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this is exo's 5th daesang while shinee is only getting small awards, isn't it time to admit exo is superior?

I was so happy I didn’t receive an ask like this during previous award shows, and I’m not quite sure what prompted you to send it now, but you’re obviously out there to cause shit, let’s have it a go.

First of all, no other artists has won as many Korean end if the year awards as SHINee this year. 

Ceci Asia Icon Award
Popularity Award
Disk Bonsang

MBC Entertainment Awards
Popularity Award

Melon Awards
Artist Of The Year

MNET 20’s Choice Awards
20’s Choice Award

MNET Asia Music Awards
Best Dance Performance

SBS MTV Best of The Year
Artist Of The Year

Seoul Music Awards
Popularity Award
Special Hallyu Award

No, they didn’t win five daesangs, but they’ve won three popularity awards and  two awards for artist (which is based on more than just album sales) of the year. Those are not “small awards”, those are awards that praise hard word, a dedicated fanbase and talent.

SHINee is one of the few (if not the only) groups in Korea who are currently allowed to call themselves musicians/artists as opposed to just idols (which is, in the Korean entertainment industry, almost a dirty word, just looks, no talent) and they have been praised for their live performances, vocal and dance abilities the entire year.

Is EXO stronger in sales? I don’t doubt it. That’s why they have won their daesangs, after all. But are they better, more well-rounded and thus superior to their seniors? I don’t think so. EXO has a long way to go before they’re on that level as a group.

That being said, I love EXO. I love SHINee and EXO together. I have seventeen babies, and I wish them both all the luck and success in the world. Is EXO winning over SHINee a bitter pill to swallow for someone who’s been a Shawol for almost six years? Of course, I would have loved for SHINee to win those awards this year and have EXO shine when they’ve been promoting for as long as SHINee has.

But that’s not what it is, and EXO is commercially doing really well, which is what ultimately brings in these awards, and I am sincerely happy for those twelve wonderful boys.

I am getting so sick of all these fanwars, especially when SHINeEXO buddy up during award shows whenever they can. We’re all a part of SM Family, there are no grudges between the two groups, why create a breach between the two fandoms?