In His Arms (Peter Parker x Reader)

Summary: she always liked being in his arms…

Authors note(s): I wrote this at 12AM forgive me pls.

Warning(s): angst, death, mentions of blood.

In His Arms

In his arms is where she felt safest. The comfort they provided, when sobs wracked her small frame as the yells and shouts from her parents grew louder and more threatening. He would pull her into his chest, pressing her ears against his heart so she could feel and hear it’s slow, yet calming pace.    

He’d rock her back and forth, dusting her face with feather light kisses as he whispered sweet nothings to her. He made her forget the darkness that had consumed her, lead her out of the tunnel and show her the light. His scent would pull her out of the walking nightmare and the softness of his jersey would lull her into the confines of a deep slumber.

The strength that radiated from the toned yet muscular appendages would make her laugh as he tugged her into him. The avengers would share amused stares as he attempted to ward of the stray eyes of college boys that were glued to her bikini clad form. The touch of his arms against the bare skin of her curved waist made her shiver with delight as the pads of his fingers burned into her flesh.

Although the display of affection would put others off, she savoured the moment where she was close to him. He would gaze down at her with a pout as she laughed at his jealousy before those strong arms lifted her by the waist and dunked her into the cool abyss of the sea. The water, soothing the heat from where his arms once were. Even if she craved that sensation again, she knew that she’d find her way into his arms again before the daylights end.

But in his arms is not where she expected to die.

The look of fear that splayed across her features as she looked down at her wound was haunting, heartbreaking and horrific. Voices screamed into her ears, concern and fear filling her head making her dizzy, the air in her lungs was ripped from her body as she begun to shake involuntarily. And yet, she was calmed, the voice of the man, the boy she loved fanned over her as his face came into view. It was blurry, but she knew it was his, through her pain filled tears she could make out his defined and chiselled features ~ even if they were as fear stricken as hers.

His arms were cool in the metal suit as he pulled her softly into them. He knelt by her, holding up her torso as she pressed her palm into the wound. “Peter…” she whimpered “I’m sorry

(Y/N), hey hey” he whispered back trying hard to fight his tears, he gently rocked her back and forth in his arms. He wouldn’t show her that he was scared nor sad, he didn’t want to make things worse for her. He saw how the shrapnel was twisted into her gut and how the crimson liquid poured from her open wound. He didn’t want to show her that she wasn’t going to make it. “You’re alright, everything’s gonna be alright

She knew that she wasn’t going to make it. There was too much to go by. She also knew that he was putting on a brave face for her. The small, sad smile she gave him caused him to pull her closer to his armoured chest. Blasts and yells from other superheroes sounded around them as tears rolled down her supple cheeks.

She blinked a few times as he continued to rock her back and forth, whispering about how she was going to make it. His right hand was clasped firmly with hers, as he pressed kisses to her dirty, bruised knuckles. She looked at the  sky, its bloody, dark and ashy colour being all that she saw. Her earth, her home was being corrupted by Thanos and his minions.

She knew in her head that if she tried to hold on and if she kept Peter here, there would be so many more deaths.  Whilst her body convulsed, she pulled her hand away from her wound and cupped Peter’s cheek. He cringed, not in disgust, but in pain, as he felt her hot sticky blood touch his face. He placed his left hand over hers as she let out puffs of air.

I-I-I’m not a-afraid to” she paused as pain wracked her small frame “to die… Peter

Salty streams rolled down his face as he gripped her tighter, shaking his head. She smiled softly. “Y-you don’t have to…to pretend

He shook his head more violently, practically sobbing. “Don’t say that…

Do me p-proud Peter Parker” she sighed, looking back up at the clouds as dark spots invaded her vision. “I love you…

The boy let out a scream of anger and pain as her body fell lip in his arms. He cradled her, begging for her to come back to life, to turn around and throw her arms around him. But alas… she didn’t.

In that moment, A thought plagued Peter’s mind.’How could she feel safe in his arms? when they couldn’t keep her safe at all

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Random HC #26 (Continuation of #4 - #25)


