Song is Itsumo Nando Demo music box, original from Spirited Away

  • friend: i made this new friend recently and we're getting along so well!!!
  • me, externally: wow, thats great!
  • me, internally: wow, thats great, from what you just said i can obviously tell you are having a much better time with them than you ever had with me and you dont need me anymore, i am a burden and i should never talk to you again

In which Castiel is a pureblood, and Dean is a loud, obnoxious Muggleborn, and Cas doesn’t want that stupid, fit, gorgeous, freckled Hufflepuff anyway. He doesn’t.

What would father say?

Meanwhile, Dean is trying his level best to get the blue-eyed Ravenclaw to go to Hogsmeade with him. 

Yes. Come and talk to me about any SPN-HP headcanons you might have. 

Jaal x Ryder(f).. and pie

A/N: i finished the game today and i have all these small ideas in my head… had to write this down but im half dying as it’s 3 am X’D  but Jaal and Ryder is my life right now. 

To: Jaal

From: Sahuna

Jaal please seek me out as fast as you can. I am currently on Aya, bring Ryder with you. There is something I have to show you.

Your true mother Sahuna

“ Mother what is wrong?! Are you hurt ?! Is someone hurt!? We came as fast as we could!” Jaal blurred out, his voice dripping of worry as he and Ryder stormed into the building they had been directed to.

From the urgency in the message he expected dire news but when they entered the atmosphere was bright and homely. There was no trace of sadness or anger so he stopped in his tracks confused.

“ Jaal, Ryder, what a pleasure to have you over for lunch.” Sahuna greeted them with a voice warm as a sunlight. She embraced her son and then Ryder with open arms and a sweet smile.

“Mother? What is it that you had to show us so urgently?” Jaal asked even more confused.

“ I’m sorry for storming in like that. It seems we have been misinformed. We were expecting ….. bad news….” Ryder tried to explain as she hugged the motherly woman back tightly.

“ Clearly someone must have used your name to …. No Sam would have noticed it.” Jaal speculated as he looked around. His eyes fell upon a set table and something with an unusual shape.

“What is that ?” He asked as his curiosity took over when he sensed no danger.

Shauna smiled and put her hands on her hips.

“ I managed to bake a fruit pie. The humans that test tasted it all said it was good. Apparently it almost taste like something called aaaapple. ” She answered with a proud voice and gave them a triumphing look.

Jaal felt annoyance and small hints of anger starting to emerge inside but it quickly vanished as he saw how Ryder’s eyes started to shine. He watched as his mother quickly gestured to Ryder to sit down on the couch. Sahuna cut a piece of the pie and handed it to Ryder who looked like she was going to burst from joy and excitement.
He almost melted on the spot when she expressed something close to pure bliss as she took her first bite.
He loved to see her happy, even the stars seemed to lose their lights compared to her smile.
Jaal decided that there was no need in expressing the anger and annoyance that almost had emerged. Flying here in haste was worth it to see Ryder this happy.
He wished he could preserve every expression she made and keep them all to himself forever.
Some of the expressions and sounds she made while eating were dangerous close to the expressions and sounds she made when they made love. It warmed him to the core and he felt an urge to embrace her right there on the spot. It was with great willpower he managed to stop himself from reaching out.
He cleared his throat as he noticed Sahuna giving him a knowing look mixed with smugness.

“ I’m glad you two enjoy the pie so much. I should bake pie more often, right Jaal?” Sahuna said as she handed Jaal a piece.

Jaal quickly took a bite to have an excuse to not answer. It had a fresh taste, sweetness and sourness mixed together in a strange yet not unfamiliarly way. The inside was warm and soft while the outside was crusty, it had a surprisingly pleasant taste.

“ If you make more pie like this I might end up never leaving, like ever. ” Ryder joked with a big smile on her lips.

Sahuna chuckled and Jaal made a mental note to ask his mother to teach him how to make it.

Another small jaalxryder i wrote

AAAANNnnnd another one …


“I…wasn’t gone…for that long.”

It's Peak Day of my Birthday Week!

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     “Cake or pie?” Ashton questioned, looking between the two desserts in thought. You glanced over your shoulder at him, hands filled with croissants.

“Pie,” you replied tossing the container into the cart and heading over to grab some cookies. 

“Pie? You’re suppose to have cake for birthday parties!” Ashton exclaimed with furrowed eyebrows. You laughed at his words and shook your head. 

“Then why’d you ask my cake or pie?” you said, “Besides I like pie more, but get a cake too if you want me to stick to tradition.” Ashton smiled at your words and headed towards the baker behind the counter. The two of you were getting some last minute groceries for your birthday barbecue. One thing you forgot was to get desserts and bread for the hot dogs and hamburgers. 

“What else did we need?” Ashton mumbled to himself, pulling the grocery list from his back pocket. His eyes scanned down the list for a few seconds then looked up at you. “So far we have everything except paper plates,” he said, placing the cake and pie into the cart. Ashton held out his hand for you to take and you intertwined your fingers with his. He brought your locked hands up to his lips and kissed at your knuckles. “Are you having a nice birthday so far?” he asked, beginning to push the cart towards the aisle with napkins. 

“Mhm. Thank you for the wonderful breakfast this morning,” you smiled, lightly squeezing his hand. What Ashton really wanted to do was go all out for your birthday, but you wanted to keep it low key and just have a small get together with close friends. After grabbing a few more items you both headed to check out. 

