skam fic rec masterpost

here’s a huge fic rec list of some fics that i have read and am currently reading and im in love with

big thanks to fic writers! yall are amazing and so important to the fandom <3

(ps i’m so sorry i had to shorten up the summaries on some of them so it wouldnt be too long!!)

(pps i update this very frequently as i read so feel free to come back from time to time to look for any new fics!)

make sure you read the trigger warnings for some fics as they can get angsty

okay here we go :) happy reading <3

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Aerugo - Depths of Despondency off their demo, MMXII, released this year on Sanctum Abyss. Fair mix of Raw Black Metal and Doom Metal. Just enough of both to scare you and then bum you out.


Killing Joke - Pole Shift


anonymous asked:

Can you do a blurb about Calum like a couple days before he goes back on tour and he's just cuddling you and the pup? I think im whipped for your writing and calum stg

girl i gotchu x thats a very lovely way to put that, ‘whipped for your writing’ aha. i love it x 

so i m a g i n e having Calum Hood all to yourself during the last few days he has with you. The few months he’s been off has been a ball. All the shared kisses, whispered yet sweet nothings and parties you two attended had meant the world to you. To be with your Maori king, knowing that you two held a love that was evident as you two never went anywhere without one another. 

But here you were, pre-depression developing as you were swallowed up by a blanket with your hubby and his little pooch. It was morning, and the two of you had woken up slowly but are far too groggy to get up. Your squinted eyes looked at his prickly scruff, his red, tired eyes and his messy raven locks that was nothing but soft and welcoming. He was lying on his back, with one of your legs propped over both of his as his bicep was your pillow. So much skin was exposed and had been in contact between the two that you were pretty sure you were stuck to him. 

“Mmm.. did you have a good sleep, love?” Calum muttered tiredly, his voice croaky and weak as his rough fingertips tickled your exposed shoulder. You cuddled more into his shoulder, pulling up more of the warm quilt as you stared distantly at the little bit of his ‘MMXII’ tattoo that wasn’t hidden by the blanket. 

“I did, yes,” you murmured in response, closing your eyes to nuzzle your face more in his shoulder and forming a curt smile against it. “Because I slept knowing you were beside me, and knew that I’d be waking up to see you yet again. You?” 

“Honestly, ditto,” Calum spewed with a low chuckle. “The jet lag that fucks me up every time has a newfound cure and that’s you.” 

“Oh hush,” you hummed.

“I’m serious, baby,” Calum hummed as he pulled your closer and held you tighter. As you let out a content hum, Calum’s little pooch revealed himself from under the blanket and nuzzled right between the two of you in the small space provided. You giggled, tugging the blanket up again so he was trapped in nothing but euphoric heat with his loving parents. “I’m gonna miss this bud.” 

“He’s gonna miss you, too, bub,” you whisper, planting a kiss on his shoulder as you got a bit more cozy with your boyfriend. “Not as much as I will, but just about enough.”  

“I’m so glad he’s gonna be with someone fantastic, who loves him as much as I do,” Calum said with a comfortable sigh. He trusted you implicitly, knowing as fact because he gave you his heart and you have yet to even produce a crack. His heart only breaks when he has to be away from you. “But I’m gonna hate to leave the both of you.” 

“I know,” you murmured woefully, bringing your free hand down to touch the snoring pups head to give him a bit of a scratch. “But we’ll be here waiting, expecting your calls every day while counting down the days until you return.” 

“I know,” Calum muttered, pulling you a little up to plant a loving kiss on the top of your head. “I’m still not content or really ready to leave you again.” 

“Mm?” You hummed, confused at these words. Calum was never elated to leave you, that was fact. But ready was a different matter. 

“I just….” Calum began with a groan, his chocolate eyes wistfully studying the ceiling above you both. “When I came back, I felt so renewed. Your love hit me hard when I came back, seeing how we were so inseparable the entire time we hung out with the other lads and our mates. It’s hard to think that that is gonna come to an end because I want to go live out my career. It just sucks because I can’t have both at the same time.” 

“Ah, that’s where you’re wrong, Hood,” you began, jabbing your finger up to start your point. “You do have us both at the same time. Just because I won’t be there doesn’t mean I’m not. I’ll always be one message, call, Facetime, and Skype call away. And if ever needed, I’ll be a plane ticket away. So it’s not like you won’t have me– I’m still around and plan on sticking around for a long while.” 

Silence surged, having you hitch your breath in slight insecurity. But Calum sudden shocked you by scooping you in both of his arms as he held you tightly. You dented your face into the crook of his strained neck, feeling his jawline right on your head as you took in his scent of Dolce and Gabbana and home. He held you so firmly, you were sure he was never going to let go. 

