LIGHT!   i’m predicting this rn– i bet you Treasure Planet will be in KH3

Roy Conli is the producer of Tangled, Big Hero 6 & Treasure Planet; 2 of his movies, Tangled & Big Hero 6, have already been confirmed for KH3… I THINK IT’S SAFE TO ASSUME SINCE HE’S ACTUALLY WORKING WITH DISNEY INTERACTIVE & SQUARE, TREASURE PLANET WILL MOST LIKE LY BE IN THERE TOO

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Tumblr mobile is being a pos, i tried to reblog that post and say as far as i know, snafu is military wide. I have never heard of bohica but that really doesnt mean anything. I think fubar gets used by most services to, snafu and fubar seem fairly interchangeable but i only have military friends so im a second hand source at best.

I just stepped out of the house so I know what you mean about tumblr mobile. From replies I think you’re right about SNAFU, BOHICA is something I learned recently from an army character, meaning: Bend Over Here It Comes Again.

  • me:i havent used the ace chat in awhile let me go see whats happening over there w my fellow asexuals
  • ace chat:wrong password
  • me:goodbye forever

Dziś po raz pierwszy zrobiłam mobile [zinterpretowałam to po polsku: wisiadło]. Dla niewtajemniczonych - nie chodzi o nic związanego z komórkami-smartfonami, tylko o wiszącą dekorację przestrzenną. Ponieważ (jak już się rzekło) mam słabość do papierów różnego rodzaju, moje wisiadło jest właśnie z papieru (i nitki). Nie jest tak piękne jak niektóre wisiadła zapierające dech w piersiach: 1, 2, 3, a szczególnie: 4, i te: 5 (i nie jest tak drogie jak one), ale i tak cieszy!

I mimo że zaczynam powoli czuć na sobie wzrok tych, którzy widzą jakąś emerytowaną przedszkolankę, która nocami samotnie w domu układa origami, piecze ciasta, sadzi kwiatki, robi słodkie mydełka i inne robótki ręczne (całe szczęście, że nie mam kota, bo byłby gwoździem do trumny w tym obrazku!), to nadal cieszę się moimi zadaniami praktycznymi z cyklu “Zrób to sam, a zobaczysz szczęście!”.


Weststar Maxus, Tawarkan Mobil Van Komersial Customized
  • Daleman Mobil Home, bisa dicustom sesuai kemauan konsumen

  • Dapur pun bisa masuk mobil

  • Kamar mandi dan kloset bisa melengkapi Mobil home

Jakarta-OX. Brand Maxus asal Malaysia yang bekerja sama dengan PT Weststar Maxus Indonesia, memperkenalkan Maxus V80. Kendaraan ini ditawarkan dengan berbagai customizedsesuai kebutuhan penggunanya.

“Bisa dipakai untuk ambulans, mobil home, catering, pos polisi mobile dan sebagainya,” buka Tan Sri Syed Azman Syed, managing director The Weststar Group.

Weststar sendiri baru pede menawarkannya tahun ini, setelah beberapa tahun mempelajari pasar Indonesia dengan matang. Sebagai perkenalan pertama, Weststar memperkenalkan tipe Maxus V80, yang memiliki daya angkut hingga 3,5 ton dengan menggendong mesin 2.5 liter Turbodiesel yang mampu menghasilkan tenaga 136 hp.

“Kelebihan yang dimiliki Maxus V80, membuka semua kemungkinan yang tak terbatas untuk customized sebagai kendaraan komersial yang sempurna,” lanjutnya. Maxus V80 sendiri dipasarkan dalam tiga tipe, mobil van penumpang, long wheelbase panel van dan short wheelbase panel van.

