daniel stop being a lil sneaky shit this is unacceptable

( What do you guys think the new vid is about? Did they get a dog? Are they moving? Is it ditl Singapore? WhO TF KNOWS? BC THEY ARE SNEAKY SHITS THAT TOY WITH OUR EMOTIONS)

But I just can’t wait for the next ditl in their new place and the baking videos in their new kitchen and the future pinofs in Phil’s new bedroom and gaming videos in a new office and cozy live shows in their new favorite nooks and it’s a whole new world to explore guys I can’t wait

Moving day

Just a fluffy lil thing that I just blabbled out about them moving!
Word count: 545


Dan joined Phil inside their front door after taking out the last box. “Are we all set?” He asked, his hands on his hips and grinning.

Phil nodded, chewing on his bottom lip briefly as he thought over. “You grabbed the bag of freezer stuff?”


“Fridge food?”


"What about the-”

"Wait!” Dan said suddenly, bolting up the stairs with Phil on his heel.

"What did you forget?” He asked, breathless from the sudden jog up the stairs to the kitchen.

Dan was sitting on the counter, carefully climbing to his knees so he could see above the cupboards. “It’s still here! Holy shit!”

"What are you on about?” Phil asked as he attempted to get up too, but not having enough room due to Dan.

"When we first moved in here, I was scared,” he grabbed an envelope that was tucked at the back on top of the cupboards and moved from kneeling to sitting on the counter properly again. “We had nothing. Well, I had nothing. I was scared that if radio one flopped, and youtube flopped, that I’d be on the street,”

"I’d never let that happen Dan,” Phil interjected.

"I know, but I was young and stupid. I didn’t know. So when we moved in here, I tucked away any extra cash I had, and the photo strip from the photo booth we went to the first time I visited you in Manchester.” He said softly, opening the envelope and pulling out some pounds, setting them beside him on the counter as the photo booth pictures slipped out and onto the group.

Phil knelt down and picked it up, turning it over a few times in his fingers before closing looking at their pictures. “We were fetus’!” He exclaimed, giggling. “Look at our small chubby faces!”

Dan grinned and snatched the slip from him, looking at the pictures before glancing in the envelope. “Yup. Some cash, a picture of the family dog, and the photo strip from Manchester. Apparently 21 year old me decided that’s all I needed if I was thrown onto the streets.” He hopped off the counter and carefully tucked the money and pictures back into the envelope and pocketing it.

Phil smiled softly. “I still would never throw you onto the streets, you doorknob.”

Dan shrugged a bit and sighed. “Oh, so did the landlord say what to do with our keys?”

Phil nodded and pulled his out of his pocket. “He said to leave them on the counter.” Phil looked down at the key in his hand, sighing heavily before setting them on the counter.

"No need to get nostalgic now.” Dan said, setting his key on the counter along with Phil’s. “We get to start our next chapter. New keys. New beds. New neighbourhood. It’s all gonna change for the better. We are only gonna go up from here.”

Phil broke out into a grin that slowly grew wider. “Alright. You’re right.” He said, nodding a bit. “Let’s get going then.” He walked out of the kitchen, Dan flicking the lights off along the way, truly making Phil feel like this was their past fading away behind them as they exited to their new future.

All they knew is that they had each other.

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wait r they really asleep in their new house ??? i thought they were going to move i didnt realize it had already happened

at the end of the vid when they show clips of all the boxes you can see both their beds are taken apart :-))

title: my sins i’ll claim, i’m not immune to shame

author: jaerie

rating: mature

word count: 5646


It’s been two years since their break up and Harry still hasn’t been able to completely move past the day that things ended between them. When he gets a chance at a big fat “I told you so”, his reaction isn’t exactly what he expects. He finds himself hard from some inappropriate thoughts and, well, sometimes even the best of us succumb to the darkest emotions.

This fic was written as part of an ongoing challenge. We each select random numbers and are given a specific emotion from the book 1000 Feelings For Which There Are No Names. To read the other fics written in this challenge, click here, or you can find the masterpost on tumblr here.

photo set thanks to @hazzabooween ! <3


Dan and Phil’s new apartment policy allows them to get a dog. They get one and vlog the entire first day of having it. (Dog Adventures Day in the Life). Then, since dogs need to play, they will take it to the park to walk it. What if they vlog all of their dog park adventures?? Dan and Phil actually going outside with the new addition to the lil family and genuinely enjoying it?? It makes me happy bc that could actually happen


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Week 5: Lateral Butt Moves | 30-Day Butt Challenge w/Jeanette Jenkins

Happy Birthday to my favorite green genius!! 💚

It doesn’t have to be Spring for you to bloom.
—  It’s been said that Spring is the time of new beginnings. Enjoy it, but make sure to remember that you can have a new beginning any day, any time. // @maxwelldpoetry

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