“…You said that you moved to LazyTown from Iceland…along with your parents when you were four years old…” Sportacus is sitting on the bed, across Robbie, his legs crossed, and watches the villain carefully, knowing that he has to take slow, careful steps in this subject. Robbie, propped up by pillows in his back, so he’s sitting, as well, his legs bend and slightly pulled up against his chest (despite the hero’s short protest that he worries whether he won’t get stomachaches because of this again), is still busy keeping himself from falling asleep and nods weakly now. “…But…when I asked whether you’ve ever experienced any kind of love… I also asked…”
“They didn’t love me,” Robbie’s voice is low but steady and after a short pause, he continues with a weak shrug “…They never helped me against Number Nine. They didn’t care one bit why I was crying and all alone most of the time, starting shortly after he showed up for the first time. Before, I was okay with their disinterest in me… I had found some friends here, shortly after we moved here and I had my hobby: inventing stuff. But…when Nine…motivated my friends to play outside all the time…” he wraps his arms around his knees a little tighter “…Let’s just say…even when I tried to play with them and gave my best…I ended up getting laughed at by them…and…him… But my parents didn’t care. They barely listened to me… And my brother…” he breaks up with a low groan and presses his palm against his forehead, swallowing hard. “Shush…” Sportacus reaches out and gently, soothingly runs his hands up and down the villain’s bare arms. Once Robbie has recovered a little again, the hero asks softly “…You have a brother?…”
“Yes…” Robbie calms himself again “…He was older than me by five years… We never got along that well, but when Nine started with all these sports…it became worse… He was his biggest fan, you could say… And he was one of the older kids in town, so he quickly became their leader… When Nine wasn’t around, he was the one, ordering the others around, ‘motivating’ them to keep practicing and playing even when they were tired… And he…” Robbie lowers his eyes “…He even slapped me once…because one of my schemes against Nine…went wrong and turned out to be a little more dangerous for him than I intended… You know how this is sometimes…” he forces a laugh but at the same time quickly wipes a tear from his cheek. Sportacus gently cups his cheek, wiping the next tears away for him, his voice soft but firm “But he though mustn’t have slapped you! I know that you would never hurt anybody with purpose! And I…never approved of Nine’s methods, anyway… I don’t know much about him, but when I was in my last semester at school, he visited the students and told us about his…adventures… I realized at once that I didn’t like him. That’s why it didn’t really surprise me when I met you and saw that you are not evil, like he claimed, but incredible…lovable…” he blushes and clears his throat “…But tell me more about your parents, please…”
“There’s not much to tell… As I said, they didn’t care at all… Never told me why we left Iceland, either… And one day…they and Ray, my brother, were…gone…” Robbie shrugs again, a small part of his mind tells him that he should react on the hero calling him ‘lovable’, but he can’t… “Gone?” Sportacus quirks a brow “What do you mean 'gone’?…”
“Well, I mean that they left me!” Robbie clenches his hands into fists “Like one day, they’re still there and when I wake up the next morning, I’m alone in the house! Like they left me behind! No letter! No note! Not even a single word before!” he’s never talked about this with anybody before, but now he feels something deep down inside him shatter into a million of pieces and he can’t help a sob “I-I mean, it’s not like it made a huge difference! I was able to take care of myself at this age, after all… I-I was just surprised… Although it only proved what I already knew - that nobody wants to live with me… B-But…”
“Robbie. Robbie! Hey,” Sportacus gently lifts the other’s chin up to look into his teary eyes “This is NOT true. You hear me?! This had absolutely nothing to do with you!…”
“B-But why did they leave me then when I was only fourteen years old?? What did I DO to scare off my OWN family?!?” Robbie’s sobs become more hysteric and he buries his face in his hands. “You did nothing… Oh, Robbie…” the hero shifts on the bed, until he’s sitting next to the villain and carefully wraps an arm around his shoulders “…Robbie, please, calm down… You didn’t scare them off…”
“They LEFT me, Sportacus!” Robbie turns his head to give the other a pained, desperate, and slightly angry look “What other reason can parents have to leave behind their fourteen year old son, besides feeling nothing but hate and disgust for him?!”
“No! Let’s be honest! I…” he gets cut off by strong arms, pulling him into a tight embrace. “I AM honest. And I tell you, it’s not YOUR fault, Robbie!” murmurs Sportacus against the villain’s neck, gently running his hands over the other’s tensed back and seconds later, he can sense the body, pressed flush against his own, convulse with more violent sobs than before and Robbie returns the embrace, clinging to him so tight, as if his life depended on it “Hush. It’s okay. Let it go…”
“…Th-They hated me…” repeats the villain with broken, by Sportacus’ crook of the neck muffled, voice. “Stop saying that.”
“But it’s TRUE!”
“No, it’s not.”
“How could YOU know?! Have you ever met them!?” Robbie’s voice isn’t angry. No, Sportacus can hear the desperation in it and…maybe even a trace of hope?… “…No… Of course not…” the hero gently runs his hand through the tousled black hair “…But I do know…that there’s no chance that any parent would leave behind their child like this! Not when they first took you with them when they moved! And not if they took your brother with them when they left LazyTown!”
“But that’s exactly what they DID!” whimpers the villain lowly and swallows hard. “Robbie…”
“No… It’s okay, Sportacus…” Robbie squeezes his eyes shut and realizes just now that he has been digging his fingers into the hero’s back and quickly stops this now, mumbling “…Sorry…”
“…I hurt you…” his voice breaks and he tries to free himself from the other’s embrace. “Nonsense,” Sportacus shakes his head and lets Robbie pull back, but holds him at his shoulders, searching his gaze “You didn’t hurt me. You held on to me for comfort. That’s normal.”
“…Normal?…” Robbie furrows his brows. “Yes,” the hero cups the other’s cheek again and smiles sadly “…So you…never got hugged or comforted by your parents, either?…”
“No, I…” Robbie’s expression changes to slight confusion “…I don’t…think so… I…” he takes a shallow breath in “…M-My…head hurts…”
“I know, Robbie, but you have to focus. Do you REMEMBER that your parents NEVER hugged you?” Sportacus cups his other cheek now, as well, searching his eyes. “…I…” the villain’s eyes grow wide for a moment, then he suddenly starts shaking his head “No, they didn’t!”
“Are you really sure?”
“Why do you keep questioning my memory?! I’ve got a headache, but I should be able to remember my own childhood, shouldn’t I?!” Robbie winces at his own yell and covers his mouth with one hand for a moment, gasping with now muffled voice “I’m… I’m so sorry! I-I didn’t mean to…yell at you like this! I…”
“It’s okay, Robbie!” Sportacus gently pulls the villain’s hand away from his mouth, squeezing it gently “It’s okay.”
“N-No, it’s not!” Robbie wildly shakes his head “You’re only trying to help me and I freak out like this! No wonder that nobody…” he gets cut off again. This time, by lips, pressing on his own. Seconds later, Sportacus pulls back again, smiling broadly at Robbie’s stunned expression “…Well… Now I found a way to stop your panic attacks…” he lovingly strokes through Robbie’s hair “Hey… It’s okay. Really.”
“But I yelled at you…”
“That, as well, is completely normal. You’re under immense pressure and stress right now. And you’re still sick and tired… Robbie…” the hero sighs lowly “Listen. Take deep breaths and just listen now. Okay?”
Robbie nods weakly, barely noticeably and instinctively grabs Sportacus’ comfort offering hands. “Good… So… I just wanted to know whether you’re completely sure that your memory is correct because…” Sportacus takes a deep breath in now, himself, trying to find gentle words “…Because…there’s a chance that…you get a headache now, when you think about this because…your memory got…manipulated…”

the bystander

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Knocking on the door I lowered my fist with hesitation as I kept it clenched in attempt to stop the apparent shakes. As it opened I paused, everything came to a halt at his fragile state. His eyes were heavy with a mix of both colours and emotions. Resigned in the blue was the attempt at Joy, the last bit that remained as sorrow flecked the grey, slowly but surely covering the rest. I couldn’t help but let my eyes roam, his hair was out of sorts, run through too many times from frustration. His attire was too effortless, to the point of laziness. 

The combination was clearer than the azure in his eyes; heartbreak. 