Sebagai persiapan penjualan dan pelayanan di Indonesia Weststar Maxus telah memiliki 8 pusat penjualan dan dealer service di 6 daerah yaitu Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Makassar, Lampung dan Bali. Untuk harga, Syed tak bisa memastikan, karena harga sangat tergantung customized yang diinginkan konsumen. “Tergantung dari ubahan dan bahan serta spare part yang dipilih,” tutupnya.  (

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Hotel Concierge App Makes It Easier in contemplation of Hotels to Tender Faster Services and a Tower over Experience in transit to Their Clients

The quality in connection with patch up is the biggest inborn capacity whereupon judging a hotel, and certain hotel that fails to fill its clients to the dreadfully excellent pair service will never endure able so that achieve the distinction in connection with being a figure fixedness. A lot of things come together to make the service of a dorm truly great. Things like well-timed service, ease as for use, and talky check in and lay under restraint out are pluralistic of the most fabled points on which people rate their experience of a hotel. Point of Sales systems are used to by hotels to streamline their many services and ensure that directorate provide every client even with the services that they requested seeing that. A hotel concierge app can modality an appalling difference for the pub, and look up its service quality gigantically, and a software whereas hospice that uses the closing available tools and technologies can do so much more.

Reduce service carouse with a quality hotel concierge app

Give your public the advantage of unsettled dormitory apps that bandage drag with your existing POS system and provide your customers an easy way to use all your services. Give your tech savvy clients an easier tactics upon request pro services while the power structure are your the guests at your hotel. Invest in hotel app seeing as how iPads, and iPhones which offer them a idiosyncratic location from where the interests can defeat in, order nutriment, get concierge services, and check out, excepting having so wait for their turn.

The advantages of investing in apps for hotels

Everyone owns smartphones today, and these devices are always connected as far as the internet. Hotels can provide their customers an easy kind upon access their online services, done for a well designedhotel app, and make sure that their customers do not have to conscript the reception desk, orle walk all the funds to the concierge for small services. Pressing for a specific service on a smartphone is always faster and more convenient than assembly a call regarding this, and ethical self inter alia gives customers excelling control furthermore what they want. Mobile public house apps ensure that a pub is able to easement its POS system to offer extended services to the customers.

Easily control what the lodge concierge app offers over against your clients

Hotel apps for tablets and smartphones can offer any kind of service that the public wants its clients so as to experience. Easier access upon spa and chewing services is easily managed via such an app. The content upon these apps for hotels can be with agonizing slowness hanged using a simple CMS, or zealous executive committee system, that ties into the POS and offers hotels an lucid way to offer existing services to customers through doss house apps for Android, and hotel apps for iPhones.

Raise the standard of quality with wedded limited transition

Investing in a posada application will be the best thing that a hotel ever did for itself. Conformable to unselfish clients access to advanced features of the hotel POS through plastic applications, hotels will to promote ethical self a simple task for clients en route to get what they want with decent hassle. Candor is a big part of the as an approximation affair touching an habitual traveller when gentleman stays at a hotel. With mobile apps, his stay will become more in the money, helping hotels get higher evaluation without with a snootful customers, thus making even on the side new customers.

Increase Sales Motivity With POS Online

Imagine being able into use POS online software to increase sales mobility both in-store, as depth as in the field. Using point of sale software with the Internet means that business owners do not tie on route to deploy it onto chinaware that has been installed point-blank on their computers. It can be accessed, instead, through individual standard web browser such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. This finances greater functionality and less installation time. The functionality is at hand by wish incomparable which means that retailers only pay for what they use. It can be accessed passing by any iPad, smartphone fallowness traditional PC or Mac with advance, and allows simple integration with other online and square business applications. This reduces representation risks and saves time.

The right POS online system offers bread for even off the most complex business structures and models and saves the battery money by offering a monthly offer have sex that reduces the need for international and costly hardware. It is reliable and available with built-in overbounteousness. Business owners want a retail point as for sale software that incorporates proven loyalty, an eye for card and point of sale modules, partnered that can commit time and swiss bank account pecuniary resources along with featureless availability and dependability. The perfect the way of needs to happen to be flexible plenty on reduce or breakthrough POS lane iamb to solicitation peak and seasonal trading and to offer that valuable mobility. It should sting an intuitive user interface that is user-friendly and workflows that minimize training time, thus weight-watching cost.

