LOOK!!!! look.  i love morty smith.  don’t get me wrong.  he’s great, he’s like, you know!! he’s morty.  but if season three came back and morty was an exchange student far away, or morty got a full time job at a gas station, and it was rick and sUMMER i would still 10000% percent be here??? like, summer is such a complicated character, and she carries the weight of her parent’s relationship for both her and morty, she is so much stronger than i think even she realizes, and her insecurities play out in such painfully relatable ways and all i’m saying is like it’s just rick and summer. rrrick and summer and their adventures, summer. rick and summer, forever and forever, a hundred years rick and summer me and rick and summer runnin’ around and rick and summer time. aaall day long forever. all, a hundred days rick and summer forever a hundred times. over and over rick and summer adventures dot com w w w dot rick and summer dot com w w w rick and summer adventures all hundred years. every minute rick and summer dot com w w w hundred times rick and summer dot com.

School  Explained By Rick Sanchez


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