MP management for Healers.

so i’ve seen this come up a few times this week! so i thought i’d write a little guide on how to manage your mp when healing in raids/trials/dungeons. sometimes we just get stuck with a bad bunch of apples. we gotta be prepared for the worst!

first thing. make sure you got some mp pots handy! keep these babies equipped to your hotbar at all times. x-ether is the best one to get. the only side effect is that you may develop some kidney stones from overusage.

second thing. make sure you know what your mp refresh skills are! 

as an astrologian you got this thing called luminiferous aether. it not only reduces your enimity but it also refreshes ur mp with a potency of 80 for 24 seconds! i usually pop this if my mp is at the halfway mark. or if i just want to pull out tha ol’ razzle dazzle. also, astro’s have an ewer card in their deck that also refreshes mp with a potency of 50 for 15s. just put it in ur bra or something for safe keeping if things are starting to look shitty.

as a white mage u get this cool skill called assize. like, fuck i wish one of my astro skills had ‘ass’ in it. smh. anyways it’s pretty neat bc it restores 10% of ur mp but it also like, helps out ur m8s and can also dmg enemies. whm’s also have shroud of saints which is also a refresh skill that does so with a potency of 60 for 15s. it also lowers ur enimity which sometimes u need, because as a whm you always end up with aggro. always. you know it’s because youre the strongest thing there and that bear only fights The Best.

as a scholar u have the skill aetherflow. it allows u to refresh ur mp by 20% and it’s vital to many of the other sch healermabob skills. u can also use energy drain which is the cost of one aetherflow stack, but u also get some mp back so i guess that’s good. also i think if u just fucking, eat ur fairy that helps. but i’m not 100% sure i haven’t mained sch in 84 yrs.

ast: bra ewer
whm: ass
sch: vore

anyways i hope this helps!! this shitpost was brought to u by myself and @emmanellainfortemps

I got my White Mage in FFXIV Stormblood to 70 and got all EX primal cessories an weap!

I can just say that I’m having so much fun with 4.0 WHM!!!
Before this expansion hit, a lot of people were very VERY pessimistic about White Mage- claiming “WHM is dead” and saying that the new lily system sucks. Well, I believed in the job and it tootes did not let me down!!

I think the changes made with WHM are to help them with their main weakness: long battles. Here are my thoughts…

With the new skills “Thin Air” and “Lucid Dreaming” WHM has better MP management! I didn’t meld in Piety and I’m not having MP issues given I’m dpsing and healing. It’s all about having these two skills take turns or know which bursts to use em on! 


The “Secret of the Lily” system is better felt in long-drawn battles. I’d burst DPS at the start, use my oGCDs to heal the tank. Midway my oGCDs would fall on cooldown and so I’ll be forced to cast cures weaved into my stones which generate lilies AND confession stacks for Plenary Indulgence! This results to more oGCDs to use up to heal during the drawn-out battle!

Since heals are more potent [having a new oGCD healbomb Plenary Indulgence, and we now have a barrier (Divine Benison)] it makes me clutch heal less as a WHM who wants to dps a lot. Hooray! (Cuz in stormblood, most of the time it is important for everyone to be topped too .-.)

My personal playstyle is a heavy DPS/burst White Mage so I try to help end the fight faster or push mechanics, and if it doesn’t end as fast: that’s alright cuz I have my lilies to make things easier for me later on (and thin air/lucid in case MP gets low.) I see this new WHM as something that satisfies both “main healer WHMs” (heal potency and heal combos!!!) and those who are like me that DPS a lot (strong enough heals and oGCD refreshes!)

AST has balance and SCH has Chain Stratagem- leaving WHM with no damage boost for the party. But personally, I’m not looking for any boost-damage utility if I can contribute enough DPS to the party myself. But that may just be me xD With an AST who often spends time buffing and healing greatly, I can dps more. With a SCH who plans on DPSing more, my potent heals and regen that can top people up fast enables them to plug in more DPS!

