Top 10 MTMTE/Lost Light characters that are likely to stay up having really deep and/or weird conversations with their s/o until someone passes out

  1. Swerve (weird)
  2. Misfire (weird)
  3. Whirl (weird-deep)
  4. Nightbeat (weird-deep)
  5. Rung (deep)
  6. Rodimus (weird-deep)
  7. Drift (deep)
  8. Brainstorm (weird)
  9. Nautica (deep)
  10. Skids (deep-weird)

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Cybertronian s/o dating Riptide headcanons (plus his reaction to his s/o pinching his aft)

Riptide is so good. take care of him, anon.

  • Dates are super Chill with him. He’s up for a movie or a drink, even just sitting and cuddling. Sometimes you look at internet memes for a couple of hours and that’s your date.
  • Booty pinches make him squeak and blush, especially if he was zoning out (which is likely). He secretly likes it.
  • He’s not much for grand gestures, because he doesn’t find them necessary. He likes simply just to be, and be with you. 
  • You and Riptide do something akin to chirolinguistics. He knows some and teaches it to you, but he has problems focusing. What you two do is more so chirolinguistics mixed them EM-field communication. It amplifies the feelings and allows you two to communicate on a rather abstract level. 
  • ADORES compliments. Shower him in them. If you call him smart he’s over the moon.
  • Call him “Dreamboat.” He loves it so much.
  • Make-out sessions can get long because he loses track of time. Just… let him kiss you a little longer? Please?

Rodimus: There are only so many times you can do a Prime before someone calls you out.

Rung: ‘Do a Prime’…?

Rodimus: When Optimus wanted to get out of doing something he’d say he’d had a Matrix-induced vision and he had to work out what it meant.

*however many years earlier from this event*

Optimus is staring at a datapad while Prowl goes over stats. His optics dim. 

Optimus: *closes optics* I must go.  I am receiving a message from the Matrix. 

Elita: *somewhere* Hun, thats the second time this week.