It was a great day for barbecuing. The sun out with only a slight breeze, barely any clouds. The event had started slow, your parents being the first to show up then Ashton’s family. You were a bit confused as to why your grandparents showed up, but ultimately grateful that they were here to celebrate your birthday. Music had filled your backyard as more people began to show up. “So you’re doing it today?” Michael asked Ashton, catching the attention of Calum and Luke. All four of them were crowded around the grill. Luke was leaning against the brick wall of your home with a beer in hand, Michael standing next to Ashton in front of the grill, and Calum was sitting in a lawn chair munching on potato salad. 

“Yeah it’s going to happen today. Right after Y/N blows the candles out,” Ashton told them. He was nervous about what your answer would be. 

“That’s not too long from now isn’t it?” Calum said, looking down at his phone for the time. This party had been going on for about three hours now and from what it seemed like your friends just went inside to light the candles on your cake. Before Ashton could even reply, he was interrupted by one of your friends whispering in his ear. 

“Well I guess it’s happening now,” he announced, eyes widening in nervousness. The three boys wished him luck and Ashton handed the flipper over to Luke before darting inside to get your present. It was only three minutes later that you could hear the “happy birthday” song. The lyrics were muffled, but grew louder as Ashton walked out the house with your cake in hand. People began to join in and was soon crowded around you. “Happy birthday dear, Y/N happy birthday to you!” they sang. You smiled at their words, waiting for the song to finish. Once it was done you leaned down to blow out your candles. It wasn’t until you lifted your head and actually looked at the cake that you realized the letters didn’t spell out “Happy Birthday.” Instead in neat light purple cursive letter were the words “Will you marry me?” Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“Ashton, I think you got the wro-” you words were cut short when you turned around to see Ashton kneeling down on one knee with a ring in hand. Your hands came up to cover your mouth and you could feel tears spring at the corner of your eyes. You weren’t expecting Ashton to propose to you at all. This whole day he had been showering you with gifts and had said there was one more surprise left. This must have been it. 

“I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Travel around the world and take cheesy pictures with you. I want to start family one day tell them about the clumsy girl that spilled hot coffee on a guy. Will you marry me?” Ashton asked, holding his breath as he waited for your answer. 

“I want to do those things with you too,” you gushed, “Yes, a thousand times yes!” Ashton couldn’t stop the smile that was taking over his face. He took the ring from inside the box and placed it on your finger. Everyone began to clap and cheer. Ashton was quick to scramble to his feet, pulling you into a hug and kissing you. You were glad you didn’t go all out for this birthday, happy to have your friends and family around for the proposal. It was more intimate than proposing in public. Both you and Ashton were excited to start a new chapter in your lives. 

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I have the flu so I'm sitting in bed craving kanej. Any chance you could write something for them pls and thank you btw you're a goddess and I love your stuff

sorry i haven’t been online so idk when you sent this but…that could mean you’re maybe, hopefully, feeling a bit better by now?? regardless, i’m wishing you well!! ♡ and tysm.

they don’t belong here, but barrel rats are a difficult breed to shoo away. not that anyone tries. it’s getting late, most of the university district all sound asleep apart from the gathering having pints and academic debates on the bridge.

kaz and inej sit at the fountain in the courtyard enjoying almond cakes and coffee, but mostly the serene ambience.

at night the fragrances of the flowers intensify. even the canals are pretty when the moon shines down on it, the silver light glinting across the small ripples like dancing stars. it’s nothing like the barrel here, which is precisely why they love it so much. they often come here to escape the dense clouds of coal smoke and the smell of rot. here, there are no hassles or drunkards to get in the way of enjoying their alone time. just peace.

clusters of heliotrope are potted around them. inej thinks they smell like vanilla, kaz thinks they smell more like cherry pie. they playfully argue about this and she splashes him with the fountain water. he laughs when the wind mists the cold water against the back of her neck and she ducks into her hood. “what’s the depressing suli proverb about what goes around comes around?”

her smile is a starburst of light splitting through the shadows her hood casts over her face. “i don’t know what you’re talking about.”

students straggle along the cobblestones without looking twice at them. some silently converse among themselves, others have their noses pressed into books as they head from the closing libraries to their dorms. kaz’s eyes rivet to them, wondering how they could exist in the same time at the same place, but be from entirely different worlds. 

when he looks at inej her head is tilted back, her hood fallen just enough for him to see the concentrated way she’s watching him. he leans in, his smirk slow and sinuous, “is that scheming face?”

she flushes. “i don’t have a scheming face.”

he pulls her hood the rest of the way down to get a clear view of her face. smoothing the disrupted hair back in place he teases, “seems to be a night of denial for you.”

“do i really have one?”

“were you scheming?”

she pauses. “kinda?”

“then definitely. what were you thinking about?”

she offers her hand and he fits his fingers between hers. “nothing devious really, i just need a lockpick to help me.”

he nods and says, “okay,” but he really means always. she smiles and squeezes his hand, but she actually means i know.

A PREVIEW. For a little holiday zimbits/SMH thing I started?

Kudos to anyone who can recognize what piece of art I’m essentially doing a master-copy of ;D

Greyscale is a placeholder. Final will be in color. I just got excited and wanted to share.

There’s gonna be a lot of pie in this thing.

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