Getting things rolling!

Hello dear followers! It is about time that you were following a blog with actual posts.

So here we go! What’s first for this blog? Well, a series of Welcome Posts!
Each featured author has drawn up their own OC, as well as a relatively brief welcome message.

These posts will be queued to stretch over the length of the remaining week, leading up to our next meeting on Sunday (Feb. 16th).
(OCs will be listed in no particular order–they will be randomly selected)

What now?

We implore our followers to begin sending asks into the blog! We already have a reference page set up, and will soon have “welcome posts.” If you can think of any question, for individuals or groups of characters, we’d love to give it a shot.

We’ve also updated the general information page with a “how does this work” info blurb, since that seems…relevant. More will be added as the holes in my plan start to show themselves.

Final thoughts:

  • Banner and Avatar pic are in progress
  • Welcome posts will link back to this post
  • Have any thoughts, comments, advice? Please direct them to mod Regal

Thank you for your support! We’re really looking forward to this project, and can’t wait to see it get underway in earnest!

-Mod Regal