“God, how am I going to leave you now after hearing those sweet words?” Calum muttered with woe evident on his tongue. You held him back, your fingertips finding paradise in feeling his smooth back. Your pup suddenly joined between you two, having you two pull away to give space to the little guy. 

“By pinkie swearing to me that you’ll come back for more sweet words after you’re done with the tour,” you hummed with a goofy smile. You raised your hand and isolated your pinkie, waving it in front of your boyfriend as he rolled his eyes. “C’mon!” 

“It’s like we’re back in year one,” Calum chuckled. But he obliged, reluctantly bringing his pinkie to yours to wrap it around yours tightly and hold it. “I’m coming back and I’ll be more than ready to be back in your arms and receive buds licks.” 

“You better be,” you mused with a cute snicker. You let go of Calum to hold up the puppy in your arms and sit up properly. “Because me and this guy are going to be brewing up the biggest, warmest hug ever with tons of love!” 

“Fuck, I love you!” Calum lunged on you, letting buddy save himself as Calum peppered your face with sweet, morning kisses. 

“Yuck, your breath!” You complained, having Calum stare at you for a moment before you two burst into laughter on the bed you have yet to leave. 



Pairing: Calum & Y/N

Words 900+

Warning: sfw, kinda nsfw towards the end, but it’s mild. 

I was thinking about Calum repainting his nails and this kinda happened. Feedback is appreciated xx


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Fake? Pt.4 || C.H

LAST and FINAL part okay you guys, i promise! i hope u enjoy xx

WARNING; angry sex


“Y/N!” Your manager screeched at you when you bounced out the car once you guys made it at the hotel. You disregarded the fact that no guards were called to surround you before you entered. Realizing your fame and what’s at stake, you halted and turned around swiftly. 

“Calum, come over here,” you say simply, watching as Calum awkwardly leaves the car and stands in front of you. He rubs his right arm with his left hand, having you bite down on your lip from the sight of his muscles. “Put me in your Instagram story.”

Within a few minutes, you instructed Calum to hold up his phone in selfie mode as you posed. You morbidly got on your toes and gave Calum a kiss on his chubby cheek as he captured the moment. Sighing, you remove yourself from the Maori boy before you trudge into the hotel. The voices chanting your name began to fade away in your head as your guards guided you to your room. 

Slamming the door behind you, you lean your back against it and slide down to the beige-carpeted floor. With rage, you rip off all your accessories from your body. The Gucci earrings and the Prada bracelets roll away on the ground from where you’ve thrown them. Letting out another frustrated sigh, you sink your face into your hands and close your eyes. Within seconds, you felt urgent knocks behind you. 

“Who?” You asked harshly as you recovered yourself from the floor. 

“Who else?” Calum’s voice entered your ears. 

“The hell you want?” You responded bitterly, subconsciously unlocking all the locks of the door. 

“I just want to talk–” Calum began loudly as you opened the door. Introducing yourself to his vision, he lowered his voice. “ you.”

“Then speak,” you muttered, feeling yourself flushing from his appearance. Calum had already changed into his lazy attire. With a pair of Adidas sweat pants and an old Nirvana shirt, he looked comfortable but in a hurry. 

“Look, Y/N, I didn’t mean to hit you with all those words, and that kiss, and the song–” he began but you reached your limit. 

“C’mere,” you mumble, grabbing his arm and pulling him into your suite. Slamming the door, you push him against it and glare up at him. “What the fuck was up with all of that?” 

“I-I just…” Calum stuttered a bit, having yourself laugh bitterly at how his cocky facade quickly dropped when it came to confrontation. “I didn’t realize how much I missed you until I saw you and we both agreed to do the stunt.” 

“Oh right, of course you missed me,” you said, rolling your eyes as you turned around and began walking away from Calum. “Because fucking another girl nonchalantly while you were with me totally showed how much you loved me. You’re such a loving boyfriend, Calum!” 

“Oh my fucking god, Y/N, your sarcasm really is a big flaw of yours,” Calum gritted through his teeth, forming his hands into fists. You turned around and giggled at seeing how hard Calum was acting. It was as if he was gonna hit you when you know he wasn’t. “I do fucking miss you– more than you want to believe.”

“Yeah?” Your sarcasm was practically dripping from your tongue. “And trying to get me back right after totally showed it, huh? No calls, no texts?” 

“You fucking blocked me, Y/N, what the fuck else was I supposed to do?” Calum growled. You turned around, feeling yourself heat up from anger as you shoved him on the chest. 

“You could’ve tried to contact me through one of the boys!” You yelled. Calum grabbed your shoulders and pushed you gently against the wall. He was seething now, his grip on your shoulders very strong and tight. 

“You made it clear that you wanted me to fuck off!” Calum shouted, his face 2 inches away from yours. “I wanted to fucking respect you and I did what you wanted! I left you alone and you seemed perfectly content with it!” 

