We’re having our first parent teacher event at our after school center. I haven’t been this nervous in a very long time. I really hope I don’t do anything to mess things up. It doesn’t help when your a socially awkward person and any type of communication you have with people doesn’t usually go well.


she had the world // panic! at the disco

How the FUCK did an anime from the FUCKING 90s manage to be more fucking progressive than like 90 percent of the anime produced today

In EVANGELION you had:

-super competent female SCIENTISTS AND ENGINEERS who were not treated as moral support or just cheerleaders they did actual fucking science

-they knew what the fuck they were doing and yes they had sex and had sexual desires but fuck, man, it was treated as a part of being HUMAN.

-the anime mom who DIES for character development, LMAO, swerve bitch, she’s the most iconic image of evangelion and she’s badass as hell

-ALSO? Her husband took her fucking name. Ikari is HER name

-weird alien who doesn’t seem to care about gender. falls in love with shinji. it’s reciprocated. fuck you, it was the NINETIES. God BLESS evangelion.

-Asuka Langley was a fucking teenage girl who acted like one. So was Shinji. These kids are traumatized and anxious as fuck cuz the entire world is relying on them. Y'all bash em both but fuck you, you would piss yourself in an Eva suit, get at me.

-did I mention Ritsuko is the head scientist and Misato is the director of the iconic Eva projects?

-Like seriously, no one talks about this, but Ritsuko is a mechanic, a computer programmer, and an extremely complex, interesting character with a unique view of life and relationship with her own parents.



why the fuck

Does anime fail so hard nowadays, Christ, what was going on in the nineties…

hello, i’m erin.

i’m really poor, my family is financially unstable all the time because my parents have walking/moving disabilities and it’s hard for them to find proper jobs since they can barely move. lately we’ve been having major financial problems. 

they both used to work until the thing i was afraid of happened; my diabetic mom’s health condition started getting worse and worse. she couldn’t handle the pressure and the bullying at work so she had to quit her job. her health is the main priority in this entire thing so i don’t blame her at all.

as for now, my father is the only source of income. his monthly salary is $150 and as you can see that’s far from enough to maintain three people. i’ve tried to get a job myself but no one wanted to hire me because i’m a minor. 

for the past few months my mom’s illness has been progressing, we even got her a wheelchair since she couldn’t walk at all. she needs a damn expensive diabetic healthcare course right now. my father works day and night just to gain some money. also, i contributed with my savings even though it wasn’t much.

however, our efforts are not enough for my mom’s medical assurance. the amount of money we have by now can provide only half a month of medicines. my dad is working all the time he doesn’t even sleep at this point, it’s a miracle if he gets at least 2 hours of sleep a day. but unfortunately it’s never enough.

i feel pathetic and useless; the tears are streaming down my face as i’m typing this and the fact that i can’t help in any way is killing me.

only money can help us in this harsh situation so if you can donate i’ll be forever thankful. 

if you can, do it through paypal. my paypal email is;

any amount will be highly appreciated, i’m not asking for much, really. also reblog this please, it does matter and i hope i’ll find people who can help.

it’s totally okay if you don’t donate, just keep my mom in your prayers please, it means a lot.

i’m desperate please help, i don’t want to lose my mother. 

thank you.


Something really bad happened. Today at 5:00 A.M. a group of 4 men forced the entrance to our house. They beat up my mom and older sister (they were trying to protect me and to protect my 1-year-old niece). They had guns and, for a moment, I thought they were going to kill us. They stole everything from us. They stole my laptop, our cellphones, food, money. They even stole my little niece’s clothes :(

We went to the hospital to check if my mom and sister were ok. I paid for the hospital bill and bought a little bit of food but I don’t have any money left. I don’t know what to do. I still need to buy more food and to buy clothes for my little niece. I’m the only one with a job right now but, sadly, my salary isn’t enough to pay for everything.

Please, if you can, and are willing to help me, you could send a few dollars trough paypal. E-Mail: (My best friend e-mail. She’s the one helping me right now).

I’m desperate.  EVEN A DOLLAR IS A LOT TO ME. Or you could help me just by reblogging this post.

I’m crying so hard. I feel angry and sad. How can a person do this to another person? I feel embarrassed too, and I’m so sorry that I’m asking for your help but I don’t really know what to do. I need to help my family. I’m really sorry guys…

Don’t let anyone tell you learning your target language is a waste of time!

People told me this when I first announced to my family I wanted to learn German. They thought I was crazy and needed to focus on Spanish if I wanted to learn a language.

Today, my mom and I went to a Christmas home tour. The ladies from the local historical society had to read the home’s history from a paper. The originals owners of one house were, what do you know, German.

The ladies could not read the German on the paper, and one said to just skip it. My mother steaming with anger that these ladies were skipping important history stated loudly “my daughter reads German.” The ladies handed me the paper, and I explained the German to them and the group. My mom was so proud of me.

Your target language could come in handy in the most unusual situations. Do not give up based on what other people tell you. Merry Christmas!

My heart literally just broke and I don’t even know this woman. What I do know is that she raised 7 wonderful children and they’re going to grow into amazing people. My heart goes out to her entire family and they are in my thoughts and prayers.

