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My baby sister has anxiety and I watched with my own eyes her mood stabilizing drugs save her life and let her live “normally.” She used to get so upset she couldn’t even go to the store. And it’s not her fault. Now she is so social and active it’s absolutely such a wonderful transformation. But it took years to get there. I would literally slap anyone who told her she shouldn’t take them or should get off of them. I’m wishing you the same success, my love. Honest to God, it’s a /miracle/

Thank you so so much! I’m so glad you saw such a transformation in your sister, makes me hopeful it’ll be the same for me. I hope it’ll only be temporary because I am a little concerned about side effects, but if I ultimately have to choose between living miserably and having some side effects from drugs, I’d choose the second in a heartbeat.
Give your sister all the hugs, and thank you for being such a warm, amazing person <3

  • Aries: a reality check
  • Taurus: a line of coke and a karaoke machine
  • Gemini: a slap and a mood stabilizer
  • Cancer: a box of tissues and a block of chocolate
  • Leo: a room without mirrors
  • Virgo: a xanax
  • Libra: a backbone
  • Scorpio: to be escorted into hell
  • Sagittarius: to sit still
  • Capricorn: a joint
  • Aquarius: to fucking listen
  • Pisces: to just... chill for a sec


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Spell Components and Spell Writing:
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“BB’s music is sort of cathartic, for me. It’s quite negative sometimes, but somehow it takes all the negativity from inside me and leaves me purified. I always feel much better, much calmer, after listening to breaking benjamin… it’s the feeling of calm after the storm has passed.”

Anti-epileptics/Anti-convulsants Made Incredibly Easy


  • Start therapy after the second seizure; first ONLY if recurrence is high = MRI abnormal, EEG abnormal, or status epilepticus.
  • Monotherapy until seizures are controlled.
  • If failed: titrate up to maximum tolerated dose –> shift to alternative drug –> use drug combination –> VNS, DBS.
  • Full drug therapy for 2 – 3 years after the last fit.
  • Gradual withdrawal over at least 6 months.

Rx Profile:

(Drawings are courtesy of @mynotes4usmle​)


  • Mainly for generalized tonic-clonic seizures
  • Trigeminal neuralgia
  • Bipolar disorders (with depressive predomince) - mood stabelizier
  • NEVER in abscence seizures
  • SE:


  • Safer profile, with minimal interactions.
  • Bipolar disorders (with depressive predominance) - mood stabilizer  
  • SE: maculopapular rash; SJS


  • Broad spectrum anti-seizure; used in migraine.
  • SE of TopIRamate: enzyme Inhibitor + Renal stones.


Green: first line; Yellow: second line; Orange: third line; Red: contraindications. (Graph reproduced from Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine)

Epilepsy & Pregnancy:

  • Non-enzyme-inducing AEDS have no effect on the pill. Enzyme inhibitors prolong the half life of OCP (=Valproate) so better for birth control , and vice versa.
  • Most of AEDs are teratogenic; Category D
  • Therapy not stopped; uncontrolled seizure is risky to fetus & mother. Give lowest effective dose.
  • Avoid phenytoin, valproate and barbiturates (use Lamotrigine)
  • Most AEDs cause folate deficiency …. Folic acid (prior to or early in conception)
  • Most AEDs are competitive inhibitors of vit. K-dependent clotting factor: Vit. K to mother 10 days before labor & to newborn.
  • Most except carbamazepine and valproate are present in breast milk. Lamotrigine is safe on infants.

Status Epilepticus:

  • WHAT? Seizures lasting for >30min, OR repeated seizures without intervening consciousness.
  • Things to be done:
  1. Bedside glucose, the following tests can be done once Rx has started: lab glucose, ABG, U&E, Ca2+, FBC, ECG.
  2. Consider anticonvulsant levels, toxicology screen, LP, cultures, EEG, CT, CO level.
  3. Pulse oximetry, cardiac monitor.
  • How to treat?


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What each 2P needs
  • 2p!america: a reality check
  • 2p!china: a line of coke and a karaoke machine
  • 2p!england: a xanax
  • 2p!france: a laugh
  • 2p!russia: a peace prize
  • 2p!italy: a slap and a mood stabilizer
  • 2p!germany: to sit still
  • 2p!japan: a bottle of sake
  • 2p!canada: to fucking listen
  • 2p!romano: nothing he's a fucking joy
  • 2p!austria: a room without mirrors
  • 2p!prussia: a box of tissues and a block of chocolate

having my phone off for two weeks and taking a step back socially was one of the best things i did for my mental health besides therapy & mood stabilizers. and that’s not to say you have to become a hermit who doesn’t see anyone but! like not involving yourself in everything, letting yourself know the doldrums of time and space where you are not so consciously and consistently occupied. staring out a bus window. fidgeting among yourself, finding new things to fill that hum. it’s so fulfilling and gratifying. not knowing everything. the not knowing is really gratifying.