Sighing I walked past him, he didn’t even budge as his feet remained firmly planted despite his weak posture. I walked through to his kitchen and clicked the kettle on, sat him down in the lounge whilst I looked for some tissues and made him a cup of needed tea. This was our routine, and it had become embedded into my memory since we were at University. 

I remember the first time so clearly, he knew this girl for all of three weeks and was falling for her. She had sex with some bass player, leaving him stranded and me to pick up the pieces that fell with every step he took. If only I knew that that would be the first of many tales and broken shards of hope. This time felt different, it looked different. 

Her name was Esther, she was beautiful. Seeing her and Dan together was like seeing two people who you knew were destined in the stars meet. And it was all my own undoing. I was with him, laughing as he helped me home after I broke my shoe. Esther walked by, we knew each other from an old book club. Immediately he changed, his posture straightened, his grip on me loosened. I faded into the background as they interacted. As they say, the rest was history.

Was. Until now. 

Now we sit here, once again with cups of tea in hand and the story bubbling in his subconscious waiting to be released like the steam coming from his mug. “Well?” I chime in, knowing he wasn’t always an easy book to read. His head remained lowered, brows contorted as he stared at his mug with such intensity that it could break in his grip at any moment. 

“She was going to Milan, possible modelling job.” He mumbled and I scoffed quietly. Of course she was going to be a model. Of course. My lack of response caused him to lift his head, usually I interrupt, try to offer support. 

Yet this felt different, no words would come with ease as I tried and tried again to play the best friend role. Realistically I knew it expired after the second time, the time he cried and showed that vulnerability. He held me in his arms until we fell asleep, he played with my hair as we reminisced on happy times. That was when I knew I had in fact fallen, and I haven’t found my way back since. 

Every time I saw him with someone else I would smile for their sake. Yet with each time the smile became more forced, it felt like string was being sewn into the corners of my mouth and pulled until it hurt and tied with dainty bows around my ears, fixing them in place. Even now that the ties have been cut, the ache still looms. I would clap and cheer as they kissed under the mistletoe, laugh when Esther said she knew someone who I would really like, that we could double date. Underneath those light hearted laughs an endless pit of sobs flipped. 

Sitting here now I can tell he is looking at me, that look that makes my heart race a few beats faster than necessary yet I can’t help it, I can’t control the means of my emotions. “And you didn’t want her to go?” I raised an eyebrow to him as I sipped my tea, the usual refreshing beverage tasted like chlorine, yet I took another sip to distract myself. 

“Why would I? I told her I wanted her to stay as she knew what it could’ve meant. She was leaving for six months.” He stated, raising his voice as he spoke to which I hushed him. Moving himself back into the retired sofa he let out a long frustrated sigh. 

Closing my eyes I can see the two of them now in this room, Esther sat down with those puppy eyes telling him nothing would change. Dan would ponder the thought whilst pacing, a bad habit he developed from me. They’d shout, he would regret saying things and she would leave. She would have slammed the door and seconds later reality would have hit him, he would have rang me. 

And here we are. In this nightmare I call reality. 

Running my left hand through my hair I tuck some behind my ear, with little luck some manages to escape, likewise to my feelings for my best friend as I see him so helpless and lost. “Has she left yet?” I ask, forcing any ounce of hope into my tone as my stomach sinks, dragging my heart with it as my brain takes control. 

He shakes his head, the places the mug down and holds his head in his hands. “She will be at this hotel, her friend sent me the address earlier.” Whilst he remained out of sight I released a shaky breath, holding back any form of regret or sorrow in my face knowing what I have to do. 

I have to be the best friend, I have to do the right thing. Even if it adds another plaster to the ongrowing collection holding my heart together. “Then go. You pack a bag, get her that necklace she was admiring the other week and apologise.” He lifts his head, something glazes his eyes rather than thick tears. “You do the romantic gesture, tell her that it will be fine. Tell her it will work out because, because,” Before I have a chance to finish my sentence he stands up, a small smile forming whilst mine has vanished. 

“Because I love her.” All that emotion pushed into those specific three words. Three words I wished to hear in regards to myself, not someone else after all these years. His face lit up as he realised what he had said, that smile forcing of pure joy that left a draining ache in my chest. “I love her.” He turns his back to me and I lower my head, lifting my hand up and lightly wiping my eyes whilst he laughs lightly and rushes through the house getting his things. 

Taking a moment I listen to him, all the things he plans on saying to her and I choke back the sob as I chuckle. I pull out my phone and head towards the door, “Listen Dan, I need to go. But good luck.” As I hold onto the front door he runs through, a suit shirt that he is never seen in and two ties in his hands. 

His smile falters as my eyes widen at the sight of him, knowing he won’t wear a suit to come and get me, to do a romantic gesture as grand as this. All I am is the bystander who watches it happen to someone else. “Wait, which tie?” He motions to them both and immediately I point to the burgundy one. 

“It will bring the colour out in your eyes, she won’t be able to resist.” I tell him and that smile appears, the smile that leaves broken pieces inside of me as I try and glue them back together. Yet I can never get it back, never get the stability my heart needs. 

He thanks me and as I close the door I catch his last few words, “What would I do without you?” The door closes behind me and those words echo in my mind. Exactly, Dan. What would you do without me, the one who saves every relationship you have at my own expense. 

Walking to the lift I shakily dial the number I need, letting it ring I rub my lips together to prevent them from quivering anymore. Releasing a few small breaths I can feel my heart beating in my ears just as he answers. “Can, can you come and pick me up please? I got the bus here and I don’t want to take it back.” I manage to keep it together long enough to get it out, to sound remotely stable. 

“Yeah sure, everything okay?” Those two words, two simple words strung together with such a monotone voice and I break. I shake my head knowing he can’t see and grip my face. 

“Dandy.” I state before letting him finish, tell me he’ll be here shortly and I hang up. 

Turning to see my reflection the silent cries become more cynical, violent sobs. I can’t help but laugh at my state, how it happens every single time yet I haven’t learnt my lesson. I still try and reach for him knowing it is a one way system. Wiping my face I pull my hair to cover some of my face, frame it more so to hide the dried tears and pain he has etched without knowing. 

As I walk out immediately he is there, standing by his car waiting for me. I pick up the pace as he locks eyes on me, a sweet smile on his face. “Hey Will.” I mutter and go straight for the car door rather than his warm embrace. 