“I wasn’t, you asshole!” You spat. “I wanted you to keep trying! I wanted to know that you kept trying because I was worth it! But obviously I wasn’t!”

“Y/N, you’re so fucking stupid right now, it’s driving me insane!” Calum yelled. His almond eyes were focused on yours, having your heart beat faster from its sudden change. It went from cowardice to lust. “I couldn’t get with another girl because the only girl in my head and my heart was you! It was all you! You were everything I saw, in every song I listened to, in every girl I greeted! You just couldn’t leave my damn life and I hate that I even let you leave!” 

“I don’t even believe you!” You rolled your eyes, attempting to squirm out of his grip. But his grasp on you was tight as his eyes darkened further with lust. 

“Then you’re gonna have to, Princess, because it’s all true,” Calum growled, having you grit your teeth. 

“Stop calling me Princess, fucking hell!” 

“Make me,” Calum began, his plump lips forming into a smirk. “–Princess.” Immediately, you grabbed his chubby face and smashed his lips onto yours. It was driving you insane when he was only inches from your face. The kiss he gave you earlier made you crave for more, but you thought it was all part of the stunt. But the way he forced his tongue into your mouth now made you think differently. 

“Calum,” you moaned into his mouth as your hands gripped the hem of his shirt. You began pulling it up, having Calum break the kiss to remove it. He smashed his lips back on yours once more as your hands began to trace his ‘MMXII’ on his chest. You felt Calum moan into your mouth as he held your waist to pull you closer. 

“Y/N–” Calum moaned, his voice raspy and muffled against your lips as he began to guide you to the bed. He picked you up hastily and dropped you on the bed, having him look at your body as you breathed quickly. Still stood up, Calum began unbuckling his belt. During that time, you decide to slip off your shirt and pants with your undergarments remaining untouched. 

“Do you have any..?” You began, your eyes looking into Calum’s as he shoved his hand into his back pocket. He fished out a plastic wrap, giving you a sense of relief as your heart continuously threatened to escape your chest. You watched as Calum pulled down his Tommy Hilfiger boxers to reveal his semi-hard member. 

“Give me a minute to–” Calum hitched his voice as his hand went down to his member. But you quickly sat up and grabbed his hand with both of yours. His hazel eyes met with yours, twinkling as you bit your bottom lip. 

“Allow me,” you said quietly, standing up to let him sit down at the edge of the bed. Getting on your knees, you felt the carpet hug them. Your eyes were finally leveled with Calum’s hard-on as you took it into your small hands. 

“Mmph,” Calum moaned, goosebumps rising all around his body as your cold touch felt him. With both hands wrapped, you beginning stroking his member up and down slowly. Small grunts escaped the Maori boy’s mouth as you gradually went faster. “P-please, Y/N, use your–” 

You blew a bit of air on Calum’s tip before you licked it gently with your tongue. A loud ‘fuck’ left Calum’s lips as you closed your lips around it. You felt his dick twitch slightly in your mouth as you put more of him in it. Taking in all you can fit, you began to swipe your tongue around it. Veins made your tongue go through a bumpy path as you continuously went up and down his member. 

“Are you humming? Fuck-!” Calum exclaimed as you sent vibrations down his member. You suddenly felt his large hand weave into your hair, pulling you off his dick quickly. You look up at him and pout, having pre-cum drip down your puckered lips and chin. “Sh-shit,” Calum muttered as your tongue cleaned off your face. 

“Did I do something wrong?” You asked innocently, having Calum flush as his hands cupped my cheeks. 

“With your sucking on my dick and that pretty face that you made as you did– I was gonna cum, baby,” Calum whispers as he planted a kiss on your forehead. “I wanted to cum while in you, so let’s get a move on, shall we?” 

“Okay,” you whispered back, taking Calum’s offered hands as he lifts you up to your feet once more. As you were trying to get on the bed though, Calum grabbed your hips and halted you. “Baby…?” 

“Your knees,” Calum said as both pairs of eyes fell to your knees. They were slightly rashed up from the carpet. His calloused hands rubbed down your thighs and to your knees, making you throb as his thumbs tapped on them gently. “I’m sorry.” As he apologized, he gently gave both knees a kiss before standing up and placing you on the bed. “Sit up, beautiful.”

“Mm,” you hummed, sitting up as Calum quickly attached his lips back on yours. You felt his hands fumble to your back, messing with the latch of your bra. You began to giggle at Calum’s attempts as he messed with your bra. “Babe–” you tried to detach from his lips, but he was craving for you. He wouldn’t stop kissing you until you pressed his pecks and pushed him back lightly. 

“Y/N?” Calum questioned, looking a little sad as you looked into those almond eyes of his. 

“Cal, it’s a front-latch bra,” you giggled, pointing at the latch between your breasts as Calum flushed. 

