AU where Laurent & Auguste are an infamous Art Thief duo and Damen is the Agent who’s leading the FBI team assigned to catch them holy shit this got really long pls bear with me

  • Nikandros is Damen’s second in command, Pallas is the guy with the street cred who leads most undercover missions, Erasmus handles their IT/tech stuff (and also internal affairs because everyone loves him) and Makedon is their weapons expert
  • Jord leads a mercenary squad (selected members: Orlant, Lazar, Aimeric) that Laurent & Auguste sometimes hire when they need extra muscle or protection
  • Nicaise is Laurent & Auguste’s master forger of choice, aside from providing them with check-proof fake identities and documents they also bring their goods to him to have them checked over
  • Laurent sometimes brings Nicaise forgeries just to set him off. Nicaise thinks it’s because Laurent doesn’t trust him/wants to test him but really Laurent just thinks it’s cute that Nicaise gets personally offended by bad forgeries (that aren’t his own, mind you)
  • one time Damen’s team gets an anonymous tip about where their next coup is about to happen - just the painting never gets stolen??? they just don’t steal it??
  • so Damen thinks that either the tip was wrong OR they have a mole in the team
    • Spoiler: it’s neither
  • Laurent & Auguste arrived at the scene and upon seing the painting in person Laurent flat out refused to steal it
    • “It’s even uglier in person, no Auguste, this isn’t even ART. This is an abomination. We never should have taken the job from this Guion guy, the abhorent colour of his suit should have been a warning.”

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