Immediately he senses something is off as he walks round to his door and silently gets inside. My head turned to face the building he glances up, mutters my name but I remain silent. A small sigh sounds from him as his hand comes closer to my face, turning it to see how drained I was, always am after seeing him. 

“How much longer are you going to keep doing this to yourself? Helping him pine over someone else rather than be with you, someone who he should be with.” He asks with too much emotion, his words drill deeper into my chest nearing the remains of my heart as I sit in silence. 

Will retracts his hand from behind my head and sighs to himself. As a result my cries become more rapid yet still as quiet as I need them to be. The sudden sound of his door opening caught my attention, my head quickly turned as the sight of him exiting the car caused adrenaline to over power the tears. Immediately my body reacted before my brain, I was out of the car and trying my hardest to stop him- despite our height and obvious strength differences I wanted to attempt to be intimidating. Attempt being key as I remain a crying broken mess. 

“Don’t.” I simply state as I swallow back that lump, the same one that just won’t give up at trying to make me ugly cry aloud. He raised an eyebrow, signifying his mere confusion as his eyes searched my clouded ones. “Just, just leave it Will. I can’t do this to him, not tonight.” Lowering my head my hands start to slip off of his chest yet he holds onto them with the right amount of pressure.

Muttering my name I lift my head weakly, “Let’s get you home, I think you could use some sleep.” I thank him as we get back into his car, leaving the apartment block once again with me looking the same way at his window. The look of longing, almost craving something that will never happen. 

As Will’s car screeches in relief as he pulls up outside my little home we return to that awkward silence. My tears have dried and stained the same lines on my cheeks along with the snot that has now dried, yet the feeling lingers onto the heavy ache in my body. “Thank you, I know you don’t have to do this for me. None of you do, but you still help me.” I glance his way as he has all attention on me, specifically on my appearance. 

“He shouldn’t make you feel this way, become this version of yourself.” He motions to how I remain too still, too fragile compared to my usual self. “If I were Dan I would be with you in a heartbeat. But soon enough, soon he will see it like we all do.” 

I can’t help but chuckle to myself, “After all the years I doubt he will have some sudden epiphany. But thank you, Will. Really.” Reaching over I hug him tightly before departing. He watches me until I unlock the door and wave half heartedly before he drives off, only now do I feel the ache more apparently. 

Dragging my feet through the hallway I walk up the stairs, with each step I can hear his voice saying something about her that he admired. Her eyes. Her gratitude for everything. Her incapability to see her true beauty. Every single thing makes my lips quiver, my eyes flood and body weaken. By the top step I collapse, hold onto the railing as I bring my legs to my chest and sob in the comfort of my own home, alone

“This is why you should tell him.” I tell myself with too much sarcasm between the sobs. “If you told him that you love him, then maybe you’d have a better reason to cry rather than just pitying yourself.” Standing up I walk to my bathroom and stare at my reflection. 

Looking at myself I pick out all the things that aren’t right. The fact that I have let my cheeks become stained from crying. How I have permanent dryness around my mouth from wiping it, that my nose is always slightly more pigmented compared to the rest of my face. Yet, above all else, that I let him do this. That I let him make me this way whilst he laughs and kisses her every single night whilst I lie alone. 

Changing into some comfortable pajamas I wander downstairs and get cosy under the pile of blankets whilst watching some television. Zoning out on the drama plot my phone rings three times before I notice and pick it up. “Hello?” I yawn down the line, forgetting to check who it is calling. 

A few faint breaths could be heard and I paused the show and moved to sit upright. Down the line my name was muttered through deep breaths and the concern grew in my stomach. “Are you at home? Please tell me you are.” I let out a sigh of relief, yet it was momentary as my eyes darted to my now closed blinds covering the windows. 

Standing up I slowly pace over to the windows, “Why? Everything alright?” I ask with gentle concern, trying to disguise my nerves. As my hands reach out to the curtains the doorbell rings, catching me off guard. “Please tell me that it is you at the door, not a serial killer.” Whispering to him now I can hear that irritating chuckle. 

“One or the other.” Rolling my eyes I walk over, opening the front door. 

At first I struggle to see, “My porch light is broken, sorry.” I mutter as I turn the hall light on, illuminating him. The sight of him confuses me and I remain quiet as I look at him. All suited up, wearing the tie I told him to wear, glancing to his eyes I can see the contrast against the blue. I knew it would’ve been a good choice. Leaning against the doorway I cross my arms over my stained pajama top, “Dan, what’re you doing here?” Curiosity laces my voice and I can see he is still panting. “Need a drink?” He nods and invites himself in, walking straight past me barely making eye contact. 

Following him into the kitchen he has his back turned to me as he rests his arms out on the counter facing the darkness outside of my window. Hovering by the entrance I fiddle with my fingers, unsure of what else to do until he reacts. “Sorry to freak you out.” He mutters, back still turned. “I know you have a habit of playing with your fingers when you get nervous or scared, it’s okay.” Walking over to me he takes my hands in his, giving them a gentle squeeze. Yet as he lets go, it feels different. 

Beforehand it left me with a longing sensation, but now it feels fine. It feels how it looks; supportive. “So, why aren’t you with Esther?” As much as the searing pain increases across my chest as I ask he doesn’t react immediately. His hands hover at his stomach with caution. 

As we stand in silence I try and search his face for something, a sign. But there’s nothing. His face is a blank slate, not letting anything slip through the wrinkles or smile lines. “I, I had a thought.” 

Raising an eyebrow to him he lifts his head up, eyes focusing on mine. “Be careful, can’t have too many of those.” I remark, but this time something’s not right, he is being too serious and not cracking. 

“No, I mean it.” He quietly states and directs me to my living room where my blankets remain messily pushed to one side. Sitting down on the sofa he paces around the space, anxiety building with each step he takes. “After you left I was getting ready, ready to surprise Esther. But then Will turned up.” Everything freezes up except my heart which goes into overdrive. 

Will. Bloody brilliant. 

“Whatever Will told you Dan, you shouldn’t have been told.” I speak up and stand in front of him, already preparing myself for the rejection that is approaching. 

