but imagine this sort of scenario after a rickle in time
  • rick:it's all right you can both take off the collars.
  • summer and morty:*takes off their collars*
  • morty:why aren't you taking off your collar, rick?
  • rick:p-posterity, morty. in case things fuck up again at least you can say I came prepared. now g-go somewhere and be yourselves, I don't know, do stupid stuff.
  • summer and morty:*heads off*
  • rick:*is now all alone, looks at his collar* I-I told myself I wouldn't be such a sap, but-- *smiles, remembering that morty's collar had technically saved him* just this once, morty. just this once.
  • me:I'm fine
  • what I actually mean:Rick & Morty S2 has quickly become the deepest shit. Rick Sanchez just wants to live life like back in the old days but CAN'T, so he feels dead inside and over all feels like he'd be better off if he was ACTUALLY dead. Rick LOVES and CARES ABOUT Summer and Morty, but feels he is not good enough for them and is willing to sacrifice his own life to keep them safe. Why is Unity so important to Rick? When and will we find out more of their past? What about Rick's past with Beth and her mother? Do any of the OTHER RICKS feel the same way? Will Rick ever find a way to BE HAPPY!?!??!