okay playing as a healer on tera gives me a heartattack and makes be bitter until we win omg i feel so bad

like i sit here like, omg stay the fuck together, i know what im doing dont tell me to cover you. i hate you all the fuck you doing, stop no stop. and them when its done, yay thanks guys, not bad yeah! :))))

im going to die i swear

Angof’s resurrected 

The Lions Guard look to push the Bloodthorn cultists back to the Cath Bedraud cemetery, but the land all about is infested with the undead.  Nobody in Daggerfall was aware just how bad it had gotten for the people up here.  Homesteads, farms and even small towns have been lost as Angof’s resurrected legions devour Northern Glenumbra.

The necromancers violate the departed, turning their corpses into undead puppets that heed only to the Reachman’s call.  These rotting creatures flounder unsteadily, till they catch the scent of living flesh upon the air, then they move with a speed defiant of their decaying carcasses, and all too often capture their prey unprepared.


Basic Rules for Healers

1. It is your fault. Always.
2. You have a few healing skills as well as a few supportive skills - use all of them at once and without cooldowns.
3. What do you mean you can’t heal, support and dodge at the very same second? Noob.
4. Don’t bother telling your DPS to dodge or get out of red circles. They won’t.
5. Learn how to heal one-hits since if you can’t, you’re a fucking noob.