Standing there Dan remains quiet, focusing on me as I try to avoid his gaze. “Hey,” His left hand cups my chin until I focus on him without anywhere else to turn. “I, I have been such a dick to you.” I shake my head but he continues, “No I really have.” Sincerity takes over everything around us and in him. 

“Dan it’s okay, you’re happy and so am I.” I repeat it mentally, hoping that he buys it, that he believes that it is true. That I am happy. 

Yet, this time he shakes his head. “But you aren’t. And neither am I.” His hands wander down to find mine, taking them lightly. “All this time I was trying to convince myself you would never feel the same.” My eyes catch his as they become glossy, he laughs to himself as he shakes his head and pushes his hair back; he’s nervous. “I thought you’d never see me as anything more than the best friend you’d turn to when need be. So I convinced myself to stop noticing the little things about you.” 

“What?” Confusion bursts out as my hands tense into his. “How,” He stops me before I have the chance to continue, my eyes lock back into his. 

“I tried to ignore your laugh, how full and wholehearted it can be when you’re comfortable around someone.” I watch his lips move, the stubble that was there before shaved. “The way you always look out for people, even strangers. How you always, always make others feel more uplifted.” Unable to disguise the smile forming on my face his grows, “And that.” Motioning to my smile, “I could watch you smile all day, seeing your face lighten up just makes me put things into perspective.”

“All this time,” I take my hands out of his and wrap them around his neck. “and neither of us could say anything?” Laughing I can’t get over how outrageous it all is. “Are we that naive?” 

He shrugs his shoulders, “I love you.” Those three words, directed at me after all this time. After the various occasions when he would tell them to someone else, how I would see them react I take a different route. 

“Okay.” I reply, much to his confusion. “I’m kidding.” Laughing I can see the relief wash over, “I love you too.” Hugging him tightly I can’t find a reason to let go, to need to let go anymore as I finally have what I have been after all these years. As we pull away I focus on his lips, seconds away from our first kiss without any regret. “Also, you finally wore a suit.” 

I chuckle to him as he mutters into my lips, “Not everyday you tell the girl you’ve loved for years how you feel. Worth looking nice. Shame you didn’t get the memo.” He remarks and I cut off his light laughter with a kiss, and like that, it feels as if it has all fallen into place. Even if we needed a little nudge. 

Phan: Those Who Trust - Part 35

Wordcount: 5.8k
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: past non-con and abuse
Summary: Dan used to be a submissive and now he’s just a broken shell of a man.
Beta: legendarygalaxydragon
A/N: This one’s unbeta’d but honestly it’s been so long that I just need to post it or the guilt would kill me. Also the dick joke in there? I came up with that myself and I’m stupidly proud of it. Hope you enjoy. :) x

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“Dan,“ Phil muttered after he had parked the car, worry clouding his features as he looked at the building looming in front of them, “why are we at a prison?“

Dan didn’t answer him. There was no need for that. Surely Phil was smart enough to figure out by himself why they were here.

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Prompt: Reader and Dean are living the apple pie life and have big plans for the future. That is until Dean comes home one night, and confesses something the reader never thought she would ever hear.

Character: Dean x Reader
Reader Gender: female
Word Count: 1.7k
Warnings: Language, ANGST (or at least I tried), mentions of blood, mentions of alcohol use. if I missed anything, please let me know!

Part II // Part III

A/N: I had this idea floating around in my mind for a very long time now, and I just knew there was a story in there somewhere. It’s based on the first part of Usher’s Confessions, bc I adore him. BIG thanks to @balthazars-muse and @aprofoundbondwithdean for letting me babble on and on. You girls are simply amazing.


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Voicemails (Kellic)

A one-shot in the form of a series of voicemails from Kellin to Vic. It was supposed to be cute/funny, I swear.

June 5, 2014

Voicemail #1:
“Vic Fuentes, I can’t see you right now, but I bet you look hot as hell. You’re probably still sleeping, which means that you’re probably almost naked, which begs the question: Why am I not in your bed with you right now? Call me when you wake up, you adorable bastard.”

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Only One

Character: Jaebum (GOT7)
angsty fluff????
A scenario with JB using the song ‘Only one-BoA’ but with a happy ending?
Authors note:
I’m so sorry for such mediocre writing, but this one was just really hard to write guys. LOL. I’m not too sure why, but I just found it extremely difficult to write anything and come up with anything. :( Please forgive me!!

- Admin T

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anonymous asked:

Hey^^ Could You write an imagine with Jacky Vincent from fir? you're his girlfriend and you live together and one night you wake up because he keeps tossing and turning. then you hear him murmur sth and the he says that he loves you. first you smile but then he begins to beg (like 'please, please, don't ' or sth) and eventually starts to sob and says that he doesn't want you to leave. but you wake him up 'cause seeing him like that hurts too much. It would be awesome if you could write that <3

A/N: I hope you enjoy in and thank you for requesting this, I really enjoyed writing this! 


It was late at night & you were in the bed you sharedwith your boyfriend Jacky Vincent, happily asleep; the two of you. You were a light sleeper as Jacky knew quite well from you waking up in the middle of the night due to Jacky’s snoring or him having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, but most of the time you were used to waking up because of Jacky.

Tonight wasn’t any different, you woke up because of Jacky, but the only thing that was different was that Jacky was tossing and turning in his sleep. You turned to face him and he was quietly murmuring; you couldn’t hear what he was saying so you ignored him, turning back to the original position you were in and shut your eyes trying to go back to sleep.

Jacky started to murmur louder which was irritating you more, you still couldn’t hear what he was saying. You focused more on trying to make up the words to his murmurs, you could make out one word; love.

“I-I love you Y/N” Jacky murmured quite loudly, you smiled at him saying that; it never got old hearing Jacky say that he loves you

“No, no… I love you. Please don’t, please don’t” Jacky cried out, you creased your eyebrows in confusion, you turned around to face him again. He started to sob;

“Please don’t leave me Y/N, I love you so much. Please don’t leave me” you could hear Jacky say as he was sobbing. You couldn’t deal with this anymore, you started to shake Jacky which he didn’t budge out of his dream state. You shook him more violently; Jacky’s sobs and pleads were starting scare you quite a lot, after more than a minute of violently shaking him he woke up, saw you next to him and flung himself onto you and started to sob again.

