the Sun already deleted their article, but one of their reporters claimed he was smuggled from Turkey throughout Europe (he said he did it to prove anyone can do it and how easy it was) and he also claimed he passed through Croatia by hiding in a bathroom of a train without being noticed which our government already proved to be false by posting a scan of his passport from his trip, proving he passed through Croatia legally, which basically means he lied about his story to further fuel Islamophobia and panic in the UK and the rest of the world!!! trash

How strange it is,
that the things we
love are just skin
and nerves and

How strange it is,
to think of someone
as anything more.

You are infinitely

Just as stars are
only burning light,
you, to me, are
something to be

a beauty which
cannot be named.

—  my cells love your cells and i am trying to make it poetic, Emma Bleker