The 4.0 WHM changes are not very noticeable in short battles/pulls but I find that it’s actually very evidently seen and felt in longer battles like today’s EX runs and boss battles. So far I haven’t complaints about 4.0 WHM and don’t have specific requests on the lily system. It’s not a perfect system, but it’s far from being as terribad as people cast it to be. I’ve said my piece as a DPS WHM (which is pretty rare in game) but for those WHMs who would prefer to pure heals or focus healing, this system makes them gods of healing- chaining heals and such (have yet to see a solo healer WHM of the current ex runs hmmhmm)

I soo love my WHM job <3

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Hi so my grades are kinda slipping... and I would appreciate some advice. (I'm in high school and I struggle with anxiety so approaching my teachers is really hard for me) Any tips on raising grades, turning things on time (and actually finishing it without getting distracted) and studying (especially for difficult subjects)

hey! i’m sorry about the late reply, i hope you still find this helpful though!

about raising grades, i think that an important part is just doing all the stuff you’ve gotta do. you’re going to have everything sorted into basically two things: homework and tests and quizzes. so even if homework is hard or easy, even if homework is worth 5 points or 35, do them. study for tests and see if your teacher gives extra credit or lets you correct your tests. here are some links about improving your grades! 

and for finishing and turning in things on time, just put things aside. seriously. it sounds silly, but if you turn on your laptop, don’t open facebook or tumblr or whatever social media you have. put your phone away from you or face down, and turn off your notifications and mute your phone. give yourself some time to just work. links:

and for studying, i don’t have a definite answer because everyone studies differently, but here are some links that might help!

hope this helps a bit, love!

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What does MP stand for?

Management Points. A century ago, with the growing technological economy, physical dollars and coins were exchanged for virtual MP accounts, that are virtually unhackable. Every year hackers are hired by the government to try and break into the MP system to find the possible flaws and prevent theft. –Pat


Dark Knight 70!

Really love what Stormblood added to the class, the new single target and AoE moves adds a lot to the mp management and the blood gauge is fun to use. Blackest Night goes good with both but, damn do I hate myself for wanting to get hit hard for 5 secs for 50 pt for my gauge lol Only complaints I have is that aggro on mob pulls are kinda hard to hold on dps but this in a general thing with tanks and hope SE does something about it with the update soon. Other then that I wish they didnt nerf Blood Price so hard, I know with our mp combo buffs it make up for it but it kinda eh till level 66 when it can get blood from the thing.

Also calling it now, that DRK have best class story in the expansion. If you dont plan on ever leveling the class for yourself I really recommend looking up the quests on a youtube video or something. 

doctordestiny replied to your photo “angry-healers: Seriously, please stop showing us your big dick…”

If a healer stands around just casting cure1/physic/benefic1 every few seconds in a normal sized pull I will pull another pack over and over until they are healing full-time- especially if they just stand there when the pull is almost over and no more healing needs done. If the DPS have to press a buncha buttons you do too.

Ok but are you taking into consideration their ilvl? mp management? skill? the fact that they might be using insta-casts? what they’re comfortable healing? pet management? aetherflow stacks? cooldowns? 

No, you’re not, cuz you can’t see all that from your screen.

It only takes like 2 seconds to ask your healer if theyre ok with big pulls in chat. It’s called being cooperative. You don’t have to just assume they need to be busier.

Log Horizon Fun Fact #257:

One of Shiroe’s main builds is Mana Controller, which he researched back while developing his “Full Control Encounter” ability. because the build is all about managing MP, it’s no surprise that he quickly caught on to the the implications of the Spirit Theory, and that his gamble to save Rudy worked.

As a result of this build, he probably developed his MP-controlling skills more than someone like Nureha, who uses a Freezer build (and sometimes Sprinkler if WWB is to be believed). If anything, perhaps it lets him redistribute MP faster.

