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Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Avenger!Reader

Prompt: Thor comes back from Asgard, but he can’t seem to find where everyone has gone.

A/N: Just a lil’ last thing before I move on to writing stuff that isn’t from this series. I drew some inspiration from the ‘Team Thor’ video around Civil War. Feedback always welcome!

Warnings: Thor is adorable.

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Thor’s Return

Thor’s footsteps rang heavily along the ground. The tiny humans were always in such awe whenever he passed by, some younger ones even brave enough to ask him to smash coffee mugs on the ground for them. He would laugh heartily and comply, although always making sure that the spectators were at a safe distance, as to not get hurt by the glass. They would then record the spectacle on their pocket rectangles and then move on with their day. Yes, humans were indeed fascinating and very small.

But he wasn’t here to show off today, at least not out in the open. After cleaning up some issues on Asgard, the God of Thunder was allowed to return to Earth for a while. He wondered if anything interesting happened while he was away.

He was glad to be back, despite the fact that it wasn’t nearly as grand or large as his home back on Asgard. At least Mjolnir would have his favorite blanket back. It was the one you gave to Thor two birthdays ago, with tiny rainbow thunder bolts stitched into them. He had forgotten it the last time he left Earth.

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TalesFromTheFrontDesk: My Craziest Encounter(so far...)

So in October, I’ll have been working as a FDA for a year. I started as NA and moved to days around January this year. I’ve had some wackjobs, but none have topped the psycho couple I encountered last month. It was a Sunday and I was stuck working by myself. My FDM and GM, for some god awful reason, are both off on Sundays. Which leaves me to deal with complaints and shoveling out the “my GM will be in tomorrow’s” all by my lonesome. We have a contract with a nearby casino and Sundays are THE busiest day for check outs. About 8am, an older woman walks up to the desk and before I could even finish saying “good morning” she cut me off with a “IT IS NOT A GOOD MORNING!!!” …Okay, here we go…at 8am. She starts in about how I refused to give her a receipt the day before and she DEMANDS to get her receipt. I had been training a new hire on 3-11 the day before and had indeed told her I could provide a receipt. I explained to her, again, that because her reservation was prepaid online I could not provide a receipt and that the booking website should be emailing it if they haven’t already. She argues that she’s never heard that before, yada yada. By this point she’s slamming her hands on the counter and screaming. Her husband walks in the front doors and asks what’s going on. “She will NOT give me my receipt!” I swear to shit, that old man HOVERED ten feet to the desk where he then picked up our bell and raised it above his head to throw it at me. My immediate response was throw my hands up in defense, which prompted him to put the bell right back where-the-fuck he got it. The two of them continue yelling and cursing and demanding for another few minutes before tweedle-dee declares “Well if you won’t give me my receipt, I’ll just have to call the police!” Uh…okay. I tell her that although it don’t thinks it’s quite necessary, she’s free to give them a call, but the policy still stands. The kicker was when she asked me what the non-emergency number was. Yes, let me give you this phone number so that you may send me to jail over a piece of paper! I give her the number and they storm outside while the guests having breakfast stare with mouths agape. I shrug it off thinking they’d be on their pissy way. Nope, up show the cops. I hear her yelling outside and see the husband flailing his arms before the cop steps in to talk to me. He asks what’s going on and I tell him the same thing I told the guests. He asks if we can make an exception, I tell him “No. That gentleman nearly assaulted me with a brass bell. I want them off the property.” Out he goes and more screaming ensues. After about ten minutes, the old hag loads it to her car and they drive away. The best part? This nutjob called customer care and told them I took her CC and license and made copies of them. Just…what? Thankfully I’m clear of any accusations because, yknow, there are cameras everywhere that are always recording. I hope and pray that this is the worst thing I’ll deal with as a FDA, but know that it probably isn’t.

By: babybluebukowski

I’m moving over the next few days!

I’d hoped it would be less intrusive than last time, but nope… oh well. And It’s been a much more hurried thing too. Technically I don’t have to move until the 26th, but I have a chance to move this week if I hurry and I’d rather be out by the 18th. Hopefully it happens. But if not, oh well. At any rate. no comic tonight. I’m sorry, but hopefully I’ll be settled enough next week to have the next page out.


It had been two weeks since I got him and expected him to die. The first picture is day one when he just floated in the corner of his new tank not moving. The second picture is day two where I knew he was going to be ok because his recovery was so fast and he was swimming around enjoying the new room he had. The bottom two at from today. He has grown so much fin and color back and I couldn’t be prouder. Little guy is a fighter.


For a while now, I have been getting really rude anonymous messages. Usually, I just delete them and move on with my day but recently, I have come to realize that it’s been the SAME PERSON this entire time.

Like, where do you get off with being mean to me? I have not done anything to you and if you feel like we have some unresolved issues then by all means SHOOT ME A MESSAGE!

Even as I was making this post, the anon sent me more messages (these screenshots). Like how can you be so mean to someone you don’t even know?! I try my best to not let these things get to me but this is the last time I will ignore it because its been eating at me.

Are you happy that you hurt my feelings? Are you happy that I’m angry. I hope you got something out of this. That’s all I have to say.

