Do you ever hear something so hypocritical, the world stops working for one long moment of bafflement?

I’m sorry, but Tarn, the guy who melts people alive and leads a torture club and ripped a guy’s head off over a dog to be cool, asking someone else to be reasonable is amazing

TARN DOWN FOR WHAT!! Questions answered, secrets revealed, and more mysteries emerge! It’s Megatron versus the DJD for the first and last time as “Season 2″ of MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE reaches its climax with issue #55, the final chapter of “The Dying of the Light” - now annotated on TFWiki!


JUPITER ASCENDING! Galvatron faces down the combined might of Arcee, Soundwave and Optimus Prime amidst the gas clouds of the Giant Planet, and when all is said and done - someone ain’t walkin’ away! “All Hail Optimus” concludes with “No Fair Fights,” and TFWiki’s got the final scorecard! 


HEADS, YOU LOSE! Sentinel Prime is back, and he is not happy about the state of modern-day Cybertron! From the Lost Light to Autobot City on Earth to the Transformers’ homeworld and back again, TITANS RETURN begins with this special one-shot by all three regular IDW writers! Can Optimus Prime’s vision for a united future survive the menace of… “The Last Autobot”?

Also in this special issue, the complete REVOLUTION PRELUDE, setting the stage for September’s event! If you don’t know your Space Knights from your Micronauts, or your MASK from your JOE, this story - and article! - will gear you up for the crossover chaos! 

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