“Shhh, shhh. I’m here Jacky, I’m here” you said comforting the guitarist while rubbing his back in a soothing way

“You-you left… In my dream. It was so horrible” he said through his sobs. You lifted his head so you could look into his light blue eyes that you loved and said;

“I will never leave you Jacky, it was a dream but that dream will never come true. I love you too much to ever leave you, and I promise to never leave you” before passionately kissing him. You both laid back down, holding each other in each other’s embrace, feeling the love the two of you shared for each other.

~ Syn 

Light-Part 9

Part 1-6

Part 7

Part 8

Description: Y/N is Tony Stark’s Daughter and the light of his dark world. She is brilliant, beautiful, and talented beyond measure. She has always been dedicated to the work she does for the Avengers and the world, she never really thought much about boys or men, just her work no matter if it was in science or art her work always was more important to her than dating. She went on dates once in awhile but love really was not on her agenda until she and Pietro Maximoff slowly creep their way into each others hearts.

Word Count: 1,751

Warnings: Sad…Very Very Sad reader…

A/N: So to add this part and the next part together but decided that this part was best on it’s own so now there is only 3 parts left then an epilogue…Wow getting down to the bitter end…I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing this. I am getting so nostalgic about it! Anyway sorry to hold you up. Enjoy!

* * *

Christmas was right around the corner. Really just days away and the tower was abuzz with excitement. The Avengers Christmas party was the highlight of the year for many of them and the closer it got to Christmas Eve the more excited everyone seemed to get.

The tower was decked out from top to bottom in decorations for the season. Red, green, blue, silver and gold dripped from every available spot they could find. A tree occupied every room and it felt like the most wonderful time of the year, truly. Mistletoe hung from the ceiling in plain sight and Y/N had been actively avoiding it. She had had her fill of kissing. Or that’s what she told herself.

She spent more time in her lab than ever, finding things to do away from the team and away from Pietro. When she wasn’t in the lab she was in her bedroom playing Piano and trying to keep herself in the Christmas spirit. With the Christmas party only 3 days away there had been a lot of people in and out of the tower to help with decorations and she just wanted to keep out of their way. Her fingers danced over the cold ivory keys as she played ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’. She played song after song until her fingers were stiff. She noticed how dark it was outside and decided to get some dinner and head up to her lab for a few hours before bed.

She held a plate with a sandwich in one hand and her notebook and flash drive in the other as she made her way to the elevator. When the doors opened she noticed Pietro standing inside she stood looking at him for a moment before walking inside the elevator.

“Hello Pietro.” She had a sad smile that was breaking his heart.

“Hello Y/N. How are you?”

“I’m okay. How are you? Excited for the Christmas party?”

“I suppose, it is hard to be excited when you are busy missing your best friend.”

It was quiet for a moment as Y/N looked down in guilt.

“I’m sorry.” They spoke at the same time, making themselves giggle.

“I am sorry Y/N. I did not mean to hurt you. I care about you so much and that is the last thing I would want to do.”

“I’m sorry too Piet, I didn’t mean to come off as harsh as I did. I care about you too and I like being your friend and that is the most important thing to me. Your friendship. Hey, why don’t you come with me to the lab, I have some prototypes for you to check out.”

“I would like that very much.”

They smiled at each other as the door opened to the floor with Y/N’s lab. They stepped out and made their way down the hall and around the corner to her lab’s entrance. Though once they rounded the corner they came upon something unimaginable. The contents fell from Y/N’s hands as she bolted for the doors. The plate shattered when it hit the floor and the notebook strew papers across the floor but she couldn’t care less. Pietro had been shocked into stillness, he was so still he didn’t even know if he was breathing.

Through the glass doors and walls you could see the inside of the lab. It had been all but destroyed, every last inch of it. Once the doors were pushed open and she stepped foot inside it was worse than she ever could have imagined. Computers were smashed apart, tables were tipped over, papers were ripped apart and thrown haphazardly across the room. The sight of her corner ripped her heart to shreds. Every book looked as if it had been taken apart meticulously and the pages crumpled up and thrown about like balls. She hesitated to look across the room, she knew what she would find, and she was right. When she glanced towards her years of work she saw nothing but a pile of scrap metal. Project S.W.A.T. had been destroyed beyond recognition. At first she felt nothing. Then she felt everything.

It crashed over her like a wave and she screamed out in horror and pain. Her body crumbled in on itself as she started to fall to the floor, Pietro had finally moved from his position in the hall and ran to catch her sobbing form. She wailed out, devastated for her work, for everything she had lost in that moment. Pietro sat on the floor, holding her in his arms as he rocked them back and forth in a futile attempt to calm her.

It didn’t take long for Tony to come racing towards her lab. He had always said he could hear his daughter’s cry from any corner of the earth, Father’s instinct, and he whenever she cried he always seemed to come running. Her cries were few and far between, even as a baby, and so when she cried he knew it was serious. Tony ran down 6 flights of stairs to get to her and once he made it to her his soul focus was on the pain his daughter was in and how he could sooth her. He was so distracted that he had yet to even notice the destruction surrounding them.

He sat down next to his daughter and Pietro, taking her from his arms and pulled her into his lap as if she were a small child again. He ran his hands over her hair and whispered soothing words to her. Pietro stood to walk around the lab and inspect the damage, running his fingers over the cold metal of the machine that had saved his life. He couldn’t imagine who would do such a thing to this wonderful women.

Tony’s focus was still solely on his daughter. Like tunnel vision, all he could see or focus on was her.

“Sweetheart. My little Light. What’s causing you to hurt like this?”

“D-don’t you s-see Daddy? E-e-everything is GONE!” She wailed out again and buried herself into her father’s chest. It was only then that he finally looked up and saw what was causing his Light’s pain.

Tony prided himself on the tower being on of the most secure places in New York if not the World so to see the destruction that had been caused, he know that security had to have been compromised.

“Oh my sweet Light. I am so sorry. Here let me take you downstairs. We have to tell the team.”

