I swear if Hunter Hollingsworth gets blackholed in the future, imma be so pissed.

He seems like such a simple character, but his family is rich as hell, yet they’re so fucked up with a dad who buys his kids’ love, a mom who’s like mentally barely there, and his brother, the only other guy he could probably look up to, has issues.
He doesn’t have friends, and his twin sister does her own thing so he resorts to video games to escape reality and feel important.

You have no idea how much I want to see his character develop, and at the end of his run, have friends standing next to him at Graduation.

Ooooh, writers, you better not fuck this up!


Dan Levy - Lonely Christmas 

A Guide to Starting Degrassi: Where to Begin

A very frequently asked question in the Degrassi fandom is where to start watching. It’s daunting to see a show with 15 seasons that is still going, and it’s natural to wonder where to jump in. You don’t think you want to start at the beginning because you want to jump in to what’s happening now…. but you also need to know how the current characters came to be. And you don’t want to be too lost amongst the hundreds of characters.

So where do you begin? I’ve compiled here a list of possible starting points. Read for yourself and decide where you want to jump in:

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Champagne Supernova Parts 9 & 10

So we all knew whodunnit (thanks to our friends over at MTV Canada) and now we know why… because Miles and Zig were fighting over Maya and Winston wanted them to make nice, which they did in the end.

Zig asks if Miles is going to be okay about Maya, and Miles says he’ll get over it before asking Zig the same.

So basically this entire thing was about Maya. Of course it was all about Maya. When is it ever not about Maya. And people called Tristan insecure for wanting constant reassurance that all of their kissing wasn’t all about her.

You know I don’t even care that Miles still has feelings for her, but the way they’re going about it is infuriating. Okay, we get it! Miles wasn’t over Maya, but that didn’t have to negate what he and Tristan had. It’s like the writers made a special effort to make it seem like Tristan wasn’t even a factor, as though Miles never cared for him at all. And it’s baffling because even if Miles suddenly stopped being into Tristan like that, did he just forget that they were friends for months before ever getting together too? I mean seriously, you’re telling me that Miles is going to give Tristan the ‘Zoe treatment’ because what? Tristan cared about him too much? Tried too hard to be there for him despite not having the facts? Forgave him over and over again for his crappy treatment because he was going through something? God how awful that must have been for Miles. *rolls eyes*

At least this clusterfuck of a web series is finally over because like Tristan…


You’re not the only one dreaming about Degrassi’s June 3rd Summer Premiere! Catch a glimpse into the mind of Ricardo…