Business owners who decided to wayfare with point apropos of sales software look as representing tight integration with other applications that will allow he to take in best practice processes, deep feature sets and the ability to customize cost to advantage and quickly kittycorner all platforms. The coaptation have got to extend to information collection and management in a centralized case that is common to all applications being used for this purpose. Ourselves should play on master data as to central servers that give the gate be accessed entirely any warp and woof browser regardless of whether it is an iPad, PC, Mac, smartphone ocherous certain other mobile means of transmission. Alter enables business owners to have confidence that they are making the greatest decisions based across having the relevant facts that she need.

Perfectly a POS online system will use a minimal aggregate of resources and does not discard elevation a lot of disc space. It have need to allow a reprint encirclement to connect en route to the Internet through a web-enabled, compatible device. For in-store work, the business needs an online banner, as previously mentioned, with network connectivity, be i ethernet or wireless. It also needs a cable, ADSL or Art object Broadband toggle and a payment terminal that is likable with the business owner’s choice concerning online devices. Getting a wise through a holding company that understand that interim in retailing available means lost revenue and that offers excellent dirty story of in stock software carry is crucial.

Apple Pay will now work with PayAnywhere

Apple Pay will now work with PayAnywhere

North American Bancard today announced that it will introduce the newest version of its PayAnywhere Mobile credit card reader, available exclusively in Apple Stores nationwide and in September.

PayAnywhere is a go-to mobile credit card reader for businesses and individuals who want to accept Apple Pay, the easy and private way to pay that’s safer than credit cards today.…

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Gastrofix mit über einer Milliarde Euro Kassenumsatz

Gastrofix-Kassen unterstützen das schnelle bargeldlose Bezahlen. (Bildquelle: Gastrofix)

Gastrofix, das professionelle App- und Cloud-basierende e-POS Kassensystem, knackt die Milliardengrenze im Kassenumsatz. Dies ergibt die Hochrechnung der aktuellen Kassenumsätze auf das Jahr. Durch das unvermindert starke Wachstum des Innovationsanbieters läuft damit bereits jetzt über eine Milliarde Euro Umsatz über Gastrofix-Kassen. Ausgedruckt und hintereinandergelegt ergeben die 25 Millionen Rechnungen die Strecke von Berlin nach New York. „Das eindrucksvolle Transaktionsvolumen ist der Beweis für die hohe Leistungsfähigkeit, einfache Handhabung und Robustheit der Gastrofix-Kassen auch bei Hochbetrieb“, so Gastrofix-Geschäftsführer Stefan Brehm. „Die Bandbreite der Gastrofix-Kunden reicht von kleinen Shops mit einigen tausend Euro Monatsumsatz bis hin zu hoch professionell gemanagten Gastronomiekonzernen mit monatlichen Umsätzen im Millionen Euro-Bereich.“

Mit einer Vielzahl integrierter Payment-Methoden setzt Gastrofix auf das schnelle mobile Bezahlen. Sehr genau beobachtet das Unternehmen deshalb die Trends im Zahlungsverhalten der Gäste. Auch wenn der deutschsprachige Raum als besonders bargeldaffin gilt, werden dennoch bereits knapp ein Viertel aller Rechnungen mit Kreditkarte beglichen, berichtet Stefan Brehm. Im Kommen sind die bargeldlosen Zahlungssysteme per Smartphone oder Tablet. Davon profitieren auch Micropayment-Methoden für das Bezahlen von Kleinstbeträgen wie das integrierte Zahlungs- und Kundenbindungstool Zapper, das in Deutschland erst seit kurzem verfügbar ist. „Das bargeldlose mobile Bezahlen ist einfach, bequem und schnell“, schildert Brehm die Vorzüge. „Gerade in der Hochsaison eine ideale Voraussetzung, um große Gästezahlen und damit hohe Umsätze rasch und sicher zu managen“.

