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Swerve sees that he will have a children soon, but he is single and not pregnant. Then an evening he opens a box of smuggled energon and sees inside a kid who screams a loud "MOOOOOOOOD!". And that's how Swerve became the dad of Gen Z.

*sniff* It’s such a beautiful story. Like how Mr. Ping found Po in Kung Fu Panda 2. Moves me to tears every time.


so I had this thought. i have excema-  which is when the skin can’t hold moisture well and gets itchy and painful. i have it bad and hate wearing short sleeves cause i have scarring from when i stress itch. 

how do you think the mtmte bots would react to an s/o with excema? cause i can literally see whirl going, “who can i fight to make this better?” and ratchet ranting for an hour about human stigmas and how much they suck while also increasing medical checkups and giving them creams and shit. and like the entire lost light being super watchful and practically yelling at them whenever they itch. Or in mags case, giving them the Disappointed Dad Stare™ until they stop. and like roddy is always being their hypeman and keeping them optimistic. Or Aid researching this shit like the devil

i’m self indulgent trash, but i thought it’d be a cool idea. feel free to expand (or don’t, like i said, trash)


*If you are trash then I am garbage. We’ll get along nicely.*

They all practically smother you with moisturizing ointment, offering to help you apply it every morning. Swerve makes sure that the air in his bar is not too dry and Ultra Magnus does the same with the rest of the ship.

If you scratch yourself too much and start bleeding some of the crew is going to panic, Tailgate will actually cry. Please don’t do that. Ratchet is ready to put your hands in boxing gloves so you can’t scratch yourself. They are all ready to help you with your problems!

Good company

Tarn gets his first clue that, maybe, tackling personal challenges solo isn’t the only option.

Nickel told him once – on the one occasion where he’d lost enough of his wits to somehow think it both wise and necessary to acknowledge it out loud to someone aside from his own reflection – that the best cure for addiction is to keep good company.

Profoundly baffling, the comment was immediately dismissed as a bit of worthless tripe, or – depending on his mood from one day to the next, when the thing would weasel its way back to the forefront of his mind – a damning judgment spoken out of turn, meant to insinuate unkind things about their comrades that the minibot had no business insinuating, whether disingenuously or not.

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Rodimus decides that, in order to make a better future for everyone, he must remain in the past and send Hot Rod in the future, so he could learn a thing or two while he fixes the past. Hilarity ensues

Rodimus goes back to the past and stops the war with the sheer power of sexiness. He’s so beautiful that everyone falls in love with him and he uses this power to unite everyone. He’s the hero Cybertron needs and deserves.