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I'm relatively new the Brittana fandom (what a time to be alive!), and I keep hearing about "Sugar from the Future." I know it started as a fanfiction, but why did it seem to resonate so much with the fandom, and does the cast have an opinoin?


So leigh-kellyscrabblesmcjellyfish, and gleerant summed up the origins of Sugar from the Future theory beautifully, concisely, and accurately right here.

Then I flailed more about Sugar from the Future theory and what it means to the fandom under the cut.

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anonymous asked:

theres no point in trending brittana because heather morris hasn't signed for season 5 and unless she does the writers won't put brittana together

It’s always a nice gesture to see that the fandom still supports Brittana however way they fuck it up for us. There is a point, point that we support them and still believe in them. I don’t see anything wrong with trending brittana related things even if Heather hasn’t signed yet, or anyone else because I don’t know if it’s just me but I still don’t know who officially is coming back. Come on bro don’t be a negative nancy. :-) 

i feel live i’ve been on noah’s ark for the past 40 days week and a half since brittana broke up and haven’t been sure if it’d ever stop raining again and then vanessa lengies shows up with her #messagefromthefuture tweet like the little dove with the olive branch and THERE IS HOPE FOR BRITTANA AGAIN