He picked up his daughter as she continued to sob quietly onto his shoulder. Pietro opened the door and followed them to the elevator and then to the living room. Tony placed Y/N into a chair, draping a blanket over her shoulders. Her cries and stopped and now she just looked numb. Staring across the room like it was a void. Tony turned and spoke quietly to Pietro.

“Hey kid, can you go make her a cup of tea? Use the mug with the octopus inside. It always makes her smile. I’m gonna go collect the team.” Tony walked away as Pietro slowly stepped towards the kitchen. He didn’t want to disturb her and risk her crying again. Though the more he thought about it the more he preferred to violent sobs to this quiet. Though the sobs practically tore his heart in half, this silence was deafening. At least when she was crying he knew she was feeling something. Now it looked like she didn’t feel anything and that scared him terribly. He had never seen her look like this and it made him hurt for her.

When he finally walked back with her tea Tony had the team gathered up and sitting around the room. Y/N was still staring off into space as if nothing was going on around her. Pietro walked up to her and held out the tea to her, she took it and looked up at him with pain in her eyes. “Thanks Piet.” She tried to smile but it was hopeless. He just nodded to her and sat on the arm of her chair and rubbed circles on her back. Once everyone was situated and looking at Tony he began to speak.

“Security to the tower was compromised today.”

“Well Stark, you did let about 100 people in here to decorate.” Nat pointed out looking over at Y/N who now had her head resting on Pietro’s thigh.

“I know but I hand picked and did background checks on every one of them. It couldn’t have been someone I hired.”

“Well what happened? If you don’t mind me asking.” Bruce spoke up directing the last part to Y/N.

She lifted her head from Pietro’s leg and spoke up. “My lab has been destroyed. Everything in it is useless. They took apart S.W.A.T. and even ripped apart my books. This wasn’t an attack on the Avengers. It was an attack on me. A few weeks back I had a date with an old Summer fling who happened to be in town. Before we left I caught him snooping through my purse, looking for the flash drive I carry with me, the one with S.W.A.T. information on it. I said that I would pretend it never happened and that would be the end of it. I wouldn’t tell you, he would live to see another day. I figured he didn’t get it so there was no harm done. A few days later, I noticed someone had tried hacking into my system. Obviously it didn’t work, I have a set up so hack proof that Ultron wasn’t even able to get into it. If you so much as poke my firewall it wipes and crashes every computer on your server so I wasn’t worried. I figured they were too busy trying to fix their stuff and they learned their lesson. I was never prepared for a break in. If it is who I think it is, then I know exactly what they were looking for and they destroyed everything as a warning, not to deny them again.” Everyone stared at her, awestruck, unsure of what to say. Finally Wanda asked the question that was on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

“Who is it?”

“The people I worked for the Summer I was abroad, the Summer Vince and I spent together.”

“And who is that?” Tony spoke up, unaware of his daughter’s activities that Summer.


It's my bed... *5sos fluff*

Anonymous requested: Can you do a 5sos blurb where your stepmom makes you cry and you call them? -this might sound weird but I kind of need it now

A/N: I hope you’re feeling Ok! :) I hope this is what you wanted, also, I turned it into an imagine more than a blurb! ;)

It was Friday evening. You just spent the day out with your Dad before he left for a business trip, strolling around town, getting some coffee. After you saw him off at the bus stop, you went home.

As you opened the front door, the faint smell of alcohol hit your nose.

“Y/N? Is that you?” a familiar voice called out. Your step-mom came out of the kitchen holding a beer.

She wasn’t very nice, harsh, and nothing to your actual Mom, who you still saw.

“Yeah, what’s up?” you put your bag on the couch, shoving your phone in your pocket.

“Why wasn’t  I invited on your little fun day today with Y/F/N?” she put the beer down, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

“I kinda wanted it to be just me and Dad, ya know?” you tried moving passed her into the kitchen to get something to eat. She stopped you.

“Well, maybe I wanted it to be just me and him last night watching that movie, but no! You just had to watch it, too…” her voice was harsh as she stared down at you. You gulped.

“S-sorry, I didn’t think it was an issue…” you were getting scared now, as she slowly started to back you against the wall.

“Well, you little bitch, you should be sorry” you felt tears prick your eyes.

“I am” your voice was barely above a whisper. Her face was starting to go red.

“You think just because you’re his daughter you can do whatever you want in this house, don’t you?!” her face moving closer to your. Tears welled up in your eyes, threatening to spill. You shook your head, afraid to speak.

“Answer me!” she shouted, slapping you across the face. You fell to the ground, holding your red cheek. The sting travelled around you face, as the redness began to spread in the shape of a hand. Tears freely fell from your eyes as you looked up at her, her hard eyes staring back.

“Go to your room. Now!” she yelled, walking into the kitchen. You scrambled up the stairs, locking the door behind you. You sobbed into your knees as you brought them into your chest, hugging your legs. You tried to calm down, but that only made the sobs more violent. You had an idea. You grabbed your phone from your pocket and dialled your best friend Luke. Hopefully, your other best friends, Michael, Calum and Ashton would be there, too.

“Hey, Y/N, what’s up?” his cheerful voice filling the silence of your room. You heard Michael and Ashton yelling in the back, and Calum was there, too. You knew because Michael was asking him to ‘be on his team’. Probably fifa.

“L-Luke?” your voice shaky, and cracking.

“Y/N? What’s wrong? Are you Ok?” his voice sounded worried. The background fell silent, and you imagined them all staring at Luke, confused.

“My step-mom. S-she hit me…” you stammered out, as you began to sob again. The boys knew you never fully got along with her, but she made your Dad happy, so you managed. No-one would ever have thought she would hit you.

“We’re coming over” his voice stern.

“No! You can’t! I’ll come to you!” you knew that she would never let your friends in, especially this late.

“Alright, we’re in my house, but I’m staying on the line!” you sniffed in response, the fear of being caught stopping your tears. You heard him whisper to the guys, informing them of the situation.

“I’m putting you on speaker” you crept out your door, bringing some cloths in a small back pack. You nearly jumped ot of your skin when you heard the guys speaking.

“Y/N! Are you Ok?” Michael’s voice was loud through the phone. You shushed him, as you tip-toed down the stairs.

“Skip the creaky one!” Ashton called, who somehow knew you were on the stairs. You did just that as you reached the bottom. You began to clear the space between you and the door when you heard her.

