*clicks play and hears taeil immediately screaming*

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ok i know i’ve been mostly absent lately because i’m at the seaside and the wifi here is dreadful, but i just had to bring you this very important post loosely based on my own vacay feels… so listen. listen. gangsey beach vacation

  • so this definitely happens somewhere down the line, okay, possibly during summer break when gansey, blue and henry are at college too (bc obviously they spent their gap year summer on the road, and adam and ronan were ~otherwise occupied)
  • they all drive somewhere together in blue’s engineless camaro (which unlike gansey’s has perfectly functional air conditioning ayyy)
  • ronan still bitches about the heat a lot (a lot) and spends most of their vacation time under their shared beach umbrella
  • adam and blue have never been to the beach and they are so stoked. so stoked. for the first few days they can’t wipe the goofy grins from their faces and they take 89435 baths in the ocean
  • henry signs them up immediately for all the activities. blue is overjoyed, gansey goes along with it a little warily
  • ronan doesn’t show up for any of the activities because honestly, forced entertainment sounds a little too much like school
  • unlike at school, adam is ~conspicuously absent too
  • the single thing they turn up for is beach volley matches, because they’re both competitive little shits 
  • speaking of competitive: there is definitely an unspoken tanning contest going on. adam tans the fastest but blue turns the most even and pretty bronze color
  • ronan probably gets burnt at some point because his pale celtic skin is ~delicate af. lots of swearing ensue
  • adam spends the following couple days massaging his back with burn lotion, well past the time when the burn actually stops hurting. lots of swearing of a different nature ensue
  • bonfires on the beach at night!!! ronan playing guitar and singing!!!!!! everyone else singing along more or less tunelessly!!!!
  • gansey drags them all along to see anything of remote cultural interest, of course. somehow he manages to find some sort of rare artifact along the shore, wtf gansey
  • there’s a small bar/cafe shack thing on the beach and ronan def gets adam a “sex on the beach” just to be an ass (he tells the bartender to make it with no alcohol though)
  • the bartender fucks up and makes a regular one; adam can smell the vodka immediately and ronan almost Fights™ the bartender on the spot
  • adam tells him to chill and tentatively decides he’s going to try it and he gets kinda drunk but it’s okay because he’s secure in himself and surrounded by people he trusts and loves and his father’s memory hasn’t had any power on him for years now (also, tipsy adam is cute af)
  • whenever the gang orders drinks, they always get an extra schnapps and spill it out for noah, because no matter what, he’s Remembered
  • the gang hanging out on the beach all night with blankets to watch the sunrise together
  • i’m not saying this has all been leading up to the concept of ronan and adam eventually having literal sex on the beach under the stars, but that is exactly what i’m saying also i may be writing fic about it oops

Log Horizon Fun Fact #257:

One of Shiroe’s main builds is Mana Controller, which he researched back while developing his “Full Control Encounter” ability. because the build is all about managing MP, it’s no surprise that he quickly caught on to the the implications of the Spirit Theory, and that his gamble to save Rudy worked.

As a result of this build, he probably developed his MP-controlling skills more than someone like Nureha, who uses a Freezer build (and sometimes Sprinkler if WWB is to be believed). If anything, perhaps it lets him redistribute MP faster.