anonymous asked:

Do you ever make fun of how short X is?

Z: I-It doesn’t matter anyway!!

So…..I saw my Human Zero Au going around and well…I’ve heard your cries and now I have answered.

I don’t particularly remember if I had a whole idea going on with this but you all seemed to like it haha and so I tried to keep the over all design and concept the same, even though my own style has developed quite a bit since then.
I’ll try to get X drawn in sometime.

This version of Zero is around 16-20yrs
In have a different design for him as he gets older. I have a lot of MMX Aus….but I like suck at being organized about these things so I’ll try to poke some fun into old and new ones.


Another set of these bundles of joys. They may have conflicts but they’ll always be by each other’s side. I would always think the last one is where X is all “how do I look?” in his command mission armor and zero would of course give a sweet compliment even though he definitely prefers his original one.