dentist school final examination

instructor: mmmff mah ahhg ha mmmna dnnhh?

student: yes, I will accept this degree

instructor: congratulations, you passed the test

The Signs' Romantic Interests
  • Aries:Scorpio
  • Taurus:Capricorn
  • Gemini:Aquarius
  • Cancer:Virgo
  • Leo:Virgo (saw 'er 1st m8)
  • Virgo:Please stop staring at me guys
  • Libra:Aries
  • Scorpio:Scorpio
  • Sagittarius:Virg- I mean uh, Cancer
  • Capricorn:Gemini
  • Aquarius:Taurus
  • Pisces:Like three Taurus at once in a room made out of plastic bubble wrap smothered in cherry edible lube just fucking going goddamn nuts mmmff yeah