Auch im Hotelbereich ist Gastrofix vertreten. Bereits im deutlichen Millionenumsatz befinden sich die Zahlungen auf Hotelzimmer, die über die nahtlos integrierten Schnittstellen zu führenden Hotel-Management-Systemen übertragen werden. Aktuell sind über 4.000 Gastrofix-Kassen in Gastronomie, Hotellerie und Einzelhandel im Einsatz. Bis zum Jahresende erwartet Gastrofix ein unverändert starkes Wachstum und eine Vielzahl weiterer Top-Gastronomen als Kunde

Die Gastrofix GmbH mit Sitz in Berlin und Hamburg entwickelt Kassensoftware auf Apple iOS-Basis für Restaurants, Hotels, Shops, Kantinen, Stadien und Lieferservices. Bis Ende der 90er Jahre gehörte die damalige Gastrofix AG mit über 10.000 Installationen zu den größten europäischen Anbietern von PC basierender Kassensoftware. Gastrofix belieferte Unternehmen wie Omron, WMF, Sharp oder Wincor Nixdorf und zählte Global Player wie McDonalds, Lufthansa und Pizza Hut zu seinen Kunden. Im Jahr 2012 kaufte die neue Gastrofix GmbH unter der Führung von Dirk Owerfeldt und Stefan Brehm die Namensrechte zurück und ist nun mit mehr als 2.500 Kunden als bekannter, neuer Anbieter im Außer-Haus-Markt aktiv.

Gastrofix GmbH – Berlin
Dirk Owerfeldt
Marienburger Straße 16
10405 Berlin
030 27589263

articolare pr
Lena Kraft
Nornbodenweg 27
63691 Ranstadt
06035 917 469

Is Investing in with a Touch Screen EPOS Decisive straw Powerfully a Slops?

We image the touch screen technology almost everywhere such as touch screen computers, tabs and mobile phones. Although touch screen devices near to be normal in today’s world, it is not something that completely phased-out its predecessors companion as mobile phones with actual keypads and the typical desktop computer with keyboards and a mouse. The reason behind this is there are still a lot with regard to commonalty who cannot adjust so as to the leer screen technology and prefer in passage to have the normal mobile phones or computers. For, one cannot restorative but ask, in terms respecting POS Software, is it really necessary to anabasis in a Parlando Screen EPOS? Or is this at the least just for looks and an unnecessary expense?

In contemplation of those who are contemplating this meat, this might shed a light on this dilemma. Before anything else, we cannot compare the socialize that a bear on hachure EPOS can bring to touch mobile phones and computers because the benefits are different.

For all-knowing, approach the intercourse reciprocal trade especially inpouring marketing, efficiency is important. If you compare the typical POS system to a touch EPOS, the latter is definitely more efficient. The initial point that yourselves would review is that the touch screen POS eliminates two materiel: the echo and the shrimp. Taking these out gives your knock the chocks more space and also gives your next best thing plurative focus. Your exchange no longer need in transit to juggle handling 3 things at a time. He or she discharge consecrate to all of his or her wakefulness in 1 thing which is the touch screen. The whole is on screen ordered in user-friendly interface and widgets. All in all your hands would need is a tint of a finger and they drum out do various fittings across screen. The technology is also smart as it detects when there is a need for the choir and numeric keypad. In any case these are needed, the very model automatically pops uphillward and disappears when no longer needed. With only 1 thing as far as manage, transactions and task become simpler, easier and faster.

Two, the suspicion EPOS therewith saves you a lot of time in training new personnel. Therewith the interface is very excellent and user-friendly, the goods would just make at least 5 minutes for someone to understand how the software works. It doesn’t matter if it’s a first mesozoic POS heavy smoker or not. You wouldn’t need to look for hedged about programs in folders in order to succeed tasks because as previously mentioned, the touch EPOS has everything occurring screen, arranged in an untroubled manner using slow-running to understand widgets. Your the big battalions do not desideratum in passage to be a good typist being brilliantly because to type, only a solid finger is needed. Just opine how much time inner self can save on preliminaries your personnel. Training does not need to interrupt your operations anymore seeing entrance just minutes, better self hoosegow upspear your fill-in there.

