So many nervous, awkward teenage girls would be a lot better off if they simply decided: “Who cares?”

“Who cares if you’re pretty?” “Who cares if you’re thin?” “Who cares if you’re wearing the right label?” 

No one does. It’s trivial. It means nothing.   

And the people who DO care? They’re sad, nasty, petty little assholes looking to point out other people’s flaws so they don’t feel so bad about themselves. 

They want you to think it’s a big deal, but it’s only a big deal to them. 

Thus, I solemnly give you One Direction teenyboppers (the ones who like Harry Styles and his hair and whatnot) and sad teenage girls advice I desperately wish someone had given 13 year old me.

Stop. Giving. A. Shit.

The people who attack you are nothing. Absolutely nothing. And deep down, despite the fear and anxiety and peer pressure,  you have known they were. nothing. All along. 

#1 Ben Hutton

for @baehutt10

Hi, I love your writing! Can you please do a cute cuddly Ben Hutton imagine and maybe include a little baby in it, too please? I love him and I also have major baby fever lol. Thank you! :)

Song suggestion of the day: Blood by Osca

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“I’m scared.”

You giggled as you glancing across to where Ben sat beside you in the passengers side of the car, reaching over to rest a hand on his knee and smiling as you felt him twine your fingers with his, giving your hand a quick squeeze.

“Why?” you laughed. ”It’s not any different from any other time we’ve babysat him.”

“Sure it is.” He replied. “For one, we’ve never looked after him for this long.”

You smiled softly and squeezed his hand. “It’s going to be fine. Besides, if anything happens, my parents are only a phone call away.”

“I know but…what if it doesn’t work out?” he added anxiously.

“Then it’s not the end of the world. Just because we aren’t ready now, doesn’t mean we won’t ever be.” You soothed gently.

He sighed. “I know… I just.. I want this to work out.”

“I know, Ben” you replied softly. You wanted this just as much as he did.

You and Ben were considering starting a family together, and neither of you were taking the decision lightly. You knew it was a big commitment, especially so with Ben’s hockey. You both knew you wanted kids, you just didn’t know if now was the right time. Luckily you knew a lot of people with kids and you guys had always been happy to babysit for the past few years so you had a bit of experience.

Currently, you were on the way to the house of one of your close family friend’s to see your godson. Your friends, Josh and Taylor, were big NBA fans and were travelling to LA for a couple of days to watch a game and get a bit of a break from their son. You and Ben had done a lot of looking after of him, as your friends both worked full on jobs but you had never babysat for this long. You were taking it as an opportunity to get a glimpse of life with kids and help decide if you could commit to that now.

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Dan Levy - Lonely Christmas 

stardusted-nymph  asked:

what's the show you're reblogging gifs from with that adorable girl?

It’s called Degrassi! It’s a Canadian TV show. It’s been around in various incarnations since the mid-late 1980s. It’s on Netflix now (used to be on The N/TeenNick in the USA, and MuchMusic/MTV Canada in Canada). The newest season of its current incarnation was released in early January. The next season is due out in July, I think.

HIGHLY recommend it! I’ve been watching since I was about 14/15, and I just turned 24 and am still a devoted watcher. It tackles a lot of social/political/economic issues.