I’M GONNA TALK SOME MORE ABOUT TATER’S LESBIAN MOMS. I had the original idea back in October, and then I decided I was going to do it for my Swawesome Santa, which I thought was super secret like Yuletide, so I clammed up about it since then. So I actually put a fair amount of work into researching the idea, but the fic turned into this monstrously huge unwieldy outline with 14 separate plot-important scenes at its smallest, and like five different emotional arcs, and I couldn’t do it, so I wrote Leave Your Lovers Like Campfires instead.

So now I’ll just cut it down to one aspect, which is Tater’s moms Sasha and Galina. Even just cut down to one aspect, in bullet points, without weaving in the other plot threads, this post is three thousand words long. /o\

I read what I could find in my libraries on social and LGBT history in Russia, but resources in English are honestly pretty limited and I know I’m making shit up here. MY APOLOGIES TO ACTUAL RUSSIANS. But for what it’s worth, the books I found most useful were Lesbian Lives in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia by Francesca Stella, Cracks in the Iron Closet: Travels in Gay and Lesbian Russia by David Tuller, and Putin Country: A Journey Into the Real Russia by Anne Garrels.

Content notes: Homophobia, being closeted, coming out, mental illness, and suicide.

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I just want to say thank you for all the sacrifices, I know you’ve made a lot, and I appreciate your support and you always being there. I know that it probably wasn’t easy at times, so I’m glad you get a chance to see what it’s like for me to play in the nhl, do what I love to do every day, and I just want to say, I love you.  Thanks Mom.

Sid making his Mom cry with the message he recorded for her on Moms’ Weekend :’)

  • mom: let me know what stresses you out so I can help you with it. even if I'm contributing to it, just let me know.
  • me: okay, well, sometimes you yell at me and it makes me upset, because you always blame me for it and I'm not allowed to disagree with you or else it's all my fault.
  • me: that's not what I'm saying.
  • mom: YES IT IS.
  • me: .....anyway
Just a thought

Okay so.. just a thought I had after seeing the clip..

It’s gonna be long I guess, I don’t know, just stay with me..

The whole season it’s been about 21.21 right? Well.. this evening Isak’s mom texted him about him being baptized in the church. And we all know Isak was born at 21.21, because his mom texted that to him.

Okay so.. I saw a post about the church being 43 minutes away from the school.. The concert started at 20.30 (8.30 pm) and Isak saw a part of it before he left. So I can only imagine he left at 20.35/20.40. (8.35/8.40 pm) Now it’s a 43 minute walk, but Isak ran. So he wouldv'e probably been there in 30 minutes or something. Let’s say he was there at 21.10 (9.10 pm). Then Even comes out of the school. But the text he send Isak sounded as if he wanted to end his life. So I guess he was gonna do that at 21.21 (9.21 pm). Isak was right on time to save Even from killing himself.

PLUS it was raining in the last shot when Isak en Even hugged, so they are being baptized again and cleansed from everything..

I know I don’t make a lot of sense, but that’s because I’m still so emotional from the clip and this realization.. I just don’t know what to do with myself..

*kookie shopping with his mom*
kookie: *is sad because someone at school was mean to him today*
mom: How is it baby?
kookie: This kid called me stupid names and pushed me on the ground before. My hands still hurts.
mom: *hugs him*
mom: Awe, are you okey? Should I call the teacher?
kookie: No it doesn’t matter anymore.
mom: you know what, you can buy anything you like, but just this time. ok?
kookie: *smiles really bright*
mom: you can go pick something up while I continue here, don’t take to long.
kookie: okey!

*A few minutes later*
kookie: I’m done mom!

mom: *is confused af*
I meant like a toy or candy…….

Holy ship guys. The apartment complex down the street from mine is on fire. And it is spreading.

My mom is on the way to pick up Eda. But she won’t be able to take Avarice. I get off work in half an hour.

I could super use all kinds of good thoughts and prayers and whatnot.

If we have to leave, I don’t know what I’ll do with Avarice. I can’t carry his tank and he doesn’t have a spare enclosure anymore.

Imagine a Mom discussion between Jinyoung and Jin though like
  • Jin : Yah, look at how they treat us now.
  • Jinyoung : We don't matter anymore, they're all grown up, they forget us.
  • Jin : Do you see how Kookie acts with me now? I raised him and this is how he thanks me?
  • Jinyoung : Bambam doesn't even peck me on the cheek anymore! I took care of him during all these years but now he's ashamed of me...
  • Jin : And it's not like we could count on our husbands' support, I mean look at them.
  • Jinyoung : It is hard to be a mom of 5 kids huh? Jaebum doesn't understand. He's just their dad ya know, what does he know about my struggle seriously
  • Jin : I feel you, Namjoon's my husband remember?
  • Jinyoung : Bro that must be hard.
  • Jin : *sigh* yep.
  • Jinyoung : ...
  • Jin : ...
  • Jinyoung : ...
  • Jinyoung : wanna get wasted?
  • Jin : Hell yes.