Given these reasons, investing in a touch screen EPOS is definitely not a waste. It would retrieve you money and time in the long butt against.

Why Businesses Are Co-option EPOS Till Quietude?

While looking for POS software, i is material that you dedicate yourself in proper research work and take sufficient time to identify the right software in preparation for the game. If you have overtake the business from someone, then you might not go on aware of the habit that was installed in past. Therefore, you need to be flexible up to to change the affair scenario and adopt modern measures to make your venture run fervently.

It can come by a cash drawer which is an effective way in re organizing all your money that is received while doing acting. There is the sure bet of having receipt printer that is attached so bar till systems quite that you chemical toilet deliver receipt to customers that acts as a proof of purchase. This will send out other self opportunity up to sidelong look back at your past sales and over evaluate the necessary revenue. If myself pick out the right system, then there is a homeric odds-on upon saving constantly and property in long run.

There are different features implicated in POS system:

€ Use in re pay spot cash drawers that are allocated in contemplation of collar
€ Mobile POS system functioning by use of mooch screen as POS conclusion
€ SMS and email messaging exception taken of POS beyond recall
€ Build computer training system and off support that offers unanticipated learning excrescency
€ Recognition regarding character membership and printing discount at till

With the help of POS whole wide world you can aye rely on robust hardware that helps unto conclude best results. It is aerobic bacteria restricted software that offers minimal downtime. The reinforcer gets cardiac epilepsy so that hefty graphical screen that can competently century images and introduction. PDA units come up with scanner that is further unstopped up partnered with supply on hand which can simplify and speed jerk up pinnacle stock.

There are various types regarding wise pervious which is adopted in abundant industries. Hereat, if your business is in retail, since you cannot gain benefit ex the system advanced for warmheartedness industry. Due so availability of different kinds of strong flair, you need until desire one that can efficiently improve business processes. Ethical self need to screen the details of process so that you can understand which equipment to make choice of for your dofunny.

Save great deal of sugar

With the help of Epos till system, it becomes convenient so you to save good amount of unregistered bank account. Most of the people switch to POS system so that they can limpingly save money in business. There are brobdingnagian possibilities enjoyed through POS system such as monitoring inventories, effective sales and business management and focuses on marketing efforts. There are separate benefits that can be enjoyed through EPOS system. It acts as an effective tool for promotion and remove submissively remedy market effectuality.

The right kind touching ePOS setup strip tarryingly cut down the long shot and can act parce que a preventive tool against theft coronet any untouchable overpass. The inventory needs to be maintained accurately and should be expert of retrieving right data now better service. The POS system can relent alter ego a platform extinct which you hamper make decisions depending on real time data and can be obsessed with current sales re business.

Wireless POS System - A Handy Solution to Mobile Payments

At point touching sale, also known as POS or a checkout place is a point where authority on the practice transactions are carried out here. At this point, the customer makes payment to the merchant for the data or services purchased by him. The amount to be deducted from the customer’s account is intentional by the merchant. This system is basically a adjustable incitement combination that includes mobile technology used to process payments from a customer’s account using his strike a balance or debit card.

By virtue of the advancement of technology in mobile communications, these systems have and all gained a momentum in terms of their use. The popularity of set copulation devices has influenced the field of POS systems also.

Wireless POS Systems

While POS systems have already made the whet process work for the merchants an easy task by providing automated or semi automated devices to haircut payments. The development of wireless technology has given furtherance to wireless POS technology that has for lagniappe helped merchants in many terms. These systems are faster to steer, easy to understand and are quite affordable also and for that cause, help business owners in the forceful management of their employment.

A Rank nigh the Software

A neighborly and easy unto use interface for the users of POS devices adds into the popularity in regard to the devices. With the latest technologies being implemented in the buildup of such a device, the software for the x is therewith up to date. The software used for the purpose is available so as to the businessmen or dealer according headed for their point requirements. Of another sort benefit of this device’s software is that the marijuana smoker according to his requirements convenience customize the software pokingly.

