10 Times Retrievers Proved They Are The Best Dogs Ever

#1 Fascinated Retrievers

#2 Capturing Unexpected Moments Sometimes Turn Out To Be The Most Memorable Of All

#3 When You Get Buried In Snow But Your Dog Is A Retriever

#4 This Briefcase Contains Important Lab Results

#5 Hi There

#6 This Golden Retriever Has A Black Birthmark On The Left Side Of His Face

#7 Little Guy Fell Asleep In A Basket With His Golden Retriever Puppies

#8 More Peanut Butter!

#9 I’m Pretty Sure Wally Thinks He’s A Cat

#10 This Is Ralph. It’s His First Time Out In Public. 11/10 Good Boy

Photographer Takes Portraits Of Dogs That Are Perfectly Imperfect

“One of my most passionate aims as an animal photographer is to capture the adorable subtleties that make all creatures precious and unique. I love every animal I have the privilege of photographing, but those perceived as different hold a special place in my heart. These are the canines who have lost a leg, been born without eyes, or are still showing the scars of former abuse,” says Cearns. “Most animals with ‘afflictions’ don’t dwell on them. They adapt to their bodies without complaint and they survive with determination. They push on, always, wanting to be included and involved in everything as much as they can, and as much as an able-bodied pet does.”

#1 Aryah Who Was Crushed In The Womb As A Puppy

#2 Mya Who Is Blind

#3 Dot Who Lost Her Eye

#4 Jessie Who Loves Her Wheels

#5 Vegemite Who Lost An Eye

#6 Puppy Jakk Who Was Born With Malformed Front Legs

#7 Lady Bug Who Is Blind

30 reasons to achieve your goal(s)

  1. to feel proud of yourself
  2. to get what you want
  3. to show to others that you can do what you plan
  4. to see that anything is possible if you try
  5. to make your family proud
  6. to grow/improve
  7. to become more ambitious
  8. to become confident in yourself
  9. to prove wrong all the people who doubt you
  10. so that all your work wasn’t/isn’t wasted
  11. so that you can make your dreams come true
  12. for every hope you have for yourself
  13. for all the sacrifices you’ve made for that goal
  14. for every moment when you felt like giving up
  15. for your future self
  16. for every moment when you thought you aren’t good enough/important
  17. for every moment when someone underestimated you
  18. for every discouraging word you got
  19. for those who believed and believe in you
  20. for every time when you gave up in the past
  21. for you to be happy
  22. for all the moments when you’ve skipped sleep
  23. for every moment when you had to be quiet
  24. to shock everyone who expects you to fail
  25. for the expectations you have for yourself
  26. for every future opportunity you’ll get
  27. for the feeling you will have when you achieve your goals
  28. for all the parties, meetings, dates you’ve missed for this goal
  29. for all the progress you’ve made so far
  30. for yourself

we creators struggle with two things

- lack of ideas

- too many ideas 

both of them makes hard to start something.

I learned that it’s important to just start. you only develop/filter ideas while you are creating, not after, not before. planning is good but action is better.

I Conquered My Fear Of Being Suspended By Thin Fabric And Saw The Most Incredible, Magical Landscapes

I stumbled off the bus at 4:30 am and into the cold crisp air of Cappadocia. Already – as the sun was just starting to peak over the mountains – hundreds of hot air balloons were beginning their slow drift across the valley.

Clutching my coffee and seeing our balloon gradually inflate, my apprehension started to set in. Will that thin piece of fabric really hold us up? Do these guys know what they’re doing? Am I crazy to climb into a picnic basket and be suspended 800 metres in the air?

Yes, yes and no. After a very quick safety briefing we were up and away. But it was nothing like I expected. With effortless grace, we slowly began drifting about a metre off the ground. Our skilled pilot manoeuvred us inches over the treetops. Down the valleys. Along its walls.

A balloon ride at Cappadocia is something to behold, and nothing to be underestimated. The wanderlust here is intense. Soon after take-off, the most spectacular visual combination of colour and scenery was about to unfold.