Two funny weeds part 1 | part 2

RCIJ 2016 gift for @jadzias-spots, who prompted: Childhood Sweethearts, Language of Flowers.

The poem they’re reciting:

Five Little Seeds
Five little seeds,
Five little seeds.
Three will make flowers,
And two will make weeds. Under the leaves,
And under the snow,
Five little seeds are
Waiting to grow. Out comes the sun,
Down comes a shower.
And up come the three,
Pretty pink flowers. Out comes the sun,
That every plant needs,
And up come two,
Funny old weeds.

anonymous asked:

Mayhaps they're estranged brothers? Sui Zakki and Furudate are secretly in cahoots and tg and hq are happening in the same universe??? Or if Hirako existed b4 makki mayb Furudate was inspired and based makki's design off him? idk??

Maybe Furudate and Ishida are the same person bwahahaha

Well, I think one of the thing that got me into Haikyuu was Ishida’s drawing of Shuu playing volleyball as an Haikyuu x Tokyo Ghoul crossover, so I’m pretty sure at the very least Ishida knows of Haikyuu, and now that I think about it Furudate used to draw horror manga, so might know about Tokyo Ghoul. They both started their mangas in 2012 (if I’m not wrong) (and I think the two characters have been introduced in different moments but honestly I didn’t even think about it that deeply).

I’m not saying that they actually inspired each other for their design, but it would be interesting if that were the case. 

Or it might be a simple case of manga characters looking like each other like it happens all the time

EDIT: “tg and hq are happening in the same universe” LET THE KIDS LIVE IN THEIR HAPPY SPORT ANIME ç_ç

for those of you wondering wtf i have disappeared to

i have been dragged off on family vacation and will return thursday for more shitposting, as we have no wifi nor any cell phone connectivity in these mountains (i am writing to you from a pizza place that has glorious wifi)

the vacation is nice but tbh i kind of want to go home so i can work for six hours then shitpost/play some vidya for six more

workin on some writing that a few people will read, and maybe some more edits that more people will look at, so please look forward to it©