Introducing Thyme to a target. Once he understands keeping two feet on target I’ll teach him how to pivot left and right.

I had not realised how difficult his ears would make it for me to see if he has put his foot down until I saw this video.

how to spot a scam

Since I’ve been job-hunting, I got a text message yesterday offering a personal assistant job. I replied with interest, and this person, “Elida Clive”, responded with this:

Thanks for your quick response and Interest. I had a previous personal
assistant who had been active for the past 6 months but due to
personal sickness, she was unable to carry on. Can you work as my part
time personal assistant? I am constantly out of town and I’m presently
in England for business trip. I will return by 28th of next month to
talk about the possibility of making this offer long term in person.I
will like to know your interest in the personal assistant position and
if you are interested below are the job description.    

Bad English is an immediate red flag. Scammers often use broken, grammatically incorrect English on purpose–the idea is that only people who are easier to scam will respond, because those who are more guarded will realize that poorly written email = scam. (Thus, the scammer doesn’t waste time trying to swindle someone who is difficult to scam.) 


1) To receive and drop off my mails at your nearby Post office. 2) To
pay my bills on my behalf. 3) To do my shopping. 4) Flexibility (This
is a part time job and it shouldn’t affect your present job because
the hours are flexible)
Note: You are allowed to open the packages to reveal the contents of
my arts and sculptures orders and other promotional items. All
expenses and taxes will be paid by me including your weekly salaries
and the I will be sending money for the errands including  payment for
your service through my bank channel.The money will arrive inform of a
Check. No heavy packages are involved. You will be shopping for Art
Materials and it can be done at your nearby stores. You will be
working 3 - 4 days in a week and the hours are flexible. I offer a sum
of $350 per week for these services and you can work in your current
location without resuming to any office for now.

If something is too good to be true, it probably is. Notice how everything is about me? I simply need to drop off mail at my nearby post office! Hours are flexible and based on my schedule! (I’m not totally sure about the point of the “you’re allowed to open my packages”, but I’m assuming it’s to reassure those who would be scared that they contain drugs or other illegal things.) And $350 a week for a part-time job that doesn’t require much skill or menial work? Damn.

Kindly provide me with your below information to start working as from
next week. I will be looking forward to receive these information so
that it can be processed in the next 48 hours.  Full Name:  (Age:
(Current Occupation: (Address:(NOT PO Box) (city: (State: (Zip code:
(Mobile Number

Why wouldn’t this person say, up front, exactly where he’s based? He could just say he’s from Pittsburgh or San Diego or whatever and save himself the effort of filtering out emails from people in other locations.

I  shall be contacting you as soon as i receive these information It’s
strictly part-time job within your location. I anticipate your prompt
response to this email Please note that this job DOES NOT require any
financial obligation of any sort from you as I would be responsible
for all expenses and your diligent performance attracts more
compensations.I am looking forward to your urgent response.

Notice how urgent this person seems–scammers want your money fast, before you realize you’re being scammed. Also notice the insistence that this job requires NO financial obligation of any sort–an empty reassurance that will become necessary later, when the scammer tries to ask you for cash.

And the last red flag–when I Googled this person’s name, absolutely nothing relevant showed up. Someone important enough to have a personal assistant should have a few results, at least.

Stay safe, kiddos!

Rant abt transphobia and transphobes ignore at your own discretion

Did I tell y'all that that transphobe took screen shots of my replies, and made a post talking about how sad it is that people like me don’t want to be educated in biology? That facts are facts can call yourself what you want, but biology doesn’t lie?

Like I didn’t think that they would do that, and it’s not like they have a big following anyway, but like… I’m annoyed af about it? Like they can’t just not make a big deal about people who don’t agree with them? (Which I mean you could call what I’m doing that as well, but I never argued that it’s impossible to be trans lmao)

Like I just want them to not be such a dickbag and say such BS to the very people they don’t seem to think are capable of understanding who they are. Like o don’t go on posts for cis people and ask them why they don’t think they are trans, or whatever. Idk I’m too naive and think the best of people. My bfs asked me if I really am surprised that people on the internet would intentionally be jerks and try to get under their skin. Which I know happens, but idk, I guess I just thought I wouldn’t have to deal with that stuff outside of discourse.

Like I know I shouldn’t let this bother me like it has, but how do you go up to people and say “you know you are entirely wrong about yourself, and I a person who doesn’t know you, is only trying to help you from your misguides attempt to be a special snowflake. I’m just trying to educate you, why would you possibly want to block me?”

I just hate transphobia and transphobes. And while I have half a mind to confront that person, I know it’s not gonna change their mind, and they’ll only screen shot that and make another post about how people refuse biology and won’t be educated (I’m literally see thing that they think they are trying to educate me by being a fucking bigot)

This is my last post about it and I’m gonna try to let it leave my mind. Like ranting helps, but I still know that garbage like that is still out there, and it gets to me. But shit man, I’m a witch. I can banish that person from my mind. There are always gonna be transphobes, it’s not my first time dealing with them, and it won’t be my last. But you bet your ass I’m gonna troll everyone and not actually address any of their points once lmao

Nascondersi dal mondo

A volte non apro whatsapp fino a mezzogiorno, e mi sento come quando da bambina mi chiudevo in un mobile per non essere trovata e starmene un po’ per conto mio. Una volta mi addormentai e i miei disperati mi cercavano ovunque.

