Forceful Resignation.

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There had been unrest in Piltover for a long time, crimes became more and more violent with each passing day. The cells were growing in both size and capacity as to hold all the prisoners… Cade tried his best to save the people of his once beloved city but he soon grew overwhelmed.

He had spent days on end both taking in and doing his fair share of shooting but it still wasn’t enough- the city was far from it’s glory and there was no end to the gang attacks and murder sprees that broke out among the city streets, it seems hell had finally broken lose and the once renowned state was turning into Zaun…

After a long weekend of locking up those who defied the law Cade sat at his desk, Coffee and Cupcake in hand with paperwork sprawled out over his mahogany desk. Although it had started and nearly ended like most normal days, it felt different, as if he had been watched… As Cade sat down however, the feeling of head pressed against the back of his head- not something metal or even physical but that of a light, as if something were being shined or directed at him. 

The next few series of events took a morbid and brutal turn as he turned to see the red dot painted across his forehead and the horrific sound of screaming and shooting ensued. Blood painted his desk as he fell out of his chair- cupcake in hand and glass to follow. 

The Sheriff had been assassinated. No one knew who or why, but the reports say it was no clean murder if anything.

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“I’m going to tear off your skin like wrapping paper and deck the halls with your guts!”

-Robot Santa, “Futurama" 

On October 24, 2006, when Adam Lanza was 14-years-old, he met with a psychiatrist at the Yale Child Study Center, supposedly meant to hone in on his obsessive compulsive tendencies and whether that was an extension of a possible Asperger’s diagnosis, but the report sheds light on other aspects of Adam’s psychological state. The psychiatrist refers to him as “AL” throughout the report. 

The following excerpts are taken from the report for the Office of the Child Advocate, which can be read fully HERE.

“The Yale psychiatrist’s initial report observed that AL presented as a ‘pale, gaunt, and awkward young adolescent standing rigidly with downcast gaze and declining to shake hands.’

AL’s mother told the Yale psychiatrist that he used to look at people but did not anymore. AL then asked rhetorically, ‘Why should I have to.’ When the doctor explained all of the information that a person could learn by looking at a facial expression, such as a smile, AL stated that people could interpret smiles differently: Some primates smile when they are frightened.’  

When asked for three magic wishes, AL could not think of any and instead he said that ‘he would wish that whatever was granting the wishes would not exist.’

‘Asked, ‘What is a friend?’ AL replied, ‘It is difficult to define –in whose culture do you refer?’ Told ‘AL’s,’ he replied, ‘I do not know.’ Asked whether he would like to have more friends, AL said no.’ According to the report, AL displayed a variety of rigid, controlling, and avoidant behaviors including his refusal to open doors for himself because he did not like to touch the doorknobs, and his worries about contamination of grease, dirt, and dust. AL was reported to be placing limits on his mother’s behavior (e.g. by not allowing her to lean on things because it was improper). He had a variety of food rituals as well,related to texture. The doctor noted that AL had experienced a variety of marked changes in seventh grade, including no longer talking on the phone, using e-mail, or engaging in outdoor activities, and he had become increasingly socially withdrawn and reclusive. 

The doctor noted that it was ‘difficult to interpret’ AL’s accelerated social withdrawal. However, the doctor considered that a ‘plausible explanation’ might be that ‘social engagement (largely focused on activities) in the middle school years makes relatively few demands for social sophistication. As [AL’s] peers moved into early adolescence and middle school, the demands of social engagement changed dramatically, leaving AL feeling more inadequate or ostracized, setting off a cycle of withdrawal and avoidance.”

On November 12, 1966, 18-year-old Benjamin Smith entered the Rose-Mar college of beauty in Mesa, Arizona and killed 5 women and two children. Smith’s only motive was fame- He was a loner and spent most of his time reading about serial killers. He was also obsessed with president John F. Kennedy, and fell into a deep depression when he was assassinated.

