We’ve been following NY synthpop project MNDR since the early days of IHM, and we’ve been missing new music from the now solo act for a very long time. Though MNDR has chosen to stay silent on the music front for quite an excruciating long time, she’s made some magnificent cameos on other artist’s tunes, the latest of which is a chromatic dance pop treat named Unusual from RAC’s fine new album EGO. Rewind several years, and you might recall she also featured on a TOKiMONSTA single named Go With It. Many of us are rejoicing right now as the esteemed and versatile production prodigy from Los Angeles reunites with MNDR on a fresh tune named We Love. This crisp burbling, summer balmy R&B pop and chill electronic delight, which sports florescent synths and a resilient bounce, arrives with news of a new TOKiMONSTA album, too. Guest talent studded Lune Rouge will be out October 6th via the producer’s label, Young Art Records. 

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You complete me! A (soft) Reylo playlist

First of two playlists dedicated to Rey and Kylo Ren.
Here is the list of the songs including exerpts from the lyrics explaining why I picked them:

1. Cosmic Love by Florence + the machine.
“The stars, the moon, they have all been blown out
You left me in the dark
No dawn, no day, I’m always in this twilight
In the shadow of your heart”
“I heard your heart beating, you were in the darkness too
So I stayed in the darkness with you”

2. Into the wild by The Gossip
“In the wild, to the wild
We’ll self-destruct together
I’m part of you now”

3.Delirious by Susanne Sundfor
“I hope you got a safety net
‘Cause I’m gonna push you over the edge”
“You say that I’m delirious But I’m not the one holdin’ the gun”

4. Rapt by Karen O
“Bright as a star be the light
Strobing down on me”

5. Hearts Collide by Little Boots
“Baby when our hearts collide
We’re leaving a whole world behind
The planets and the stars align
Holding back the hands of time”

6. When monsters spare their prey by Jewelia
“Monsters shouldn’t have everyday eyes like you do”
“I know you, I know you
I’ve seen what you can do
I know the truth of what you are”

7. Familiar by Agnes Obel
“And our love is a ghost that the others can’t see
It’s a danger
Every shade of us you fade down to keep
Them in the dark on who we are”

8. Darkness and light by John Legend ft. Britanny Howard
“Darkness and light, streaming
The end of our life beginning
No longer alone, my will become gone
We melt into one”

9. Dark Side by Phoebe Ryan
“Pull me beneath the surface
Even if it hurts, I want your heart”

10. Fall in love with the enemy by MNDR

I will be posting a “Louder” Reylo playlist very soon. Enjoy!
Update: I forgot to put the actual link to the playlist! Gosh, I’m a dofus.

It was just the other day that I was commenting on how nice it was that NY synthpop project MNDR has been showing up as a guest on so many ace tunes by other artists and producers lately. Here she is again, making a fine cameo on a resplendent new single from Los Angeles dance auteurs Oliver, who over up luxuriantly pumping disco, synthpop, and French house on Chemicals. These chemicals are enamoring, to say the least. Sleek electro beats urge us to dance the night away on this fine balance of dark and radiant, funky and glamorous. Chemicals is our third taste from Oliver’s forthcoming debut album Full Circle, arriving on August 25th on Interscope Records. Full Circle is shaping up to be a cosmic dance journey with lots of guest talent. 

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Let Go
Let Go

RAC - “Let Go” [featuring Kele and MNDR]

I’m such a huge fan of everyone involved on this track that you can imagine how excited I was when this was first released.  RAC, of course, typically does remixes–really awesome remixes, which, if you’ve been following for a while, you probably know that I feature on here pretty regularly–but occasionally they do some original stuff (most of which I hadn’t paid much attention to).

On lead vocals is Kele Okereke who is, of course, the lead singer for Bloc Party.  Most of the negative criticism for this track in centered around him, but when all is said and done, I think that mostly stems from the fact that Bloc Party fans are really bitter that he’s not very committed to that band anymore.  I really don’t find anything about his performance here that terrible.  I think he’s delicate enough to not overpower the spryness of RAC’s production, and the two really compliment each other well.

The chorus is sung by MNDR, who I am absolutely beside myself with adoration for.  Seriously, I think she’s the most underrated musician out there right now.  She released a flawless pop album last year that practically nobody talked about, her videos are always badass, and she’s made some pretty upstaging guest appearances (a la “Bang Bang Bang”).  Here she really serves to juxtapose Kele and RAC’s coolness with her firecracker vocals and perfect ratio of sweetness-to-spice.

All in all, I think it’s the perfect pop song.  No lie.  Definitely my favorite song of 2013 so far.  RAC will be touring this fall with MNDR opening, but it’s a limited amount of shows and they’re only going to be in cities that are coastal.  Harumph.