Let Me Warn You About Instacart

Ohhhh, boy! When I started working for Instacart, I was kind of excited. I don’t like dealing with large numbers of people, so shopping for someone’s groceries and delivering them seemed like a good fit. And it was, for the most part. However, we all have a few bad days, and I unfortunately had one. A customer in a grocery store (so someone I wasn’t even shopping for) overheard me *gasp* swearing in the grocery store!

*stock footage of Victorian women fainting in shock*

Okay, I had a bad day, but I assure you that I am neither the first person to swear in a grocery store, nor the first Instacart contractor to do so. Again, I’m not proud of it, but let’s not be puritanical. Whatever the case, I wanted to put the incident behind me and move on to better days.

So I was put on temporary suspension pending an “investigation” of the incident. Fine, whatever, they have to cover themselves. The email they sent me gave me the option to make my own statement about the incident over the phone. I said “sure” and was told that they’d be in contact with me shortly. That never happened.

It has been some 2 ½ months since then, I have sent numerous emails trying to get in contact with them, but to no avail. Nobody has sent me anything, apart from the usual “someone will contact you shortly to resolve your issue” lie. Yeah, nothing. I’ve tried the shopper support phone number, but every single time I cal they are unable to even put me on hold because they are “experiencing an unusually high number of calls”, so I don’t even get to talk to a living person.

So I have been looking for a new job for about a month or so, since it’s obvious that this one is not going anywhere.

So please, do yourself and mankind a favor and do not support or work for Instacart, since they are a shoddily run company that treats its workers like garbage and can’t be bothered to keep in contact with anyone.

@takashi0 Care to help spread a warning?

wyrmmaster: one day I’m gonna get you to accept all of your kinks, dreamer. All of your anons will just reveal them to me so i can add them to the list.

Wyrm, hey, sorry, but

I’m gonna get you to accept all of your kinks

This is the most powerful thing, not to say intimidating, anyone has ever said to me, holy shit, I am recoiling at the sheer arcane might of those words, hold, hold on, fuck, I don’t think I’m ready for such assertive words, like, if you push me against a wall and say those things while invading my eyes with your own, that’s like prelude to sex, so don’t do that? And in any other context, it’s like, wow, I didn’t know statements this fucking powerful were a thing, daMN, Wyrm, let’s, let’s not,

y'all would not believe what happened to me today.
so i was at six flags w my boyfriend and we were next in line to get on a ride. the previous riders were getting off and my boyfriend said “hey that kid in the front looks a lot like will byers from stranger things” and i said “nah i don’t think so” cause it’s been a long time since i saw the show and all. so we moved on with our day and THEN he posts a picture of his trip to six flags on instagram. it was really him!!!!!!!!!!

For the next podcast episode, we want to move a bit away from day politics towards more of a focus on culture and history. I have been thinking about the section on history you’re not supposed to know (or that you should know but probably don’t) – some things that I’ve been thinking about include the communist uprising in Germany of 1919 or the Spanish civil war.

Any more suggestions?

anonymous asked:

The existential crisis anon here again. Well, first day of classes was really boring but I made it, I didn't have any motivation though, but I hope it gets better. Well I'm here to wish you luck about college, haven't been there yet, but like every other first day it may seem really hard, but it's not, you just need to get used to it and you will eventually, get a friend or teacher that helps you when in need it's always relieving having one to count on. I'm sure you'll make it through sweetie💖

Hi Anon! slkfjlsksdfg i’m sorry it was boring but YOU MADE IT! YOU MADE IT! that’s like. winning, right there.

Thank you so much–my move-in day is friday and I’m kind of freaking out a lot but I think just starting is going to help–it’s the anticipation and nerves that are killing me right now. And thanks for the support! I’m going to be rooming with my really good friend, so we’re going to be able to lean on one another, and i’m really thankful for that! 

<3 i’ll be praying for you! We’re definitely going to make it, both of us!

LMAO Legends of Chima brings back some….memories

When i had my surgery in 2013 i literally couldnt move for a few days and the tv was stuck on a legends of chima marathon like ALL WEEK and I just started screaming bcause i watched like ….every…fucking…episode….like 50 times

They changed it to disney later so at least jt was just Wander over Yonder and weird disney sitcoms but lmaoooooo….bad tjmes

princessbananahammock25  asked:

If you don't mind me asking. Why do you not allow anonymous questions?

I just don’t want any anon hate. Once you give someone anonymity, they become a ruthless keyboard warrior who will say things that they don’t even mean, but instead just want to intentionally hurt you. And for every hate-message I get, I get 5 messages in return from my loving followers, reassuring me that none of it is true and that the person who sent it was just a loser. Whilst I appreciate so much those messages and they help to get through the ugly experience of reading horrible words about myself - it is ultimately easier said than done, to just move on with your day. Hate messages do affect me, no matter how many people message me back with love and reassurance. So yeah, hope that answers it :)

Oh and there was also the element of not being able to keep up. Back when the show was airing (ahhh past tense to describe PLL 😭) I was turning over around 150 messages per week, with another 50-100 left unanswered. And that was all WITHOUT anons! Imagine if I had anonymous enabled. Physically impossible. This was actually the bigger concern for me, than the first point I described.