E non so se posso considerarmi un'adulta infantile o se fossi già una bambina matura.

Putangina. PUTANGINA. Di ko alam na may feature dito na pag na long press mo yung share button may auto forward. Tangina tangina. Yun pang post na yun napapasa. Napasama pa scrolling ko. Dun sa nasendan nung post. Sorry po :( sorry talaga. Medyo mangmang lang sa mobile app.

Kurwa dzwonią do mnie po raz drugi dzisiaj od t-mobile ja im mowie “przepraszam dostalem juz dzisiaj oferte od t-mobile i nie jestem zainteresowany nie mam teraz czasu” a on “..czyli rozumiem ze mam zadzwonić tak coś koło godziny 19?” ja tak myśle……… “no dobra, 19″.

zaraz jak sie skonczylo polaczenie to ja tylko

block calls from this number

sunscheine  asked:


33. Spell your name with your chin.

Ay bastos naka mobile ako e hahaha wait


Hahaha sorry dihins kaya nag bigote po ako kaya mahirap…nakikiliti ang phone ko hahaha

Thanks sa TA


Di Oman orang yang pakai cadar banyak banget. Biasa aja gitu kita lihatnya.
Tapi kalau di Indonesia masih agak spesial ya. Tahun lalu kebelakang aku juga men-spesial-kan orang-orang yang pake cadar. Seperti ada perasaan untuk jaga jarak entah kenapa. Karena…ya ada beberapa pikiran yang kurang cerdas. Tapi ga sampe mikir mereka nyimpen bom lho (duh).
Lain sekarang. Beberapa teman sudah ada yang pakai cadar. Dan mereka asyique-asyique aja tuh Wkwk

Beberapa waktu lalu aku dan temenku yang bercadar ini keluar buat beli makan. Dia yang beli sih, aku cuma nemenin. Makan pinggir jalan gitu. Ada percakapan begini antara kami:
Ha : Kamu mau nunggu di mobil aja po? Aku yang turun mesenin. Buat dibawa pulang kan? (Fyi, mobilnya dia ya)
As : Gak usah mbak. Aku ikut turun aja. Gapapa

Ada yang lucu ketika memesan makanan, si penjual ini ga berani menatap temenku. Semua pesanan dan pertanyaan diajukan ke aku. Eh tapi bisa aja itu cuma perasaanku sih wkwk kembali ke mobil ada lagi percakapan begini antara kami
Ha : Gimana As rasanya? Sudah biasa belum?
As : Rasanya apa mbak?
Ha : Diperlakukan beda. Hehe
As : Oh…karena cadar ya mbak? Hehe udah biasa mbak. Tadi aja pas aku keluar mobil, ada yang langsung kaget sampe berhenti makan gitu hahaha awal-awal sih masih kebawa perasaan mbak. Lama-lama udah engga. Hehe
Ha : Baguslah…

Tapi tanpa disadari, obrolan pertama tentang tawaran agar temenku menunggu di mobil dan aku yang keluar, masih seperti men-spesial-kan ya ternyata. Huft. Maafkan ya As.


C’è un collega di papà, nonché amico, appassionato di musica classica. Ha comprato un appartamento, l’ha ristrutturato, ha permesso a suo fratello architetto di divertirsi, ed è davvero bellissimo. Nell’immenso salone, ha un piccolo mobile interamente dedicato alla musica classica. Mobile che io ho cercato di disegnare, si tratta di uno schizzo fatto al volo con la penna*. Come potete vedere, nella parte superiore, ci sono due ante di vetro su cui si è fatto incidere le note di un’opera di Bach, Air on the G string (spero di non sbagliare). Sotto, ha tutti cd di musica classica. Questa cosa mi ha colpito molto, era la prima volta che vedevo una cosa del genere e suppongo sia costata un bel po’. Quest’uomo non ha una famiglia, vive solo, prima viveva con la madre. Poi, dopo la sua morte, ha abbandonato il nido materno e ha comprato un appartamento tutto suo. È la prima volta, nella sua vita, che ha una casa tutta sua. Mi sono chiesta cosa potesse spingere un uomo solo e adulto a spendere tanti soldi in un appartamento, ad essere così egocentrico, con un pizzico di criticismo. Poi, riflettendoci, reputando importante la casa, ho capito che ha fatto bene. Credo che in lui ci fosse la voglia di avere uno spazio che lo rispecchiasse, uno spazio accogliente, uno spazio in cui gli altri avrebbero riconosciuto la sua persona, uno spazio che parlasse di lui. E la casa è anche questo. Quello è solo un mobile, e i mobili sono solo mobili, ma quel mobile è parte di lui, quel mobile parla di una sua grande passione. E, in fondo, un po’ a tutti noi piacerebbe avere una parte della casa dedicata alle nostre passioni.

(*note messe a casaccio)

Ah, comunque non ho specificato che io questo mobile non l’ho visto. Me l’ha descritto mia madre, così come mi ha descritto tutta casa, perché lei è attentissima ai dettagli. Prima le ho fatto vedere il disegno e mi ha detto “sì, così”. Da quando me ne ha parlato, non ho fatto altro che immaginare questo mobile. Avevo bisogno di dargli una consistenza, e quindi disegnarlo.


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