the line distribution got much better with releases like “Aitai Lonely Christmas” and “Sekai ichi HAPPY na Onna no ko,” I feel their newest release did shun Nakky and Maimai. Regardless, we do get the solo versions and perhaps things will be more equal in future releases.

You can see the full video here and keep your eyes out for their reactions.


Created by design agency Musata based in Helsinki and Tokyo.  Founded by Designer and Art Director Jopsu Ramu and Manager & Concept Designer Timo Huhtala.

This video ventures into the relativity of dimensions created by space between things, which is as important as intended space.

Amazing video and won a Gold Lion at Cannes.