Upon reading about the horrific crimes of Richard Speck and Charles Whitman in the newspaper, Smith decided he wanted the same infamy. When he entered the college on a Sunday morning, he was disappointed to find only a few people in the shop. After he shot them dead and was arrested at the scene, he did not put up any resistance. He laughed and said that he had killed five women in the back room and then pointed to the brown paper sack that contained his pistol and ammunition. When questioned as to why he committed the act, he simply said, “I wanted to make a name for myself.”


Beginning on the night of September 8, 2001, 21-year-old Joseph Ferguson went on a deadly rampage in Sacramento, California. A week prior, he was suspended from his job as a Burns International security guard, and the FBI was notified after he made threats against the lives of his former co-workers, but it wasn’t investigated further. The first victims, discovered just before midnight on the 8th, were two female security guards of the same company, one being his former girlfriend, and they were shot while working in a maintenance yard. Two more bodies were found at a local marina, with one being a Burns employee. All of the bodies were riddled with bullets, and the police recovered a 9mm handgun at the first scene and a AK-47 assault rifle at the marina.

Authorities launched a manhunt for Ferguson on the 9th, warning the public they believed he was still heavily armed. Meanwhile, Joseph had taken a Burns supervisor and his wife hostage in their home where he remained for nearly the whole day. He forced them to record a video where he bragged about putting on a hell of a show and noted he would soon be dead. He then killed the supervisor, but spared the wife so that she could deliver his suicide video to the police. He was spotted later that night in his last victim’s stolen car where a high-speed chase ensued. The rampage ended in the early morning hours of September 10th when Ferguson crashed the car into a light pole and shot himself in the head as the police approached.

The full suicide video was never released to the public, but in this clip, you can hear him say: 

“I giveth and I taketh, and that’s how it goes in fucking life.”


Spree murders, sometimes called cluster killings, tend to last a few days, weeks, or even months. In 1997, Andrew Cunanan, a 27 year old from San Diego, California, went on a four-state killing spree that culminated in the murder of fashion designer Gianni Versace in Florida. Cunanan feared that he might be infected with HIV and vowed revenge on whomever he perceived was responsible. Some of the five men he killed were gay, and some were not. Upon killing them with guns, knives and blunt objects, Cunanan would steal cars and money from his victims. He continued to kill as he moved southeast toward his final murder victim - Gianni Versace - and ultimately his own suicide.

Murder For Love
  • Jessica:Damn it!
  • Elsa:What? What's "damn it"?
  • Jessica:I don't know, you're just too perfect! I can't stand it!
  • Elsa:Well, I could try to be less perfect. I could go on a murder spree.
  • Jessica:...that's where you go first? Not just trying to say things that are slightly less endearing, or smile less or something?
  • Elsa:I want to be thorough.

m00nst1ng3r answered: If crack pairings aren’t out of the question, (and if this is still opedoln) Gamzee/UU?(I’m so embarrased asking one of my idols this really)

no, dude, i can totally see where youre coming from with this. if your interpretation of UU is the same as mine this ship is actually perfect

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Mika Muranen was a military draftee who on the night of April 17, 1994, stole a Rk 62 assault rifle from the barracks and returned to his hometown of Kotka, Finland. The next day he murdered a neighborhood couple with a crossbow, but there was no further activity for the rest of the day. On April 19, now armed with the assault rifle, he fatally shot the mailman and fired into several houses before fleeing to the woods with his dog. A police chase ensued, and they exchanged fire, killing the dog in the process and eventually wounded Muranen. He was apprehended, still in his military uniform, and charged with three counts of murder, eight attempted murders, and three counts of attempted manslaughter. He received a sentence of life imprisonment, but was officially released in September 2014.


Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge FT Masta Killa, U-God, Inspectah Deck & Killa Sin - Murder spree (New)

  • What I signed up for:An anime about people with special powers during their adolescence and a whole squad of people stopping them from using it so they don't end up in a research facility
  • What I got:An anime with all of the above but with loads of heart-wrenching scenes, a couple that won't admit their love for each other, the death of a younger sibling followed by the main character going completely mentally ill and said main character going on a murder spree with occasional references to Angel Beats! in the process


Screw you wizard and everything you stand for!!!