Hello everyone! I redid my commission sheet, check it out!

As you know, I am running low on money. I thought I was going to be working until September but, I actually finished already.

I got to earn a small part of money, but it’s not enough.

Next month I start on the art school and also the language school, those cost an amount of money that ONLY my mom can pay. My father sends me money every month, but I don’t want to recieve anything from him anymore. But… I have to accept it, since it’s the only way I can help myself and to be able to go to classes.

Next month also, (if not on October), I will go take the theory test for the driving school (which I really need). And it also takes a good amount of money, sadly.

I have finally found a Button Maker machine that I like, which I could use to maybe set up an etsy store and maybe even go sell stuff on conventions.

Sadly, I need help, since I don’t work anymore and honestly, there’s no work in my country.

I’ve set up a “Get me a coffee” button on my page, which you guys can check out.

And also you can check out my RedBubble store, which I am selling new stuff, now and then.

I’d like to reach to almost 300€ - 500 €, and which it will help me a lot.

If you guys can’t help me out on this, it’s alright! But if you could share this, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you so much again guys, I hope you all have a wonderful day!

…so someone on the “colder months are awesome” post……..

commented like “oh you must live up north where winter is pretty HERE IN TEXAS winter sucks and it’s just cold”

and like. okay no offense but. my new england ass is sitting here like

Originally posted by gifsarefunny

have you… ever….. felt real cold in your life just askin cause our average winter temp is 0 degrees with a feels like temperature of -20 from wind chill so.

I don’t know where this “north” is where “winter is pretty” but I’d like to go there, instead of living a life of “it feels warm if the temperature manages to get above 9 degrees.” 

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What's the worst thing Tanya has done when drunk?

She throws punches. Mainly at Kathy. But if she’s in a mood and any PTA mom is standing close enough, they better move fast.

Going to the doc this afternoon, as per my mom’s suggestion, to ask for a referral to the psychiatry. Because that silly roundabout way of doing it is the way Hungary works.

I haven’t seen her in a very, very long time, and the last time I did was also because of something that turned out to be purely anxiety-induced, so I’m hopeful -albeit not convinced- that she’ll believe me.

It’s happening.

This is happening.

I’m going to get better. I have to.

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Mom i got 3 Us and an E in my alevels and I don't know what to do. i worked so hard but some how i got those awful grades and im just so angry and upset with myself

Oh bby! :((( <333333 Can @imageneralweeeee offer any advice here? I don’t know what it means to get low grades on these exams bc I’m not sure what their approximate equivalent is in US testing.

But I can say this. You gave it your all, kiddo. I have no doubt about that, and I hope you know that, too. Sometimes we aren’t great test-takers, but that’s okay! This is gonna be okay. This does not determine your intelligence or your self worth.

I love you and I’m proud of you for working so hard. <333333

My mom wants to know what I’m doing for my birthday and last year I got my nose pierced so now I’m like the clear trajectory here is to get a tattoo but i haven’t been thinking of that long enough to have one ready by the first. (Though I’m telling you what. I’ve been thinking about a tiny set of Homicides stars for probably 8 years. Placement is key, though. Also style. Even just stars, I want them watercolor or a splatter with an elegant shape.)

But I might just go to the museum and the nice art store instead of work.

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Woah i have huge questions, do you know what happened to @audiocassette? Wheres audio mom... I know im late but like, what.

She deactivated. The most I know is that real life became a lot for her and she kinda faded out. Her archive account is still up though and she’s uploaded most , if not all, of her works there. 

She’s okay as far I know, her last post telling us that she was leaving because her blog had run it’s course. I can’t actually find the post but she said she was going to leave the blog up but I think tumblr fucked up on that one. 

So, last Thursday or thereabouts I popped my knee walking up the stairs. Not sure precisely what happened to it, but I felt (did not hear, thank the gods) a pop and discomfort, and since then my knee has been afflicted with mild to unpleasant to unnoticeable discomfort.

Until today, which involved a lot of driving to get my phone’s screen replaced, and walking the doglet.

Nurse Mom says, stay off the knee, ice, elevate, compress, that’s all that can be done. Two weeks, should be good as new.


All those things. Those things that as a teacher with four different classrooms I cannot do. Those things that as the owner of a small and energetic doglet I cannot do. Those things.

I want to forget that I ever pursued singing. It’s a dark corner of my life now. How can my life have such a violently strong direction, and then fall apart so quickly?

My birth mom keeps pressuring me into singing again, but I don’t know if I can without getting upset.

Gob, where are your forget-me-nows when I need them? How many do I need to take to erase four years?

Bleach 686, An Abbreviated Summary:

Ishida-kun becomes a doctor

Ichigo-san becomes a priest a smiley underground clinic man with slightly more refined hair than he had when he was a kid

Orihime becomes a teacher is a stay-at-home mom

And then they all run down the slope together one last time and watch their former classmate who is now a rock-n-roller or something professional boxer friend on TV

The End


social security is FUCKING ME IN THE ASS

they sent this bullshit letter claiming that, based on the information we gave them in June, I should have been paid LESS money from September 2015 to May 2016. because apparently the little money my mom was giving me plus the fact that Jordan was mostly the one paying for food and groceries adds up to an “income” of like 650 dollars (according to SSI).


