It’s not about being a “good feminist”

Nicki and Taylor’s little spat is a great example for how people always miss the point when racism and feminism collide. Nicki pointing out racist undertones and the reasons she got snubbed for the VMAs isn’t “pitting woman against each other”.  Because being black ALONG with being a woman gives you an entire different experience when it comes to sexism and oppression. But Taylor and a lot of white feminists won’t ever get it. Just like they didn’t get it with Amandla and Kylie Jenner. Any time a black woman opens her mouth about anything she’s “bitter” and a “bad feminist”. Such bullshit. 

Here’s how Miley Cyrus is going to corrupt your children at the VMAs!!!

1. She could raise awareness about homeless youth. WHAT!

2. She could increase the visibility of transgender and gender-expansive individuals. GASP! 

3. She could discuss gender nonconformity. YIKES!

4. OR WORSE she could force us to recognize that sexuality is a spectrum.

And don’t even get us started on her thoughts about beauty standards!