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Bts MTL to be into bdsm

Most likely:

~ NAMJOON ~ Daddy Dom

~ HOSEOK ~ Rope play

~ YOONGI ~ Pet play





Namjoon, Hoseok, and Yoongi are the most likely in my books (I might have been slightly influenced by fanfics though…) and all seem to be on the Dom side of things (but I do think that Yoongi could be a switch when it comes to that - if his partner is ‘dom’ enough).
Jimin I see as the middle of this, I can easily see him being into power play and being in charge, but I don’t think that this would be an every time kind of thing.
Jungkook and Taehyung are similar to Jimin in the fact that the have an interest, but it isn’t an all the time thing. I think that both of them would enjoy being on either side dom and sub, and S and M - ie. switches.
Seokjin, it’s not that he wouldn’t be into it, I just think that he would only slip into either roles if it was something that his partner wanted. In short, it’s not his kink, but it’s also not not his kink - if you get what I mean.

My Masterlist

(I only wrote things next to Namjoon, Hoseok, and Yoongi’s names because I think that would be their biggest kinks)

Most to least annoying













Underappreciated dethklok things

- the way nathan holds his phone with 2 fingers
- every time pickles says “NYEH” (specifically when he said it in his sleep in renovationklok)
- the faces toki makes when he’s coloring
- “I would eats a hot dogs. Just puttings that out there.”
- dick’s laugh
- the way pickles pronounces “swans”
- toki and skwisgaar always saying “pickle”
- pickles’ side smile (seems to run in the family bcus seth does it too)
- pobody’s nerfect, this mess is a place
- how toki always seems to be using a skwisgaar skull mug even though he has one of his own
- “I’ll sees you in valhalska.”
- how nathan and pickles know at least a little bit of french
- pickles just tapping the glass with his drumsticks in the murmaider video
- how nathans nails are always perfectly painted
- murderface in general
- those few frames in the intro where nathans hair flies back and you can see his whole face
- how short pickles is compared to skwisgaar
- dr john twinkletits, the pastel metalhead therapist who got his arms eaten by yard wolves
- that girl clown with the pig tails in all of rockso’s videos
- how all their tv’s are hung up with giant hooks that’re shoved through the screens
- affectionate drunk charles
- the faces seth made when pickles was strangling him in dethfam
- when pickles or skwisgaar sings