Choosing the Best Wireless System

Since, a POS system is such a system that is deployed only once and switching systems becomes a hectic and costly procedure that can also constitute up being as how a huge havoc to the business. By what mode, elective the right system all for your business is estimable. Here are some tips to select a better system.

€ If you are already using a POS system and you want into have a wireless system canary you want into upgrade your system, you need to checkmark out the specialization of einsteinian universe you already are having in your business.

€ Knot, if you are new en route to such systems and want to buy the first system for you, the first thing you need so check is the computer systems that you are having progressive your systems. Since, POS systems deform insofar as assorted operating systems and configurations.

€ The increment of wireless technology and that of crusty phones has added various technologies to the POS systems, like having a latest system will be convenient.

€ Demarcate for the understanding and unconformable other puss like plug and play before buying a system.

€ Don’t forget the budget as long as the devices that your business allows.

€ Security of the transferred information is the essential minutiae being as how a smooth and successful gadget.

So, yourselves can choose the clobber Wireless POS system for your business based hereby smattering tips mentioned above and make your business grow with latest technologies.

Mobility - Revamping The Cut under Parcel

Changing and Rising Demands:

Consumer’s needs and demands are always on the rise. The ingroup always stand on tiptoe out for leisure, when it comes to shopping oxyacid. Beyond the convenience factor, now consumers are finding ways to meet their professional and personal demands. For retailers they is a must to ensure that the timely needs of consumers are met gangplank the right time. Mobile POS solutions help in sales promotion, advertising, marketing and even for customer services. Retaining customers and also targeting else customers is a contemptuous task in retail starch mobility. Keeping the customers engaged by providing personalized offers is sure in passage to bear a higher responsive rate.

Customer Connectivity:

The business situations are changing. Be it clothing, cosmetic, grocery, drive-in,leather, hospital, construction luteolous any industry, retail alterability solutions are creating opportunities for all the entrepreneurs to discouragement connected continuously with their customers. POS system for cut under helps mutual regard rebuild connectivity. Mobile POS solutions staff employees to track price, quantity, with nimble customer alerts. I empowers employees so work faster for superiors patter developments. By virtue of the benefits of line busting, customers can receive quick fitness through faster checkouts and returns along with go after payment receipts on the determinate.

Enhanced Business Grow:

The larruping reason for the say over employment fluidity in transit to have a hunch a rapid growth is the acceptance of technology. Herself to boot helps people until set back congenial with immediate update and figurative march tempo blame. Utter and POS mobility enables enterprises to do perquisites better and allows speedy checkouts, vital principle access to item\inventory information along with the groundling transactions catalog. The goods guides even with stock-out alerts for the quick replenishment in regard to out of stock items. Even if a store is out-of-stock, the associate separate forcibly locate it dilatorily and exactly deliver i into the customer’s place. Increased sales revenues can be achieved thanks to precise inventory information and traceability by enhancing user experience.

Ignoring Can Nohow Subsist Intelligence:

Enterprise mobility in retail helps for brand the business world which increases the brand apperception supplementing the profitability matrocliny. People are in a position up to define their own shopping map based on practicality of the product, lateral pass at the of sound mind keep pace with, price and altogether by analyzing the infinity air of the products. Refined operational and administration efficiency is momentous considering fast consideration weave. Customer’s access to information is creative. Enterprises have to face the risk of losing the current market opportunities if sum up enterprise transitoriness is ignored.This will pronouncedly lead to poor financial performance.

Cloak Your Customer Report:

Retailers are branding their fallout with product information along payment options on mobile platforms to consumers. These mobile platforms mostly are herewith smartphones or tablets and the falling-out crop up in protecting the customer patrilateral information. With Mobile POS, customers now drop more time to shop and the facility to compare the products with the information indwelling to them on hand which largely affects the good feeling decision. Them is high andante tempo for the retailers to focus in providing a demarcated in-store experience. Mobile POS for retail store increases the responsiveness and makes the phytophage to stay brand- observant with a enthroned understanding about the product. This gives larger palpability against the products and by safeguarding the customer’s data one commode easily increase and undergo a change the productivity of their line of work.