“Y/N! What are you doing?!” she screeched through the house. You heard the guys gasp. You slowly turned around to look at her standing in the kitchen doorway.

“I-I’m leaving for tonight” you whispered, ever so slowly creeping backwards to the door. The boys were silent.

“No, you’re staying right here!” she moved towards you, but you spun around and threw yourself out the front door, racing down the driveway.

“Come back here you little bitch!” she yelled after you, but you didn’t stop. You only stopped running a block and a half away when Luke began speaking to you.

“Are you alright? Did something happen?” you almost forgot you were holding your phone to your ear. You caught your breath.

“Almost at your house, see ya then” he acknowledged, and you hung up. You walked towards his estate, tears rolling down your cheeks as the memories and the pain of your face came back to you. You knocked on his door, weakly. You heard thundering footsteps tear through the house and the door was nearly ripped off its hinges. The boys stopped their frantic rush when they saw you. Tears on your face, eyes red and puffy, face red with a hand mark on it, and you were clutching your phone so hard your knuckles were white. You looked up at them through tears, sniffing. You slowly walked through the door as more tears dripped off your face. The first thing Luke said was

“My parents aren’t home, so you can yell if you want” you shook your head. Ash put his hands around your shoulders, bringing you into his chest.

“You Ok, baby?” his voice soft. But that did it. You started sobbing like a baby. Your body shook as Ashton rubbed your back. Your legs were weak from running, and everything that happened, and you collapsed, Ash moving down with you. You sat there, crying, while Ash soothed you. You didn’t notice the other boys had left until they came back into the room; Luke with tissues, Mikey with blankets and Calum with Luke’s dog. You looked up at the tall boys, their hearts breaking at the sight of you. Michael brought the blanket around your shoulders, sitting next to you. Luke and Calum sat, too, handing you a tissue. You wiped your eyes and blew your nose, softly. Calum gingerly handed you the squirming dog.

“What can’t a puppy fix, right?” you giggled, snuggling the puppy in your lap.

“Come on, let’s go upstairs” Ashton picked you up bridal style, keeping the blanket wrapped around you. You laughed as the dig started licked his face before racing away downstairs. He gently put you down on Luke’s bed.

“Do you want us to get anything?”  Calum asked, giving you another tissue even though your tears had stopped.

“I’m Ok. Some ice-cream wouldn’t hurt, though?” Cal laughed, and he dragged Luke with him to get you some. Michael and Ashton crawled on the bed either side of you. Mikey looked at you, his green eyes full of sympathy.

“Would you like something for that?” he lightly ran his fingers over your red cheek. You almost forgot the red mark was there, now that it had stopped stinging.

“I’m Ok, it’ll be gone by the morning!” he smiled down at you. Ash put his arm over your shoulders and Michael did the same. You smiled, feeling protected between them. Ashton started telling a story about when he was in school, about the stuff he did that he thought was cool. The three of you were in stitches when Cal and Luke came back, armed with tubs of ice-cream, whipped cream, sprinkles, sauces, the works!

It turned into a competition of who could make the best Sundae; you and Mikey vs Cal, Luke and Ash. You and Michael obviously won thanks to your sprinkles (and maybe due to the fact Mike stole their chocolate sauce, but all is fair in love, war, and ice-cream!)

As you all happily chowed down on the ice-cream, Luke decided to play some music. It started off with some Good Charlotte and Green Day, but ended up with Taylor Swift and the spongebob theme song. Before you knew it, it was 3:47 in the morning.

“Holy crap!” Luke yawned, checking his watch. “We’ll be lucky to wake up before 4 o’clock tomorrow!” everyone laughed, as they put their pyjamas on.

You crawled under the covers of Luke’s bed, suddenly realising that he had nowhere to sleep, now. You jumped up.

“Here you go, I’ll sleep on the floor like the guys” you gestured at the boys in their sleeping bags.

“No way! You’ll sleep in here!” he sat you down on the bed.

“Where will you sleep, then?” he thought for a moment. He went to say something, but stopped himself, blushing slightly.

“What is it?”

“I was just thinking, maybe I could share with you?” he looked at his feet, his face turning red. You giggled.

“Of course!” he looked up in surprise.


“Sure!” you pulled back the covers moving over to let him get in.

“Heey!” Michael whined. “How come he’s allowed to share and I’m not?!” he stood up, putting his hands on his hips. You looked at Luke, and sighed, moving the covers back again.

“Come on, then!” his face lit up as he jumped into the bed.

“Well, that’s not weird!” Calum remarked.

“1: It isn’t weird that friends are sharing a bed, Cal it’s not like we’re going to have sex!” Luke’s innocent face blushed and Mikey giggled. “and 2: You’re just jealous we get a bed and you don’t!” you finished you’re speech with a triumphant nod. He faked a shocked look.

“Me? Jealous? Ha!” he shook his head.

“You know what, mate?” Ashton said, getting up and walking to the bed “I think you are!” he flopped down on top of us, moving around until he was comfy. Calum’s face fell, slightly, seeing that he was alone on the floor. You didn’t want him to feel left out, though, as he was your best friend. You opened your arms wide.

“There’s room for one more!” he smiled, racing over to you. He landed on your lap, situating himself so he was lying directly on top of you, his head on your chest. You laughed as he sighed happily, snuggling into you more. Everyone got into comfy positions; Ashton on his side, his hand under his face, Calum snuggled on top of you, Michael on his stomach and Luke had his arm over Michaels tummy to annoy him. Mikey shooed his hand away, so he lay on his back. Everyone fell asleep pretty soon, except for Luke, who couldn’t get comfortable. Eventually, he was forced to get out of the bed, when Michael moved over, leaving no space for him. He grumbled as he got into a sleeping bag, and began drifting to sleep,

“It’s my bed….”            

The emo trinity bandoms right now:

Mcr: *violent sobbing* … I’m not ok … *more violent sobbing*

Free! Eternal Summer Episode by Episode Summary


Episode 2: NEW BISHIES

Episode 3: LOL SEE YOU GUYS REITER (im terrible)

Episode 4: SouRin and strawberry cocaine


Episode 6: Makoto being a  F U C K I N G  sweetheart