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Do the "Holy Spirit" chills really come from the Holy Spirit? I feel like Christianity nowadays is based purely on feelings. I myself am a victim of this; chasing after that "feeling". I know a relationship with God is more than just that feeling, but I want to ask you, what is "that thing" the surpasses those chills the come out of nowhere?

Hey dear friend, I’ve also heard of the “Holy Spirit chills,” also known as “the Spirit is really moving” or “I got the Ghost” or “I got totally wrecked.” I honestly thought it was a fun, goofy way of saying that we’ve connected with God on an undistracted level, but some of us are also very serious about the Spirit changing our body temperature, instead of changing our hearts. (#JesusJuke)

The thing is, I have nothing at all against the emotional element of Christianity. It can certainly be over-emphasized to a fault, but we’re all emotional beings. We’re meant to feel. Denying emotions can kill us. Some of us are never bothered by injustice or sin or never taken up by beauty and glory. We need to be spoken to in this emotional place if we’re to be well-rounded individuals who can have joyous community. Feelings are not the point, but without feelings, it’s all pretty pointless.

When a Christian tells me, “I’m looking for more than emotional religion!” – I understand what they mean, but I also hesitate, because it tends to sound like spiritualized snobbery. I think Reformed Calvinists tend to be down on Charismatics and vice versa, because no one is trying to understand that we need all of emotions and intellect to make us whole.

Instead of being too hard on our feelings, it’s better to give a balanced picture of our human needs in relation to God. In addition to emotions –

Intellect: We need a coherent theology that can explain our purpose, our suffering, the point of life and fellowship and a profound knowledge of our overarching story, so we know where we’re going.

Psychology: We need to know how our mind and motives work. What drives our will-power? How do we break bad habits and start good ones? How do other people work so we have a common foundation of contact?

Spirit: We need a conscious awareness of the supernatural, of a spiritual realm and power and reality beyond this one, where there’s a Kingdom and our citizenship in another world. Our flesh can only do so much; there’s an untapped wellspring of divinity residing within us and uniting us by a thread with others. There is a creative spark that brings us to create, heal, restore, and bring heaven to earth.

Each of us are going to have a tendency to one or two of those elements. I tend to be more intellectual/psychological, and it took me a while to realize the value of emotions and the spiritual. It also explains why some Christians love certain styles of preaching while some totally don’t. We can’t turn our nose up on any of these. God wired us all to uniquely receive and perceive in our specific ways, and we need each other to fill the areas we lack.

None of these elements are necessarily goals we chase: but if we’re chasing after Christ, we get a better handle on ourselves and how each part can break down, and also be built up. It’s only in Christ, the maker of our humanity, that we find the wholeness we’re looking for.

– J.S.


I really don’t know what The Reapers plan was in ME3. In the first game it’s basically this. “Our motives are beyond your comprehension because WE are beyond your comprehension. You are nothing and you will die like nothing.” in the second game “Our motives are to expand our species and improve yours. Prepare for ascension, mortals."In the third game they have to destroy everyone to save everyone? Um what? That really doesn’t make any sense.

Examine your life closely. Be brave enough to say, Lord, show me what is in my heart, soul, mind, spirit, and life that shouldn’t be there. Teach me what I am not understanding. Convict me where I am missing the mark. Tear down my arrogance, pride, fear, and insecurities, and help me to see the truth about myself, Lord. I can take it. Enable me to correct the error of my ways. Help me to replace lies with truth and make changes that last.

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The showbiz-part of the motives for the Columbine High School massacre, as written in TIME magazine:

Why, if their motive was rage at the athletes who taunted them, didn’t they take their guns and bombs to the locker room? Because retaliation against specific people was not the point. Because this may have been about celebrity as much as cruelty. “They wanted to be famous,” concludes FBI agent Mark Holstlaw. “And they are. They’re infamous.” It used to be said that living well is the best revenge; for these two, it was to kill and die in spectacular fashion.

This is not to say the humiliation Harris and Klebold felt was not a cause. Because they were steeped in violence and drained of mercy, they could accomplish everything at once: payback to those who hurt them, and glory, the creation of a cult, for all those who have suffered and been cast out. They wanted movies made of their story, which they had carefully laced with “a lot of foreshadowing and dramatic irony,” as Harris put it. There was that poem he wrote, imagining himself as a bullet. “Directors will be fighting over this story,” Klebold said-and the boys chewed over which could be trusted with the script: Steven Spielberg or Quentin Tarantino. “You have two individuals who wanted to immortalize themselves,” says Holstlaw. “They wanted to be martyrs and to document everything they were doing.”

These boys had read their Shakespeare: “Good wombs hath borne bad sons,” Harris quoted from The Tempest, as he reflected on how his rampage would ruin his parents’ lives. The boys knew that once they staged their final act, the audience would be desperate for meaning. And so they provided their own poisonous chorus, about why they hated so many people so much. In the weeks before what they called their Judgment Day, they sat in their basement and made their haunting videos–detailing their plans, their motives, even their regrets–which Harris left in his bedroom for the police and his parents to find when it was all over.

- TIME Magazine exclusive: The Columbine Tapes. 


Thinking on my last reblog, I noticed of something odd. A HUGE QUESTION. A “what if” that just now punched me right into my face.

What if all of the mess of Once Upon a Hook happened because of what happened when Emma saved Robin in The Price?

I mean, look at the faces. Emma’s face when she said to Regina that she will try to save Robin. That was not the face of a friend trying to help to her best friend. To me, that was the face of a pained lover trying to do her best for making happy again to the girl that she loves, despite of that girl is in love with another person.

In The Price Emma knew that she lost her opportunity with Regina, she knew that the only thing that she could have with her was a friendship and nothing else. The last image shows us that. The last image shows us the lost hope, the awful truth. The truth  of know that the person that we really love will never be ours.

And this is the motive of why Emma tries so hard to bring Hook back to the Underworld, and it’s the birth of Once Upon a Hook.