aestheniaa  asked:

Hi so my grades are kinda slipping... and I would appreciate some advice. (I'm in high school and I struggle with anxiety so approaching my teachers is really hard for me) Any tips on raising grades, turning things on time (and actually finishing it without getting distracted) and studying (especially for difficult subjects)

hey! i’m sorry about the late reply, i hope you still find this helpful though!

about raising grades, i think that an important part is just doing all the stuff you’ve gotta do. you’re going to have everything sorted into basically two things: homework and tests and quizzes. so even if homework is hard or easy, even if homework is worth 5 points or 35, do them. study for tests and see if your teacher gives extra credit or lets you correct your tests. here are some links about improving your grades! 

and for finishing and turning in things on time, just put things aside. seriously. it sounds silly, but if you turn on your laptop, don’t open facebook or tumblr or whatever social media you have. put your phone away from you or face down, and turn off your notifications and mute your phone. give yourself some time to just work. links:

and for studying, i don’t have a definite answer because everyone studies differently, but here are some links that might help!

hope this helps a bit, love!

Log Horizon Fun Fact #257:

One of Shiroe’s main builds is Mana Controller, which he researched back while developing his “Full Control Encounter” ability. because the build is all about managing MP, it’s no surprise that he quickly caught on to the the implications of the Spirit Theory, and that his gamble to save Rudy worked.

As a result of this build, he probably developed his MP-controlling skills more than someone like Nureha, who uses a Freezer build (and sometimes Sprinkler if WWB is to be believed). If anything, perhaps it lets him redistribute MP faster.