College Confession #87

My boyfriend broke up with me out of the blue, shortly after I’d turned 19. His four roommates, around the same time, had started to get annoyed with him about other stuff, and they were all buddies of mine as we’d partied together in residence. So I go out to the strip club one night with a couple girlfriends and run into those guys and they start shit talking my ex, telling me I deserve better. My already drunk self allows them to buy me a ton of tequila shots. Enough that I get up on stage and take off all my clothes, participating in amateur night. This is extremely out of character for me because I am a fairly innocent honors student who doesn’t drink very much. So anyway, I win the $500 cash prize for the night and the ex walks in, to meet his roommates, as I’m up on stage getting my prize.

He then decided to tell me how embarrassing that was for him, as if expecting an apology for me having fun but I refused to give it. Fast forward to a year and a half later where I have a new, great guy in my life, and he still tries to get me to hook up with him every few weeks. 

- Michigan State University


NEW SERIES TRAILER: “Going Home- in the 10 years of me being on YouTube, I’ve shared so much of my life with y’all. But a lot happened BEFORE I turned on my camera. In this 8-part series, I’ll be sharing moments of my past I’ve held in the vault, while re-visiting the places that defined me back in Michigan. Get ready y'all - we’re Going Home. :)

College Confession #60

When I attend classes, I have my cute and adorable yet necessary service dog living with me and by my side 24/7. The morning of one of my final exams, she woke me up with her belly aching and grumbling, so we took the morning easy to get ready, and she seemed better by the time I had to leave for my test; tail wagging, acting like herself, eating normally–all was good.

Half an hour into the final exam, in a dead silent room, she lets rip the loudest, longest fart I’ve ever heard come from a living being in my life.  She was so offended by the smell of her own gut fumes she insisted on sitting on the other side of my desk. It was funny the first time; everyone got a good laugh and settled back down pretty fast.

By the sixth time, the entire room smelled like a sulfur pit and it was distracting even to the proctor.

The whole following summer, my poor pup maintained the reputation, not of a valiant, loyal service animal assisting her owner in his daily struggles, but of the ‘floats like a butterfly, smells like a skunk’ gas bag who cleared a gallery classroom of 250 students and both proctors by turning our testing area into a near-war zone. 

Funny enough, she earned a lot of respect with the frats that year.

- Mississippi State University
Black Girls Vote, Tumblr team up to get voters to the polls
Black Girls Vote Inc. and Tumblr teamed up to get at least 2,018 people to vote in 2018.
By WMAR Staff

Did you hear? We partnered with Black Girls Vote (@blackgirlsvote) for “A Social Experience” at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. Our goal was simple: increase voter participation, and make sure people had fun while doing it. There was an upbeat, cheerful march to the polls. There was a dance floor. There was DJ, a photo booth, Tumblr swag, free food, and one beautiful community coming together.

Before marching to the polls, students gathered at MSU’s quad to hear speakers Dr. David Wilson, President of MSU, Bridget Kyeremateng, our very own Social Impact Coordinator, and Nykidria Robinson, founder and CEO of BGV, about the inherent power in voting, especially from historically marginalized people .

“We’re here to say that Black girls will vote, but also we’re going to take our husbands, our boyfriends, our brothers, our sons with us to the poll. Because it’s so important for us to vote.” — Nykidria Robinson, founder and CEO of Black Girls Vote.

Tumblr, we need you. People all over the world need you. Use your voice. Use your vote. It is the strongest asset you have. Historically, the youth vote—ages 18 to 24, have the lowest turnout of any age bracket. You can change that this year. You can change that every year moving forward. You can be heard. 

If you have any questions relating to state-specific election rules, check out How to Vote. HTV provides a summary of voter registration and voting rules for all 50 states and Washington, D.C. in both English and Spanish. Users can learn about registration, voting methods, important dates and deadlines, look up contact information for election officials and information for military and overseas voters, and check their registration status. If you have a question, chances are they have an answer. 

See you at the polls? See you at the polls.

Currently volunteering a 3hr shift to the Pet Loss Support Hotline at MSU CVM. I am a firm believer that our ‘pets’ are a part of our family and if you are grieving, struggling to cope with their loss, then there should be someone there to help you. Tonight, that might be me!

If you or anyone you know is struggling with the loss of a pet and feels like they need someone to talk to, there are options!

  • The Listening Ear 24-hour Crisis Hotline: (517) 337-1717
  • The Iams Pet Loss Support Resource Center: (888) 332 7738 [M-F 8-5]
  • WSU Hotline: (886) 266-8635 
  • Until April 20th, 2017 MSU Pet Loss Support Hotline: (517) 432-2696
    6:30 pm - 9:30 pm EST [T,W,Th]