anonymous asked:

teach me how 2 draw eyes (seriously pls)


start with the lines of course,, order in which i draw it

1. top eyelash part,,, yknow

2. eyelid crease thing

3. eyebrow

4. bottom eyelash part

5. pupil

1. eye white color (i usually use a white grey)

2. base color using an airbrush w/ high opacity

1. make a layer on shade or multiply mode

2. get a warm/cool darkish color if the pupil is a warm/cool color

3. just… go over half of the eye with it?

4. turn down the opacity of the layer too whatever looks best

1. make another shade or multiply layer

2. with the same color from the last step… go around the eye? like around the pupil and the outer parts of the iris

1. make a layer on overlay

2. get a color lighter than the base color of the eye

3. put like a circle ish amount at the bottom of the eye (in the rough area where i circled)

1. make a new layer (just normal mode)

2. just put down on a circle/oval ish of white, roughly half on the eyelash and on the iris

3. turn down the opactiy of the layer to, whatever looks best for your eye

now on a new layer, normal mode, i throw in random specks of color lmao



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