“Shush, I knew that,” Calum stubbornly mumbled before he violently took off the latch and ripped your bra from your body. He quickly pushed you back on the bed, having you squeal as your back once more touched the cotton sheets. Calum once more pressed his plump lips to yours as one of his hands grabbed hold of your right breast. You moaned into his mouth as he began tweaking with your pink bud. He quickly left your lips as he began tracing kisses from you cheek, down to your neck and collarbone. 

“Calum!” You screamed, encouraging Calum to go down to your left breast. Instantly, his lips latched themselves onto your nipple and your back arched with pleasure. “Ah, Cal– mph!” Your voice kept hitching as the pleasure was too immense and everlasting. Calum nibbled at your mound a bit as he swiped your perked bud with his tongue. 

“I can’t handle this anymore, I have to be inside you,” Calum growled as he ripped your soaked panties from your body. You squealed slightly at his sudden strength, watching as the pantie fell somewhere on the floor.

“You’re paying for that,” you sassed as Calum grabbed the condom and opened it. Chuckling, he slipped the moistened latex on his throbbing member as he bent down once more. 

“Will do, Princess,” Calum said with a smirk before looking you dead in the eyes. “Are you ready?” With a simple nod, Calum quickly slammed himself in you, having you shut your eyes and let out a moan. 

“C-alum!” You choked a bit, grabbing onto the bed sheets helplessly as Calum began thrusting inside you. Your moans became music to his ears as it never stopped. As you were, Calum was busy admiring you from above. He walked as your breasts jumped up and down from his thrusting, with your face full of pleasure and lust for him. It was so selfish of him, but at that moment, he realized how much he wanted you back. He wanted you all to himself so he can be absorbed in you and show you off to the world. He regretted the day that you were no longer his and wanted to savor this very moment if you didn’t take him back. 

“All mine,” Calum growled into your ear as he sped up his pace. 

“Calum– ah, shit!” You cried, pulling the sheets off of the bed as the bedframe began to creak. You couldn’t see, but you heard the headboard begin to hit the wall harshly. “I-I’m gonna–!” 

“S-same–” Calum groaned, having him grab the sheets besides your head as he increased his speed to as fast as he can go. But Calum finally hit it, and you felt yourself release all over his covered member. You felt jolts of his cum in his condom as it constantly spewed from his tip. “Y/N… Y/N…” The two of you were breathing hard as Calum removed himself from you and slipped off the condom. You crawled over to the headboard to see the wall now dented with a hole in it. You watch as bit of concrete was falling from the wall like a waterfall. 

“You’re paying for that,” you say with a laugh as you crawled under the covers. You watch Calum chuckle and throw the condom on the ground somewhere. He quickly joined you under the covers as he grabbed your chin and gave you a gentle kiss on the lips. 

“I’ll pay for it, I promise,” Calum said, giving you your favorite cheeky smile. “And your panties.” He winked at you and you couldn’t help but snort at him. You then sighed as your index finger rubbed against his feather tattoo. 

“Did… did she really not mean anything to you?” You whispered painfully, having Calum understand immediately who you were referring to. Calum quickly lifted your chin up so you met his gaze. His eyes were serious, with his jawline tensing up a bit. 

“She meant absolutely nothing to me,” Calum said truthfully. “If I’m being honest with you, I have no idea why I did what I did. But I have never regretted such a choice so much in my entire life. My heart literally hurt for you as you were no longer by my side. I hated it so much, but I knew you wanted to be away from me and I respected that. But I didn’t know you really wanted me to try for you and I simply gave up. I’m so sorry, Y/N, but if you give me another chance, I swear–” 

You quickly shut him up with a kiss. You swallowed his apology before detaching once more and giving him a small smile. Moving closer to him, you wrapped your arms around his neck and rested your face against his chest. 

“Consider this your second chance,” you whispered against his chest before you closed your eyes. You felt Calum’s heart beat fast as he wrapped his strong arms around you and placed his chin on your head. Closing your eyes, you found yourself growing tired. 

“I love you,” Calum whispered before falling asleep. You blushed, feeling your heart skip too many beats. You pressed your lips against his chest, giving him a gentle kiss before smiling. 

“I love you, too,” you whispered before your eyes fluttered shut and you entered a deep slumber. 

the signs as 5sos tattoos
  • Aries: micheal's "x"
  • Taurus: calum's mali koa tattoo
  • Gemini: michael's final fantasy symbol
  • Cancer: calum's parents initials
  • Leo: michael's stripes/bands
  • Virgo: calum's horseshoe
  • Libra: michael's anchor
  • Scorpio: michael's "to the moon"
  • Sagittarius: calum's feather
  • Capricorn: calum's scottish thistle
  • Aquarius: calum's "MMXII"
  • Pisces: ashton's tally marks