Scholar Guide and Macros

# Cast buff/debuff spell without requirement of targeting the enemy or player

/micon "Energy Drain"
/ac "Energy Drain" <tt>
/ac "Energy Drain" <t>

/micon "Virus"
/ac "Virus" <tt>
/ac "Virus" <t>

/micon "Eye for an Eye"
/ac "Eye for an Eye" <t>
/ac "Eye for an Eye" <tt>

# Cute summon of Eos and Selene. I always put Eos in Manual (Obey), and leave Selene on automatic (Sic)

/micon "Summon"
/ac "Swiftcast" <wait.1>
/ac "Summon"
/blowkiss motion <wait.3>
/pac "Obey" <me>

/micon "Summon II"
/ac "Swiftcast" <wait.1>
/ac "Summon II"
/blowkiss motion <wait.3>
/pac "Sic" <me>

# I don’t like wasting time spamming pet abilities, have the macro do it for me. I actually use these independently now. Like Covenant for Gigaflare, Illumination for Flare Breath 3x, Whispering Dawn after a nasty Giga or Rage of Bahamut.

/micon "Whispering Dawn" pet
/ac "Rouse" <wait.1>
/pac "Whispering Dawn" <wait.1>
/pac "Whispering Dawn" <wait.1>
/pac "Whispering Dawn" <wait.1>
/pac "Whispering Dawn" <wait.1>
/pac "Whispering Dawn" <wait.1>

/micon "Fey Covenant" pet
/pac "Fey Covenant" <wait.1>
/pac "Fey Covenant" <wait.1>
/pac "Fey Covenant" <wait.1>
/pac "Fey Covenant" <wait.1>
/pac "Fey Covenant" <wait.1>

/micon "Fey Illumination" pet
/pac "Fey Illumination" <wait.1>
/pac "Fey Illumination" <wait.1>
/pac "Fey Illumination" <wait.1>
/pac "Fey Illumination" <wait.1>
/pac "Fey Illumination" <wait.1>

# Lazy pre-battle buffing

/micon "Stoneskin"
/ac "Stoneskin" <1> <wait.4>
/ac "Stoneskin" <2> <wait.4>
/ac "Stoneskin" <3> <wait.4>
/ac "Stoneskin" <4> <wait.4>
/ac "Stoneskin" <5> <wait.4>
/ac "Stoneskin" <6> <wait.4>
/ac "Stoneskin" <7> <wait.4>
/ac "Stoneskin" <8> <wait.4>
/ac "Protect"

# Quick and easy raise. It tries to raise tanks/healers first assuming you put them at the top then goes bottom-up for DPS

/micon “Resurrection”
/p <se.10> Resurrection <se.5>
/ac "Swiftcast" <wait.1>
/ac "Resurrection" <2>
/ac "Resurrection" <3>
/ac "Resurrection" <4>
/ac "Resurrection" <8>
/ac "Resurrection" <7>
/ac "Resurrection" <6>
/ac "Resurrection" <5>

# Important DPS Macros. Spams Embrace on tank (target of target) while you DPS. Alternately do “Bio II” <t> and keep tank targeted, but I like the flexibility of being able to choose a target. I put Lustrate on my DPS crossbars so that I don’t have to change targets+bars to do an emergency heal.

/micon "Lustrate"
/ac "Lustrate" <tt>
/pac "Embrace" <tt>

/micon "Bio II"
/ac "Bio II"
/pac "Embrace" <tt>

/micon "Miasma"
/ac "Miasma"
/pac "Embrace" <tt>

/micon "Bio"
/ac "Bio"
/pac "Embrace" <tt>

/micon "Aero"
/ac "Aero"
/pac "Embrace" <tt>

/micon "Ruin"
/ac "Ruin"
/pac "Embrace" <tt>

/micon "Ruin II"
/ac "Ruin II"
/pac "Embrace" <tt>

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