Murdock - The Post-Grad (The Watcher Remix) Official Video

Alright Tumblr, here’s my very first music video off of my Debut Sample-Based EP ‘Anxiety. Nostalgia. Confidence.’

I’m rapping over one of my favorite classic Dr. Dre beats ‘The Watcher’ about my experiences and what I’ve learned during and after graduating from my college Montclair State University which is featured heavily in the video along with my hometown Jersey City, NJ.

I hope you guys have anywhere as close to the amount of fun I had with my friends making it. Enjoy!

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College Confession #60

When I attend classes, I have my cute and adorable yet necessary service dog living with me and by my side 24/7. The morning of one of my final exams, she woke me up with her belly aching and grumbling, so we took the morning easy to get ready, and she seemed better by the time I had to leave for my test; tail wagging, acting like herself, eating normally–all was good.

Half an hour into the final exam, in a dead silent room, she lets rip the loudest, longest fart I’ve ever heard come from a living being in my life.  She was so offended by the smell of her own gut fumes she insisted on sitting on the other side of my desk. It was funny the first time; everyone got a good laugh and settled back down pretty fast.

By the sixth time, the entire room smelled like a sulfur pit and it was distracting even to the proctor.

The whole following summer, my poor pup maintained the reputation, not of a valiant, loyal service animal assisting her owner in his daily struggles, but of the ‘floats like a butterfly, smells like a skunk’ gas bag who cleared a gallery classroom of 250 students and both proctors by turning our testing area into a near-war zone. 

Funny enough, she earned a lot of respect with the frats that year.

- Mississippi State University


i wonder how it feels for tyler to go back to msu and be recognized by so many people. think about it, his school still looks up to him & remembers who he is/knows who he is. they tell him that he inspired them and they support everything that he is doing. he takes selfies and pictures with everyone, drops everything to be told that he’s an inspiration by people who go to the same school as he did. just like he was years ago. he tailgates at homecoming and is treated like an (almost) normal guy just like everyone else. he looks so happy. genuinely happy. and i feel so happy for him to be able to go back to his college and be treated with such kindness & respect. thats gotta feel so good for him to be surrounded by so much love in his hometown/school. i wonder how he feels.