• Me:Eh, maybe Benedict really is overrated as an actor.
  • Me:*re-watches the Imitation Game*
  • Me:Benedict is one of the greatest actors of this generation.

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2.The Hobbit (film series)


4.The Pursuit Of Happiness


6.Mad Max :Fury Road

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List 6 movies you never get tired of watching, post them with GIFS and talk a little about why you love each one. I was tagged by @blackcatsims, thanks sweetpea!

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The Princess Bride- Made me believe in true love for the first time! Plus it had action, comedy, and adventure…all in one!

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All About Eve- This is a classic about an unknown actress who becomes obsessed with an older actress and basically tries to take over her identity. It was like the classic Single White Female, lol.

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Splash- Can you tell I’m an 80′s kid? Every little girl in the 80′s wanted to be a mermaid after watching Splash. I even tried to sit in my bathtub for an hour hoping to turn into a mermaid until my mom forced me out, lol.

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E.T.- Another 80′s classic! I’ve always loved outer space, aliens, etc. but E.T. was one of the only movies I ever saw that portrayed aliens as nice and caring.

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Half Baked- Ah, being a teen in the late 90′s and smoking a good doobie with my friends…wait, did that happen? I don’t remember. I’m hungry. lol

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The Five Deadly Venoms- kind of ties in with my young getting high days, lol. I’d smoke with my guy friends and we’d watch The Five Deadly Venoms and think it was a masterpiece! But even now that my joint smoking days are WAYYY behind me, lol, I still think Five Deadly Venoms is one of the best martial arts movies ever. 

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List 6 movies you never get tired of watching, post them with GIFS and talk a little about why you love each one. I was tagged by @josiesimblr, thanks hun!

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Donnie Darko - Never ever getting tired of watching this, I love everything about it. The actors, the soundtrack, the weird plot. It’s my favorite movie of all time.

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Dirty Dancing - Yes most of the movies on this list are older, I love old movies. Especially eighties movies. Watching Dirty dancing always gives me that happy bubbly feeling.

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Almost Famous - I always said I born in the wrong decade music wise, I love this movie and I love the music. And I also love Kate Hudson, like, a lot.

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Back To The Future - A classic, all three of them make for a great movie night and I’ve watched them countless times. It’s one of those movies I always hope my SO likes because I am gonna watch it every now and then.

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Grease - I love musicals and my favorite is hands down Grease. Sandy and Danny are just so freaking cute and the music numbers are amazing. I also have a soft spot for the sequel with Michelle Pfeiffer but I don’t watch it nearly as much.

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My Neighbor Totoro - This has been one of my favorites all my life, I remember watching it when I was little, my dad had taped it for me. I broke that VHS tape after playing it too many times. It also just reminded me of me and my little sister a lot and I love that about it.

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List 6 movies you never get tired of watching, post them with GIFS and talk a little about why you love each one.  I was tagged by @furiouslydecaffinated ! Thanks for tagging me!!!

Im pretty shallow when it comes to movies…. I hate dramas. I avoid it all day long in real life, why would I go pay to watch someone elses!  I love action and comdies!


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The Matrix.  The graphics for the time were amazing.  Then, there’s the story.  Makes you question reality, which is always a good thing.


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Demoltion Man….. Early Sandy B.!!  I love how the “Perfect” society is never what it seems.   I love how Huxley is so innocent and naive and tries so hard to be hard.


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Fifth Element…….doesn’t need an explanation. SHould be on everyone’s list.


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Lethal Weapon (All of them)  I love cop shows and comedies, this is the best of both worlds.  THe rapport these two have is amazing!  I am loving the new tv show too.


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Guardians of the Galaxy.   I love ALL of the marvel movies (OK, not the first hulk and not a huge fan of spidermans, but still)  but this one has a great mix of action, adventure and comedy.  Perfect blend.


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Best Movie ever…..

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1) Strange Magic

2) Inception

3) Pacific Rim

4) Beautiful Mind

5) Megamind

6) Moscow does not believe in tears/Carnival night/Stripped Trip (aka A Bunch of Russian movies you never heard of but which are amazing because I grew up with them)

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1. Kill Your Darlings

2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

3. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

4. The Martian

5. Brave (Disney)

6. The Theory Of Everything

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“I never enjoy anything. I’m always waiting for whatever’s next. I think everyone’s like that…living life in fast forward, never stopping to enjoy the moment, too busy trying to rush through everything, so we can get on with what we’re really supposed to be doing with our lives.”

Stuck in love (2012)
Josh Boone

  • racist people when a white character gets switched to a minority:why are they forcing diversity :\ :\ why does everything have to be 'diverse' these days??
  • racist people when a minority character gets switched to white:why are SJWs bitching about this :\ :\ why can't they accept that moviemakers are casting based on talent??
  • racist people when a canonically minority character is played by a minority:tbh i never pictured them that way :\ :\ where does it say in the book that they look like this??