Science and Simpatico: The Law of Universal Gravitation

Behold! Perceptor’s weakness!! SCIENCE!


Something that’s been in the back of my mind…

I see a lot of posts about Tailgate not knowing Whirl’s actual name and those posts always bother me a bit.

I’ve never read it that way – And I’d never be able to believe that Tailgate is ignorant enough not notice people calling Whirl by name, especially given how much time they seem to spend in one another’s presence as a part of the main cast.

Besides that -and despite Swerve bestowing the unfortunate nickname on Whirl in the beginning- there is at least one are several instances in which Tailgate is part of a conversation where Whirl is directly referred to by name.

In the above scene, he clearly understands that they’re talking about Whirl and Ratchet calls Whirl by name. I’m sure there are other scenes where Tailgate is present and Whirl is called by name, but that’s the one that I found quickly.

And even though he is the one referring to Whirl as “Nutjob” in Signal to Noise, he’s still very much present when -a few paragraphs later- both Rung and Skids call Whirl by name.

I always figured that Tailgate -who’s pretty suggestible and desperate to be seen as cool- just called Whirl that as a derogatory petname of sorts. It’s pretty clear that not a lot of people like Whirl. What’s a good way to look “cool”? Get in with the “cool” crowd. Tailgate (sort of) likes the attention he’s been getting. Getaway admits that “we” (whoever “we” is) laugh when Tailgate calls Whirl “Nutjob”. I don’t think Tailgate is stupid, but I do think he’s naive enough to keep up the joke, because if people are laughing with him, they aren’t laughing at him…And he’s accepted as part of the crowd.

That doesn’t make it any less awful for Whirl, but.

I maintain that Tailgate does indeed know Whirl’s real name.


Cyclonus’s star sign for this week: The alignment of the planets will bring an upheaval into your life that will have a drastic impact upon your relationships. The transition of Mars into Scorpio suggests a confrontation that has been building for some time. Most importantly, the positioning of the scrappy eye-patch girl with pigtails between Virgo and Libra suggests that someone close to you will need your help.