they’re saying I shouldn’t have even been paid AT ALL from May to June! because Jordan and I are now considered a single entity with a combined income, and the two of us together cannot have over 3,000 dollars at any one time! and Jordan happened to have 2,000 dollars in his savings while both of us had a total of 1,000+ in our checking accounts! what kind of oppressive bullshit is that?? you want to KEEP us poor? not even my own spouse can save money in case we ever need it????

so now they’re going to be subtracting a ton of money from the lump sum of 2,600 I was supposed to get in October.

literally the ONLY bright side is that I’ll be getting 900 dollars on the first of September because neither Jordan nor I have had an income for the past several months.

but then guess what? Jordan goes back to work in late September. he’s going to be making a decent amount of money, and then we’re going to have to tell SSI, and they’ll either severely decrease the amount I get each month, or just stop giving me money altogether!

what Jordan makes isn’t going to be enough to support both of us in the long run! we fucking NEEDED this social security income! the only reason we moved into this apartment was because we assumed I’d be able to pay half the rent!

what makes SSI think that we can fucking live off of just one income?

now my broke-ass mom is gonna have to help us pay rent, and…..

I hate this government, I hate this fucking government!!


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Drink: water
Phone Call: my younger brother
Text: I asked mom what time she’ll arrive home
Song You Listened To: VIXX - Only U
Time You Cried: I can’t remember. HAHAHA sometimes movies make me cry


Dated someone twice: No
Been cheated on: No
Kissed someone and regretted it: No
Lost someone special: Yes
Been depressed: Maybe
Been drunk and thrown up: I never throw up
List 3 favorite colours: violet, blue, and green


Made a new friend: A lot. hahaha
Fallen out of love: No
Laughed until you cry: Yes
Met someone who changed you: I thing everyone we meet changes us in little ways
Found out who your true friends are: I already know who they are
Found out someone was talking about you: HAHAHA technically, I wasn’t being the one talked about but the topic was so touchy. He insulted my beloved unit and it made me upset. It was pretty much like attacking me bc I’ve been an officer of thet unit for 5 years. No one messes with my babies. It was nasty.
Kissed anyone on your fb list: Yes


How many people from your fb list do you know irl: about 97% of the people in my fb list, I’ve met at least once IRL and there’s about 1400+ of them HAHAHA
Do you have any pets: Yes. Three cats and three dogs
Do you want to change your name: I’ve thought about it once but I’m too attached with this one bc I had it since 2009
What did you do for your last birthday: I had dinner with my family and ate two types chocolate cake. Dad’s birthday gift was a really cute bear cake from Tous Les Jours
What time did you wake-up today: Not sure. I keep napping after waking up. I think it was about 12nn
What were you doing last night at midnight: Staring at my Hyuk draft. I couldn’t make up my mind.
Name something you can’t wait for: Seeing Taekwoon and the rest of VIXX in Showchamp MNL on September ♥
Last time you saw your mum: Last thursday
What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: Find a good paying job related to my field bc I’m currently on “rest” after grad
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: I think I did? There’s too many people in the university. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them was named Tom
What’s getting on your nerves right now: The pressure of finishing the thing I was translating and applying for a job. HAHA I kinda like staying at home for now
Blood Type: B-
Nickname: Hen,Ri
Relationship status: Single
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Pronouns: She,her
Favourite TV Shows: W, The Surplus Princess, and Rupaul’s Drag Race even though I can’t watch the last one as often
Long to short hair: I like my hair long. It’s already long enough to reach my waist.
Height: 164cm
Do you have a crush on someone: Yes. The question is “who” HAHAHA I have too many.
What do you like about yourself: I think I have pretty eyes, I can draw, and I make friends easily. I can get things done if I push myself to do so.
Right or left handed: Right
First surgery: I never had one. Unless if you would count the stitches I got when I had a molar extracted… but it’s barely a surgery. There was no incision.
First best friend: A girl named Danielle whom I met in pre-school. She gave me a hair clip as a parting gift before she went to a different school.
First sport you joined: probably Volleyball. I’m terrible at basketball.
First Vacation: I think it was in mom’s hometown in Bataan


Eating: nothing
Drinking: nothing
I’m about to: take a shower
Listening to: VIXX - Chained Up


Kids: at least two but I don’t mind having more. I love kids.Taekwoon can have as many as he wants. HAHAHAHAHA jk pls don’t kill me
Career: I want to design costumes and set to make the stage alive during live performances


Lips or eyes: Eyes
Hugs or kisses: Hugs
Taller or shorter: Taller
Older or Younger: Older
Romantic or spontaneous: both
Sensitive or loud: Sensitive. I tend to like people who complements my personality.
Hookup or relationship: Relationship.
Troublemaker or hesitant: a bit of both?


Kissed a stranger: Yes
Had sex on a first date: No
Broke someone’s heart: Yes
Turned someone down: Yes
Cried when someone died: Yes
Fallen for a friend: Yes


Yourself: Yes
Miracles: Yes
Love at first sight: Wouldn’t that be infatuation?
Kissing on a first date: Why not?

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return to college roadtrip

“Are those the Rocky Mountains?”

“No one here can drive jesus.”

“Why does this whole state smell like rectum?”

“Are those the Rocky Mountains?”


“What is this dillweed doing? He’s crossed a double white line twice now.”

“Okay, those have to be the Rocky Mountains.”

“See, I’d stop there, but I’d rather keep my kidneys.”

“I’ve only seen one other car in the past 40 miles.”

“Mm, that’s some good eau de cow poop.”

“See those mountains in the distance? …No, those ones. Those are the Rockies.”