Adam DeVine Turned Down An Offer To Be A Series Regular On Modern Family

I met Adam DeVine after seeing him in his standup comedy show in Madison, Wl last Friday night. He was super nice and a really great guy! I told him I miss him on Modern Family because he was my favorite guest star ever on the show and l loved Andy’s relationship with Haley and his bromance with Phil. He told me that the creators asked him to be a series regular, but he turned them down because he was too busy with Workaholics. I told him he should do it now that Workaholics is ending. He joked that he should go crawling back to them begging and pleading to them to let him back on the show. I laughed and said that I just really want Haley and Andy to end up together. He said he wanted that too.

I like knowing the creators wanted to add Andy as a series regular, making him really part of the family on the show. It just sucks that after Adam informed them he couldn’t do it, they decided to drop his character completely from the season; instead of using him like they did before as a special guest star, which allowed him to work on both shows at the same time. It’s frustrating that it seems to be all or nothing with them when it comes to Andy. I just hope they will ask Adam again when his work schedule opens up some more and he can actually do it this time. Or, at least invite him back as a special guest star because I really miss Andy and want him back on the show.